For the deck, I rolled tootsie roll shaped logs out of the fondant and placed them along the edges of the deck.
I placed the entire cake on a cardboard cake round that I had spread blue royal icing on to look like waves. 2) Personalizing the largest flag on the ship by printing a black and white photo of my grandson in his pirate hat from last year’s Disney World trip.
3) Making the portholes on the sides look like cannons by placing black candles in them sideways. FIRST OF ALL I WANT TO THANK YOU FOR YOUR SELFLESS ACT OF SHARING ALL YOUR SECRETS ON MAKING THIS AMAZING CAKE.
You have done an awesome job, any kid would be blown away to have this cake at their Pirate Birthday Party! This homemade pirate ship cake was made with a 9x13 Pyrex, which served as the body of water and the island. I baked two 13"x9" rectangles, and cut the pieces I needed to build up the shape of the ship with a curved raised deck at the front, and a two-level deck at the rear. So here is what I created from 2 round cakes.I used cream cheese icing for the first layer and fondant to cover everything.
I drew the basic shape of a ship on a piece of paper, put it on the cooled cakes, and cut the shape out of each of them. I used a sucker stick to make nail holes and lightly pressed with a pizza cutter to make the wood grain. The fence, the flag, the ladder and poles are made from gum paste that I had let to dry for 5 days to make sure it would be hard enough.

Starting at the bottom, I pieced the wood planks together to cover the ship’s hull and deck. I did have a bit of poop-deck-slippage (!) and the back began to lean backwards, so I lifted up the back end of the boat and slid in a wedge of cake underneath, then frosted it over and from then on it was just fine.
The middle triangle will form the front of the cake and the two smaller triangles need to be inverted and placed on top of that piece to form the bough to make the shape of the ship! After they were stacked, I cut down at an angle so that the bottom of the cake was narrower than the top. The upper part of the hull was covered in one piece of fondant that was rolled lightly with the pizza cutter to make it look like thinner planks of wood.Then I painted it with gold luster dust to make it look old. I frosted the 2 separately, then quite easily lifted the pirate ship onto the 9x13 cake using 2 spatulas. The rails, windows, portholes, and steering wheel were made from royal icing and allowed to dry hard before I put them on the boat, and the cannons were licorice.
Filled it with fruits and special concoction my mother makes (secret family recipe) and covered entire cake with buttercream.
Now the fun part, just start icing with a very thick butter icing or a store bought frosting and cocoa, melted chocolate or Parisian browning essence to gain desired colour! THEY WILL CATCH FIRE QUICKLY!!!!) I threaded the sails on dowels that I had painted with brown food coloring. I made my photos Black and White instead of color…but copied them on copier paper so they would not appear glossy. After this I added all of the little decorations.The decoration is the same as most of these other cakes.

For sails and flags, I printed the skull and crossbones design from the internet, cut the sails to shape, and slipped them onto kebab sticks.
Over buttercream we added 2 chocolate fondant sheets, cut to shape of ship and decorated with yellow icing to add depth.
Pretzels for railings, round cookies for some definition, round chocolates for cannonballs and rolos for cannons; gummy candies or jelly tots and M&Ms for the treasure chest (I also added a couple of my daughter's necklaces, just for fun). The coins are not edible, decorated with pirates my son had bought and made trees out of construction paper and kabob sticks.
Now add all the pieces to make it the coolest ship ever!We found "twirly whirlys" to make the ships fencing and malt sticks to line the base of the ship, fruit rings for the port holes and one cut up for an anchor with a tooth pick through it and one for the wheel, smarties to decorate, maltesers for cannon balls, chocolate coins for treasure and a treasure box.
I put them together with a tiny bit of water and then attached them to the side of the cake. The windows in the back were cut out of fondant and painted with silver luster dust to make them look shiny.
I used my son's pirate toys, which added a lot, too.This homemade pirate ship cake was one of the most fun cakes I have made! We found figurines in the $2 shop and made a raft surrounded by coloured coconut on a foil lined cutting board and a biscuit wafer at the front of the ship.We printed out sails with my son's name on it and used skewers to hang them. The back of the ship was made with corners left over once the shape of the ship was cut out.

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