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A houseboat sounds like a liberating place to live – but limiting as well for those who like to relax on the front porch, sun on the back deck or tend to growing plants in a garden. Located on Powell Lake in coastal British Columbia, the floating house itself is almost absurdly traditional – a simple twenty-by-twenty-foot A-frame with one and a half stories. Other floating accessory spaces include a boat dock, wood shed and even a complete vegetable garden. Creative contemporary domestic designs, from unique home architecture to custom interior, furniture & DIY design ideas.Find inspiration via plans & pictures of compact modular mini-houses, small-space apartments, all-in-one bathroom & bedroom projects & more.Upcycled cargo shipping container houses, to space-saving furniture, ultra-modern interiors & futuristic homes!
If you’ve never been to Kariba before, or experienced nature at its most serene, then a houseboat trip is a great idea. Houseboats come with one or two small boats (called tender boats) that you can use to go fishing, game-viewing and exploring. Nothing beats a sunset on Kariba while you relax on a tender boat (with drink in hand), watching the ellies nimbly pluck at the grass on the shore; but the sunrises can be equally astonishing. Sleeping on the deck of the houseboat at night gives you an uninterrupted view of the Milky Way in all its magnificence.

The animals abound on the shores of the National Park areas, and lions can sometimes be spotted in the tree line.
Houseboats take you to the most remote corners of Kariba, where the scenery is undisturbed by humans. Staying in a lodge or resort on the lake is great, but being on a houseboat puts you in the most remote locations along the shore, and engulfs you in the wild sounds of African nature. When you’re out on the tender boats, the lapping water slaps the side of the fibreglass, the grassy shores hiss and the tight lines of the fishing rods make an eerie, but soothing melody as the wind passes over them. Return to the houseboat after sunset and keep an ear out for the distant moan of a lion, and the crunching of the pod of hippos now grazing on the shore near your boat. Kariba has a distinct smell that comes from a mix of the resilient bush and the warm water. In summer, the petrichor is particularly pungent as massive rainstorms brew over the mainland.
Any bream or crayfish you catch during the day will be expertly battered and cooked as a pre-dinner snack. As the moon ascends in the night sky, it changes from a deep orange near the horizon, to a crisp white directly overhead. The warm water actually offers cool solace from the searing heat as you plunge into the cage off the back of the houseboat.
After your trip, you will experience boat-legs for a day or two; this is where you feel like you are bobbing up and down when you are standing on solid ground back at home.
They’d placed several losing bids on houses in the city and wanted a break from the hunt; a short-term rental on a houseboat seemed just the thing.
The support structure beneath is anything but that simple: giant logs lashed together with inch-thick steel cable, tightened with winches and hydraulic jacks and fastened with railroad spikes. The power, too, is pleasantly sustainable – green sources like solar and wind and complimented by low-level propane use for cooking, refrigeration and supplemental lighting. The serene calm and delicate hues are the perfect way to gather your thoughts before starting the day. With little light pollution on the remote banks of the Ume River, the night sky transforms into a stargazer’s dream. Wake up to the klinking of a blacksmith lapwing, accompanied by the wheeze-honking from the pod of hippos parked off next to your boat.

A fish eagle nearby will call every now and again, immediately followed by the distant cry of its partner.
Hardy campers and travellers will know that bush smell – the occasional liquorice pong when matabele ants are around, or the dusty musk that gets carried on the breeze. Often the slight whiff of digested grass gets carried on the wind, which is a pleasant reminder that you are in the African bush with nothing separating you from the animals (barring the metal armour of the houseboat of course). Simply take your food with you and the crew will prepare every meal for you, with efficiency and to the tastiest standards.
Some boats (the larney ones) will have a jacuzzi or pool instead, but this cage protects you from the nasties lurking in the water. The rain cleans everything, leaving sparkling crystals of water on the trees when the clouds part, revealing that orange orb in the sky as it sinks over the horizon. The majority of boats will cook for you, but you will need to take your own food and drinks, as well as fishing equipment, ice and toiletries. But much to the couple’s relief, their floating house successfully made its way out of dry dock and was soon tethered to its permanent home in San Francisco’s Mission Creek, where the Bertrams now live with their 19-month-old daughter, Mary.
Well, the current owners purchased it a decade ago for around twenty-five thousands dollars USD. Just as you begin to feel comfortable again as the food digests, a tray of ham and cheese is brought out of the kitchen with salty biscuits and rolls.
Lions have attacked people doing exactly this in the past, and crocodiles wait silently in the shallows of the shore. Some boats also require you to buy the diesel you use, others don’t, so keep an eye on on the ‘dry boat’ prices (dry boat means fuel is excluded in the daily rate and you will need to pay for the re-fuelling at the end of the trip; wet boat means fuel is indicated in the daily rate). Don’t forget to include National Parks fees in your budget (US$5-12 per person per day, depending on age and nationality). Our lives follow the seasons with wood gathering, gardening, swimming, fishing and enjoying our surroundings.

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