The following bill of sale form is or can be used for the purpose of buying or selling a boat in the whole of United States of America with no limitations on its use, unless any state has its own particular form for the same. Begin filling the Boat Bill of sale form by filling in the date of the sale, followed by the details of the seller and the buyer which must include the full legal name (first, middle, last), complete address with the zip code and the home, cell & work phone number. This the segment where the details of the boat that was sold needs to be jotted down and should include the following information; the make of the boat, model (manufacturer), year of boat, hull id #, title #. Now in the last stage, the signature of both the parties has to be inked along with the date. All content on this website including but not limited to Form Descriptions, Category Descriptions etc are all Intellectual Property of and its Authors. This bill of sale can and should be used during the purchase or sale of a vehicle in the state of Wyoming only. Begin filling the form by mentioning your full name and the date which is then followed by the description of the vehicle. Then mention the year, make, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN #), Miles while describing the vehicle, followed by the name of the buyer along with the mutually agreed price of the product in dollars. Do make sure the form is notarized with the following information; the name, county and state, date of sealing and the Notary Seal at the very end of the form.
The Firearm Bill of Sale can be used when buying or selling an Firearm, there are specific terms under which a firearm can be sold.
Then enter the full description of the Firearm that is to be transferred from the seller to the buyer.
After the details are filled please fill in the payment details such as the sale amount in words and otherwise, the payment mode. In the next section you need to mention the condition of the Firearm and point out any defects in the Firearm. Here, you need to mention any additional mutually agreed terms or conditions apart from the ones mentioned in the bill of sale along with the signatures of both the parties in the next segment followed by the signatures of two witnesses. Lastly, both the parties need to acknowledge the declaration verifying that the transfer of the Firearm is legal and is not in violation in any way, with their initials before each statement.
The template below is a general template which may be used in all states but if the state has some specific laws and terms to be amended in the bill of sale it must be added before executing the sale.
Free printable firearm bill sale form download, Free printable firearm bill of sale form download. Free business forms: free printable bill sale, We free printable bill sale forms automobiles, motorcycles, guns, mobile homes general. Bill sale form - printable car & vehicle bill sale, Reviewed rocket lawyer call attorney samantha dammer, esq bill sale? Car Bill Of Sale Sample Free Printable Forms Pictures, Car Bill Of Sale Sample Free Printable Forms Images. The most common use for a Bill of Sale is to document the transfer of ownership of a car, vehicle, or automobile from the seller to the buyer [1].
This free car Bill of Sale Template is a very simple form that may be used when you are selling or buying a vehicle.
While we normally create spreadsheet templates, this bill of sale form contains blocks of text defining specific sale conditions that are more easily edited using Word.

Warning: Only use this bill of sale template if your state does not already provide or require the use of a specific Bill of Sale form (see below for State-specific forms).
Vehicles, boats, planes, and other assets may involve the use of a Title: a formal legal document that is used to show evidence of ownership.
In most cases, you need to do more than complete a car bill of sale to transfer ownership of a vehicle.
A Bill of Sale form is a simple legal document that transfers ownership or title of an asset from a Seller to a Buyer2.
Wording that states that the Seller is transferring title or ownership of the asset to the Buyer.
A guarantee that the Seller is the legal owner, that there are no claims, liens, or encumbrances on the asset. Name and signature of a witness, or possibly notarization, depending on local laws and the type of asset. Important: You may or may not need to have a bill of sale form notarized or witnessed (see this page). If you like our free bill of sale form, please link to this page from your website or blog. Disclaimer: The information on this page is for educational use only and is not intended as legal advice. Online printable grocery coupons are an incredibly convenient, easy, and free way to save a lot on your weekly Since so many of our modern electrical gadgets require batteries of all shapes and sizes to keep them going, there's a good chance you have been searching across the Internet for energizer coupons. Get a Car Bill of Sale Printable Instant Download, there is one for all states to use and to protect your rights and save time and money. Sections 1 and 2 must be completed in order to make this Bill of Sale acceptable for vehicle registration.
Download a Free Vehicle Bill of Sale Template for Word or editable PDF car Bill of Sale forms from various DMV sites. It also includes titling and registering, which require one of the most overlooked vehicle forms: a bill of sale.
The bill of sale must contain the name and address of the seller or the present owner of the property. Any declaration that has to be made must be made at this juncture because after this it would not be possible to include it. Bill of sale is an important document that can b used in the court of law as an evidence of transaction in case of any dispute regarding the ownership of the property. At the end of the bill both the seller as well as buyer put their signature with dates thus sealing the deal. Bill of sale is just like an elaborate receipt that allows you to keep an evidence of the sale and purchase of the real property from one hand to another in exchange of money. The undersigned does, for himself and his heirs, executors and administrators, covenant to and with the Second Party, all executors, administrators and assigns, that he is the lawful owner of the said goods and chattels, free from all encumbrances; that he has the right to sell the same, and that he will warrant and defend the sale of said property, goods and chattels hereby made, against the lawful claims and demands. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned has hereunto set hand and seal this ____________ ____________day of _______________, 20_________. The Boat Bill of Sale form being considered legal by the federal law, transfers the ownership of the boat from the buyer to the seller.

Followed by the value of the boat in dollars along with the mode in which the payment was made. By doing so both the parties confirm that the information stated in the form are true to the best of their knowledge and that the seller confirms that they owned complete rights of the boat and that they are free from all liabilities including the mortgages, loans, tax burdens, etc. After that is done, do not forget to get the form notarized at the bottom of the page for it to gain effect. The buyer must not be restricted or forbidden by law to own a firearm, he must have not been convicted in any court of a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding 1 year, he must not be a fugitive from justice and few other terms which are mentioned in the Bill of Sale for firearm template.
It is an agreement between the two parties mentioning all their details along with Firearm specific details mentioned on the same.
To be specific following information must be given; Caliber, Make, Model, Serial Number and any other information that needs to be known. While a car bill of sale is the most commonly needed bill of sale form, you would generally use one for any large transaction (e.g. If your state does not require the bill of sale to be notarized, you can remove the Notary section.
It acts as a sales receipt and provides some legal protection for both the buyer and the seller.
For a car or other vehicle, this would include the make, model, year, color, VIN number, and Odometer reading.
The form compiles with the descriptions of the boat along with the sale information, which secures the safety of the buyer. The by maintaining this bill of sale the seller also clearly states that he is not responsible for any damages incurred or caused by the use of the firearm which is sold. The sole purpose of this form is to make sure that no illegal transfer or sale of Firearm is in practice. It is especially useful for preventing disputes, but if a legal dispute does arise, the bill of sale can be used as evidence in court.
For other items, this would include serial numbers and any other identifying numbers or marks. You can preview the forms, so if you are patient, you can see exactly what you need to do to create your own from scratch. You should first check with your state DMV regarding requirements for completing a bill of sale for a car or vehicle.
The bill of sale signifies that a transaction took place and in return of the money the land or property ownership was transferred to the buyer. Thereafter, the name and address of the buyer who will become the future owner of the property is noted down, also the amount that has been given and taken during this transaction.
This form carries a lot of weightage, when it comes to legalizing the transfer and is always beneficial to prepare one.

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