We have been going to Lake Cumberland for all the years I can remember and we have rented boats from ALL of the marinas on the lake, and JAMESTOWN is by far-and-away the best marina on Cumberland, for a couple very important reasons:1. We just on a whim have been able to rent a houseboat from Jamestown Marina for the week of September 13th for 4 nights. The houseboat was poorly cleaned and was sorely needing to be upgraded, broken trims, missing curtains, mold in cabinets, several cabinets broken, missing light bulbs.The grill was dirty, broken gas gauge as previously stated do not know if tank was full when left (spent 900 on gas). Cave Run Lake in eastern Kentucky has it all to please the whole family, or give a Cave Run Marina has boat rentals, houseboat rentals, and pontoons available for rent. Welcome to Cave Run Lodging, located in Morehead, Kentucky just a short 1.5 miles away from beautiful Cave Run Lake. It has amenities not normally found on an entry level charter, such as, generator, central air conditioning, a well-equipped galley including microwave and inverter, Television with DVD player and stereo system.
The top deck has a ton of space for sunbathing or enjoying a cruise and a water slide off the back.
Lake Cumberland Boat, Houseboat, and Watercraft Rentals in Kentucky from The State Dock located in Jamestown, KY. For additional information you can view this item at Lake Cumberland State Dock or you can use the contact form below. Call the number above or fill out the contact form below for additional questions, availability, and detailed pricing.
The Mega Cat is equipped with a two-story tube slide, 15 person hot tub, topside bar, a third level sundeck and an awesome stereo with Sirius satellite radio.

Preparing meals is a pleasure in the gourmet galley with stainless steel appliances including TWO refrigerators, dishwasher, ice maker, microwave and oven.
And guess what, you're out a whole lot more money there then at Jamestown.YOUR houseboat trip will be what you make it, and in all honesty if you wanna have fun that's up to you, not the houseboat your on.So for all those people who wrote bad comments about Jamestown Marina, maybe next time you should trying looking in the mirror instead of out the window, and just maybe, if your lucky, life wont pass you by!
Hot tub not full and dirty, I could go on and on we felt as though the boat had been poorly maintained. There is a diesel generator to ensure no danger from carbon monoxide while sleeping in air conditioned comfort. The huge salon features a double sectional sofa and a 42" widescreen TV with a satellite tracking system. The guys might even pitch in with the cooking on the oversized built-in stainless steel grill on the top deck!
This incredible boat features a catamaran hull exclusive to State Dock which ensures easy cruising, straight tracking and increased speed.
Two diesel engines make handling easier in tight places and our captains will give you the training you need for carefree cruising.
There was human waste down the side of one of the toilets!The generator kept shutting down, which is very bad when the temps are above 100 degrees.
Designed to accommodate large groups in style, and provide an atmosphere of fun for all ages. Many of the guys are talking about going again, since it was reasonable since we split it 6 ways.

And all of the staff at Jamestown has a genuine care for what you say, they don't just "listen" to you and give you an answer to shut you up, they actually hear what you say (I know, unheard of these days!!)4. Myself, I'm starting to look into buying a small houseboat of my own, since I would spend my summers on it. The waste treatment system was not properly recharged.In general, it was a very unpleasant experience and I would highly recommend renting elsewhere.
All the other marinas price gouge and increase on an annual basis, as Jamestown is a family resort that rarely increases their prices from one year to the next. Jamestown Marina people understand that the cost of living is going up yet no ones salaries are (ya know!?).So when yall are deciding which marina on lake Cumberland to go to, just remember, if you want real people to work with you, if you want to get what you pay for, and you want your individual needs to be cared about - call Jamestown!! Go ahead click the book and sign-up, it's free and filled with great articles, tips, information and website updates. We also rented a yamaha wave runner from Jump and Ski right there next to Jamestown office on the docks.

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