Originally Posted by uncleralph How do you conclude that it would be better with outriggers? Before designing boats, or in this case re-designing them, it would be good advise to get aboard a few, sail them, develop a clue about how they work and why things are done the way they are, don't you think? I bought dirt cheap as its rotten and have now replaced 60-70% of the ply plus quite a few stringers , deck beams etc. I cant tell you about it cos I aint sailed it yet, but (and I dont mean to put dispershuns On your boat building ability) looking at the construction and the time required to build it, I would say you would have to absolutly certain that it was one of these boats you REALY REALY wanted. 4 grand and a lot of hours labour I could possibly have built something far better, who knows, I dont care, cos I am having fun doing this one, so I view it 4 grand and a lot of fun and I end up with a 28 ft tri.
Yes I know all you proffesional building guys will be choking on your coffee, and shaking your experienced heads collectivly, but, hey I have saved a nice old boat, give her a new lease of life etc etc. This seems to be very new, trailerable, and I certainly don't want gold plated toilets, etc., I just want headroom and a safe easy to build multihull.
I found a nice one one from the urls on the other page made by Wood designs that are trailerable. The cost is important, but safety is best in mind, a proven safe boat, not like the new one above, but it's just a question about it, if it's safe.
Million and millions of islanders who sailed the oceans in groups of canoes can't be wrong either.
It's cheaper is not the Hartley's best feature, it's the headroom and it's good reputation. Kim S, which one of the boat are you talking about, the 30 footer from Selway or another, the 28 foot Hartley?
Location: essex, uk Cheap boat I have the Hartly-- Lively 28 or Sparkle seams to be the other name. OK I understand that the time to remove the old rotten bits and make pattens etc etc can be HUGELY time consuming. I think as I am writing this I am not sure if I am convincing you are actually convincing myelf I have done the right thing.

This one might be found being they are very popular and I see what you mean, but buying a used one, stripping it, putting old stuff in new wood hull, would still mean building the hull. Location: Tennessee That is a good way to keep it simple, but just guessing on the hurricane lamps.
The led light above will last 8 hours in one charging, but 2 or 3 in one cabin means once charged they will give up to 24 hours. Build a very basic Wharram for example , the cost may surprise you , and I`m am talking BASIC !You can build a mono for the same outlay , more likely for less.
Also what about building those little outdoor lights with a solar panel in-built in the roof of the boat? Personally I really like Mr Horstman's stuff, he's a very clever man and I believe an aeronautical engineer. Location: Tennessee I will buy the Strider 25 from Woods, but I just now started buying for my little 16 foot pocket cruiser, so I'll start and finish it before I build something bigger and more expensive. If you want to know of live aboard situation, I'm a caregiver for elderly people, and sometimes it may be live-in. Thanks again and thanks for the great boat urls Guzzis 3, Boatfan, Manie B, and everyone else if I missed your name.
Location: Brisbane Ray Kendrick has a 16' trailerable trimaran with a small cabin, he also has 18 and 22 foot tris, all trailerable.
The ideas your sharing are quite common to people new to multihulls, and if you follow some of the ideas you have expressed you'll end up well out of pocket and with a disapointing result. I can assure you that any multihull of a given weight, fitout and finish will cost almost exactly the same in a given build method. Ring aorund and you should be able to negotiate good deals, much cheaper than the stuff from the local hardware.
A careless crew can sink the bigest and safest boat, while a careful crew can sail the oceans in a small narrow boat. 8' mini bridgedeck catamarans, trailerable, very safe as along as you shorten sail early, the J6 in particular is often used as a small caravan on the trailer for 1 or 2 people.

Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. What that means is any design built in plywood that weighs say 1 tone will cost pretty much the same as any other 1 tone in ply.
Mr Waller has his coral coast 25 which is demountable, and of course you've found Mr Woods site. Please don't underestimate how much a modern well supported set will save you both in money time and anguish.
Don't use heavier ply than the designer says to, multihulls should be considered like aircraft. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Of course Mr Farriers F32A would do everything you want, but it'll probably cost more than you can afford. If you want something more stylish Mr Wharram has a range of self build catamarans in the polynesian style.
The kendrick 22' trimarans would do that also but they are dearer to build and more complex. I worked out you could make it fold telstar style and get it under 8', but be aware that launching and recovering a boat like that is not trivial. Think hard about how much time your able to spend each week and you'll soon see your going to be building for years.

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