Well if you are building the Glen l Whitehall anf building it strip planked, most folks run the strips using a table saw. Not being dedicated to using only hand tools, I would like to know what power tools or woodshop equipment would be useful in building this boat.
If you plan on doing the bead and cove method, several types of routers can be used, the best is a plunge router and router table. New members please include your location - Other members close to you may be of great help in locating materials and other needs.

If you plan on painting the hull, with some additional work you can use your table saw and run the strips even with a daddo blade too. You can actually build the boat with S4S type strips and a small hand plane for the turns of the bilges for proper fits. The very worse thing that people can do is to fill seam cracks in some of the contorted twists with thickened epoxy which adds additional weight for the size. Over the years my plans have gone missing due to many moves.I am trying to find another boat builder who has built or is going to build one of those boats.

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