2000 Grady White 272 SAILFISH New to the market is this very clean, popular, 272 Sailfish. 2006 Grady White 222 Fisherman One of the most popular fishing boats on the water today this 22 foot version is ready to head out and grab the big ones. Today’s outboard boats are bigger than ever before – and one prime example is the Grady-White 330 Express.
Speed and power are important, but if you’re looking at express-style boats, chances are that comfort is important to you, too.
Although the 330 has a price that seems high at first, the number takes a real-world drop when you consider all the big-ticket items that are included as standard equipment.
Speaking of standards: make sure you match up the Grady’s list against that of the competitors when comparison shopping. Wait a sec – we’ve talked about speed, design, construction, and price, but isn’t the 330 a fishing boat, first and foremost? Their boats hold their resale well and make for a good choice when reliability and resale are important to you. Today, limitations on speed and performance have been blown out of the water—thanks to boats like the Grady-White 330. Thanks to increased engine horsepower and decreased boat displacement, today’s outboard boats are bigger than ever before – and one prime example is the Grady-White 330 Express.
Although the 330 has a price that seems high at first glance ($337,670 with the 250’s) the number takes a real-world drop when you match up apples to apples. Sort of; Grady-White tells us that plenty of cruisers appreciate this boat’s attributes, while enjoying the 330’s wide-open cockpit.

With over two decades of experience in marine journalism, he has contributed to publications including Boating Magazine, Marlin Magazine, Boating World, Saltwater Sportsman, Texas Fish & Game, and many others.
Their models range from 18 ft center consoles to full size 37 ft fully functional overnight fishing yachts. Sitting at the docks, this boat is big enough to make a pair of 250-hp four-stroke motors look downright puny.
Thanks to the extroverted nature of the powerplants there’s no need for an engineroom—a must in inboard-powered expresses of this size—and this creates enough space under the deck to carve out a sizable mid-cabin. But when it comes to slinging rods and swinging gaffs this boat leaves nothing to be desired. Lenny is a graduate of the Westlawn School of Yacht Design, and he has won numerous BWI and OWAA writing awards. Yet when you mash the throttles to the dash the boat jumps onto plane and roars up to an eye-opening 44-mph. Otherwise construction is standard Grady (with highlights including a solid glass hull, foam-filled voids, and RTM hatches), but overall displacement is kept to a relatively trim 10,840 pounds. With six feet, eight inches of length, a couple of adults can stretch out comfortably in there.
With many competing boats, you’ll need to break out a calculator to figure in the cost of these items, and when all is said and done you might be surprised at how reasonable the Grady ends up looking. That 45-gallon livewell we mentioned earlier has a full-column inlet (to maximize water flow and keep live baits as healthy as possible) and is even lighted, for night fishing. Match that weight up with a Ray Hunt designed variable-degree deep-V deadrise hull and those potent Yamaha four-strokes, and yester-year’s 30-something MPH top-end seems like a snail’s pace.

Truth be told, however, most of the time most boaters end up using a mid-cabin for bulk stowage. There’s a transom fishbox with 254 quarts of capacity and it can be optioned-out with a digitally-controlled freezer plate (no more buying ice!) which is laminated into the fiberglass. Fine—you’ll be able to pack away a week’s worth of gear into this space, without cluttering up the forward queen berth, the dinette (which folds into an additional berth), or the port-side galley, which has a microwave, refrigerator, sink, and electric cook-top. And that galley will remain fully-functional whether you’re at the dock or at the canyons, because a four kilowatt generator is included on the 330 as standard equipment. And naturally, there’s a reinforcement plate laminated into the cockpit sole, in case you want to rig the 330 to chase big game. In fact, after spending a morning of trolling and an afternoon of grouper fishing on the 330, I could come up with only one complaint: the outboards are set far back on the transom, which makes it tough to work fish around them.
Of course, a decade ago this class of outboard-powered fishboat didn’t even exist and a few years ago the boats in this class were limited in speed and performance.
But today, limits like these have been blown out of the water—thanks to boats like the Grady-White 330.

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