I can't wait for the new Yamaha 500 hp to come out and the cruising speed will be 80 mph to 'stay on plane'. The type of boat a person operates is typically driven by the activities they participate in. Any boat regardless of the horsepower and speed would have reacted the same way had their power trim shorted out and the motor trimmed out of the water. This happened in the spillway in the California canal between bayou mallet and the texaco canal.
The reason I posted this was to raise awareness of hidden problems and how fast something can go bad.
BOTTOM LINE: When selecting your fishing boat as long as you don't overspend your budget, there are no bad decisions.

Well maintained engines will provide you with years of service whether inboard or outboard. Small fishing boats (including row boats, canoes, and kayaks) can be used on large bodies of water as long as you pay attention to the weather, wind, rough water and other larger vessels around you. He willingly shared the details in the hope that it might prevent this from happening to someone else. With all the boats in the spillway, it is a wonder you don't hear horror stories worse than this.
I am a safety manager by profession and hold my safety and the safety of other people as my priorities. When I noticed what was going on I tried to trim the motor down; however because of the short the motor would not trim down.

Heard there was another incident not too long ago similar to this where someones skeg broke on a turn and there fate was much worse. I would like to thank my brother-in-law and a couple of strangers who, without a second thought, got out of their boats and worked their tails off cutting trees to help me get my boat back in the water.
Only by the grace of God did I survive this incident without a scratch and my boat undamaged.

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