This 12 passenger vessel is the top-of-the-line Hurricane SunDeck Series sets the bar for all deck boats in design, performance, amenities and refined luxury. With outboard power for your family, SunDeck has you covered with a  design built for family fun - room with wide-open bow seating to provide more seating and storage than other boat of the same size. When we say that Hurricane Deck Boats are the most fun you can have on the water, we mean it. This 9 passenger vessel is the top-of-the-line Hurricane SunDeck Series sets the bar for all deck boats in design, performance, amenities and refined luxury. Designed for action and durability, Hurricane will give you the thrill you crave in whatever watersport you choose.
Our 239FS offers the largest cockpit in its class, and loaded with features for both family comfort and serious fishing.
The 217 CC will run and fish comfortably in seas that will send a lot of other bigger boats pounding back to the dock. Additional bigger boat touches include an overboard drained fish box and a wide open aft cockpit that allows for under gunwale storage of offshore rods and gaffs. As trends change in boating we have noticed more emphasis on family activities such as water sports and cruising and less importance placed on pure fish ability.
Compared to our traditional center console designs you will see more seating with the full width bench seat in the stern where the cushions are removable to convert the bench to a fishing deck.
As is true with every Key West Boat, the Family Sportsman series also has live wells in each model. For over 55 years, Crest pontoons have brought tens of thousands of Crest owners a tremendous waterborne experience that is based on one driving principle — PONTOON EXCELLENCE. Every brand has a heritage of some kind, but today’s Crest has been proven by our satisfied Crest owners.
The Crest II series was built to deliver fun on the water and brings the quality DNA of Crest into a cool pontoon that offers attention to detail, utility, style and comfort at a great value.
BILL THOMAS grew up paddling the rivers and coast of North and South Carolina, playing in the mountains and trying find meaningful work while avoiding a real job. JOHN KARBOTT spent most of his childhood along the beaches and waterfront of Plymouth, Massachusetts, watching commercial lobsterboats and occasionally catching a ride on one. There are many individuals out there who have decided that they would like to build their very own boat but don’t know how to get started. Bill has chosen a Karl Stambaugh design, the Bay Skiff 12 as the boat students will construct during his course.
As both skiffs take shape through each week, Bill and John will lead discussions in small-craft design, selecting a suitable design for the amateur builder, setting up a one-man shop, proper hand and power tool usage, and much more. One of the best distinctions of your Freedom Boat Club membership is the opportunity to participate in social events with other members who share your passion for the boating lifestyle! We’ve selected some candid shots from some our corporate and franchise club events that captures the essence of a Freedom Boat Club membership!

Whether gathering for a dock or dinner party, taking an evening cruise aboard a charter, participating in a boat parade, hooking it up with fishing buddies, or gathering together under the stars for an astronomy class and celestial gazing – or any number of activities – there are plenty of fantastic events for Freedom Boat Club members to enjoy! Florida boat rentals, Florida water sports and Florida jet ski and waverunner rentals and more from Beach Water Sports. Palm Beach boat charters and luxury boat rentals by Biscayne Lady Yacht Charters, South Florida's choice for boat rentals. There is no sense joining a boat rental club if you cannot pocket, South to the Southern Blvd. Jupiter Inlet Boat Rentals and Jupiter Inlet Boat Club, offering everything you need to see the waterways in and around the Jupiter, Florida area! Enjoy the comfort of the full width bench seat in the rear and the optional front facing seating in the bow for relaxing day on the water with the family and friends, or hit the blue water safe and secure in a very capable long range offshore fishing platform.
A wide open layout, deep sides and a level floor makes cockpit maneuverability easy and safe even in the worst conditions.
With an integrated fiberglass foot pod with glove box, fully finished interior, and blue-hued, back-lighted switch panel, the console is as stylish as it is practical. No longer is it Dad and the guys who determine the features and design of the boats as much as it is Mom and the kids. Cup holders haven't been missed and you will find them at the transom seat, console, and even on the front deck. Live wells can double as storage, cooler space, or simply a trash compartment when not used for their intended purpose. Every Crest pontoon contains the DNA that has defined and evolved our watercraft, our brand and our company for more than five decades.
Multiple generations of families continue to own and enjoy a day on the water with their Crest. Featuring an innovative floor plan, this Crest II was designed especially for Freedom Boat Club to offer something special for our members. He has been a self-employed woodworker, cabinetmaker, furniture builder and boatbuilder for nearly 35 years.
Many first-time builders have run into problems understanding the process of what to do first and, as a result, soon get intimidated and the idea loses momentum. Whether you have a hankering for traditional skiff construction like the Bay Skiff 12 or the 12 ?′ Semi-dory skiff or are simply looking for a perfect introduction to wooden boat construction, you will thoroughly enjoy any of these weeks. Search or browse our list of boats-rental and charter companies in West Palm Beach, FL by category.
And that's a good thing because with its smart deck layout, comfortable seating and tons of storage, you and your family and friends will be spending more time on the water than ever. Fishing features include the ever present live well, rod storage racks, trolling rod holders, and even an insulated, macerated under floor fish box up front. Integrated aft seats, front console seating and two forward benches comfortably accommodate family and fishing partners.

Dad still wants to fish, but Mom wants the boat to be comfortable and functional for other purposes, and the kids need a place to sit. Rod holders are still important as well, and the Family Sportsman has rod storage molded into the side wall of the boats, a feature normally found only in high end, expensive boats. Our Owosso, Michigan headquarters and manufacturing campus has been located here since day one.
We are passionate boaters and boat builders that will never take our products and your recreational investment for granted. This Crest II brings extraordinary versatility and sets you apart from the pack of look-a-like pontoons. Being an avid sea kayaker and boater, Bill also designs sea kayaks, canoes, and other small boats.
Bill Thomas and John Karbott, noted boatbuilders and teachers, invite anyone interested in wooden boats and woodworking to join them in either of these two six-day courses focusing on the skills and techniques used in basic boatbuilding.
I learned so much in just one week and gained the confidence needed to start my first boat at home. Storage is always at a premium in any boat and we have expanded there with fully lined compartments under the bench. They can lounge comfortably on the full width bench seat in the rear or on spacious front decks. This has allowed us to develop a highly experienced team in pontoon design, engineering, manufacturing, and business management.
Part of the Crest DNA is an innovative gene that won’t allow us to rely solely on our past accomplishments.
Bill teaches woodworking and boatbuilding in his own shop, at the WoodenBoat School and in other venues across the United States.
While in school, he lobstered and raked sea moss during the summer season and worked odd jobs throughout the winter.
He graduated from Boston’s Wentworth Institute with an Associate Degree in Architectural Engineering, but boats and the water were his first loves. If you want to build a good-looking, simple sailing skiff, Bill or John can help you get started and guide you through the step-by-step procedures to taking on and completing such a project on your own. The variety of work Bill does: building, designing and teaching both in the shop and on the water, when coupled with his passion for the outdoors, helps to keep his skills rooted in real world experiences. After owning and maintaining wooden boats all his life, he decided to pursue that career full time and sold his successful lobstering business.

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