Myboatplans® 518 boat plans - high quality boat building, Instant access to 518 different plans - from small wooden boat plans to large sailboat plans - free boat plans. Sailfish (sailboat) - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, The sailfish sailboat is a small, hollow body, board-boat style sailing dinghy. Sailboat plans - what to consider when choosing boats, When the time comes to begin considering sailboat plans you have to think about some essential questions.
Sailboat plans – what to consider when choosing boats, When the time comes to start thinking about sailboat plans you have to consider some important areas. Sailboat plans – what to consider when choosing boats, When the time comes to begin considering sailboat plans you have to think about some essential questions. Free row boat plans woodworking plans and information at, Here are your search results for free row boat plans woodworking plans and information the internet’s original and largest free woodworking plans and projects links. Woodworking Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for professional and amateur woodworkers. That's probably not what I'm going to start on as I'll most likely screw something up and have wasted a massive amount of effort. Yes, provided you use fiberglass, and the technique is often called "cedar strip construction". Pretty much any wood will work, though cedar and other rot-resistant woods are better because when you invariably bump into rocks or other stuff, and expose the wood through the fiberglass, that it doesn't rot away between when it gets damaged and you get around to fixing it.
The reason why the wood doesn't really matter is because virtually all the strength of the construction comes from the fiberglass. After the fiberglass is applied, without a gelcoat, it dries to be almost completely transparent. With all that said, this works well for canoes and kayaks, however sailboats have many extra steps involved as they need to be much more rigid, are much bigger, and have hull shape needs that are challenging to accomplish with cedar strip construction such as provisions for a keel or centerboards.
Yes you can use both cedar and oak from your property, especially for small boats like canoes and kayaks.
The cedar strip plus fiberglass construction mentioned in another answer is an option, but traditional construction was used for hundreds of years before fiberglass arrived. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged green-wood strength boat-building or ask your own question. Why are floats still part of the Java language when doubles are mostly recommended instead?

Is it a bad idea to "map" the mouse position on the screen so that collision detection works regardless of resolution? Here at, we’ve put together a collection of some classic small sailboat plans and designs geared towards the amateur boat builder!
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Using the link above, you’ll be able to download our complete guide to building a sailboat, which includes everything you need to know to build your own sailboat successfully. The bulk of the guide consists of designs and information for building small wooden sailboats, but for the experienced boat builder much of that information can also be applied to larger projects. For example, there’s a great set of Sharpie sailboat plans available to anyone interested in building a small wooden boat with an easy to frame design.
The kits will help you work your way through the entire project from start to finish, helping you with not only the boat design, but also pre-construction of several of the most important, and often times more challenging aspects of the build.
That will help make sure you have a safe and fun experience, and can successfully take your boat out on the water when you finish!
While not as popular as their wooden cousins, aluminum and steel sailboat plans provide an interesting challenge for the hobby boat builder looking to branch out into a more complicated project. These sailboat design plans are one type of DIY sailboat plans that generally require you to purchase a boat builder’s kit, which will have many of the necessary materials assembled for ease of use. Check out our main Boat Building page for more information on different types of DIY boats. Instead of throwing them on the burn pile, I thought I might be able to make something of them.
I'll either let it air dry or build one of those drying boxes you can build that act like a kind of oven. I assume with the wood, it's simply a strength issue, because it gets coated in fiberglass sheets. As you admit, it seems like you don't know exactly what to ask, but just want to know if it's possible without starting on this endeavor, right? I'm sure you can build a boat out of almost any material but whether the boat starts breaking into pieces as soon as wind hits the sail is another question. I like the shades and patterns of cedar, but I wanted to know if cedar would be strong enough to handle the stress and if so, would that only apply to manufactory processed cedar or could I cut down my own and dry it out to use.

This method of construction is a very forgiving method of building small boats compared to other techniques. The wood only serves to keep the two layers of fiberglass separated, in what's known as a sandwich structured composite.
While many people will debate what the optimum wood would be, cedar will work well for any approach you decide to follow for a small boat.
You're definitely thinking right in planning to use oak for the keel and frame and cedar for the planked skin. You might also consider using one of the sunfish sailboat plans, or, for a more ambitious project, one of the trimaran sailboat plans. I love the look of cedar and we have a lot of it, but we've taken down a lot of oak as well and I know it's strong. I've seen videos where they do that to seal it and when the coating goes on, it makes it look like there is nothing on the wood. It would be helpful if you could share your research thus far on cedar boats, research you've done on sailboats, and specifically what it is about cedar vs. I only mentioned the oak, because I have lots and I figured that at minimum the keel would need to be something stronger. This sort of construction, traditional plank on frame, is quite common for small boats up to about 20 feet in length, and is most likely the construction used for the boat in your picture.
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