The paint sets for these kits are historically accurate colors that have been specially formulated for model ships. Ship historyMars was built in Holland in the late 1770's and commissioned as a Dutch Privateer. Scale kit descriptionThe kit features the following: This intermediate kit would be suitable for anyone who has previous model building experience. Ship historyIn 1620 the English galleon Mayflower set out from the port of Southampton with 102 pilgrims on board. Ship historyThe Candelaria is a Mediterranean bomb vessel, the size of a brig but broader and with two masts: the main mast is positioned almost in the centre with a round rig and the small mizzen mast has a gaffsail. Ship historyCala Esmeralda was in American style in terms of her figure and a most elegant line of sail. Ship historyBounty was made eternally famous by the mutiny against Captain William Bligh, on her way back from Tahiti in 1789. Scale kit descriptionThe kit features the following: This advanced kit is suitable for ship kit builders who previously built two or more models of a similar style.
They are high quality acrylic based paints that can be thinned with water, thinner or alcohol. She was destined for the China tea trade, then an intensely competitive race across the globe from China to London. She was built with unusually sleek lines and as such she was one of the fastest vessels afloat at the time.
Kit includes 18 brass 6pdr guns, 10 brass swivel guns, walnut CNC cut parts, double plank on bulkhead hull, black and natural hemp for rigging.
It is popular for its good quality and the customers often buy it as a valuable and nice gift.
A plank on frame hull construction, building plans with general details, English instructions, lost wax brass castings walnut or lime planking, wooden masts and spars, brass and walnut fittings, etched brass details, rigging cord, sails and silk flag. Bounty was a small merchant ship purchased and converted into a naval transport to carry breadfruit to the plantations of the West Indies.

This kit is a fully finished planked model on one side, and a cut-away view on the other showing all decks, structural and internal details on the other. Victory was the flagship of Admiral Horatio Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar and now lies in dry dock for the world to see in Portsmouth England. In the end, clippers lost out to steamships that could pass through the recently opened Suez Canal and deliver goods more reliably.
Scale model kit Mayflower from Artesania Latina contains necessary building material and parts.
The Candelaria was designed and built to work as a floating battery when blockading ports or during sieges of sea forts. After 1934 engines were incorporated into this type of schooner and they were used for the coastal trade up until the mid seventies. Keel, bulkheads and other wooden parts are pre-cut the finished side of the hull is single planked in walnut and lime wood.
Scale model kit Bounty from Artesania Latina contains necessary building material and parts.
Build this exciting replica model of Victory following detailed instructions and plans using pre-cut and numbered parts.
Cutty Sark was then used for the Australian wool trade and sold in 1895 to a Portuguese company, returning to the UK in 1923. Her captor reported that the Mars 'a€¦to be quite new and the completest Privateer he ever saw.' Mars was heavily armed for her size.
All wooden parts are pre-cut for your convenience, and the fittings package includes everything you need for outfitting your model. The colors contained in each paint set are based on the colors shown in the picture of the model. In 1954, Cutty Sark was restored and moved to a custom-built dry-dock and put on public display at Greenwich, London. Blocks, deadeyes, anchor stock and other wooden fittings are pre-finished and ready to use.

Metal pieces include brass wire, chain, jackstay eyebolts, and belaying pins, backing links, rings, cast metal figurehead and photo-etched brass ornamentation. The exceptional elegance and beauty of her line, allied to her incredible speed and wealth of details, have contributed to the unique legend of the Cutty Sark. This was changed in 1792 to 18 x 6 pounders and 10 swivel guns, which is also the kit configuration.
New wood kit of Cutty Sark by Artesania Latina features single plank-on-bulkhead construction with pre-cut wooden parts.
After she was captured, she was fitted out for Royal Navy Service, presumably for escort and convoy duty. Youa€™ll plank the hull with individual mahogany strips, while lime wood planking covers the deckhouse and decks.
She must have been well liked as she served in the Royal Navy for 18 years after her capture. Fine African walnut is used for keel, stem, waterways, coamings, hatch covers, door frames, masts and yards. You'll assemble the two ships boats using the bread and butter method before installing the frames and floor boards.
Brass is plentiful in the form of stanchions, rings, belaying pins, eyebolts, navigation lights and housings, rudder hinges, chain, bell, chimney and mastheads. Anchors, bitts, boats, boat frames, davits, signaling cannon, life rings, figurehead, trusses, hoops and other parts are cast metal. Remarkably detailed plans on four large sheets and clearly written instructions accompanied by a 32 page book of color photographs show every phase of construction.
Rigging line is supplied in a variety of sizes, and cloth flag and pennants add realistic detail.

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