Since 1989, Sunrise Peak Houseboats has designed over 100 houseboats for the Lake Powell shared ownership experience. Our goal is to improve the design year over year based on feedback received from our numerous owners. For 2006, our design includes the following features creating the ultimate houseboat shared ownership experience on Lake Powell.
The subject of houseboat designs is never ending since style, function, and features are constantly added to provide improved functionality and practicality.
For a better understanding of the different terms and houseboat styles and designs found around the world, we've put together a small selection to show the differences. Planing Houseboat The advantages of a planning hull are that with enough horsepower they can get up on plane to achieve higher speeds. Full Hull HouseboatThe full hull style is popular since it is full width and provides a very stable platform for many boats in North America.
Pontoon HouseboatThe pontoon houseboat can come in the twin pontoon, or the tri-pontoon design.

Catamaran HouseboatCatamaran houseboats are less popular, yet offer unsurpassed economy and stability. Floating Home HouseboatIf simplicity and cost are a factor, than you'll find these floating home houseboats may be just for you. You will find that gasoline is the most popular propulsion option whether in single or dual installations.
State Dock brings a new level of luxury to rental houseboats with the introduction of the 950 Luxury Cat.! You're interested in small houseboats and would like to know what the benefits and advantages are? Models & Styles of Small Houseboats.Like to see the various styles & models of houseboats that are common? You've been thinking about the houseboat designs of Interiors, Exteriors, Materials, or Propulsion. If the idea to build a house boat started as a childhood dream, or maybe the project has always been something you've wanted to accomplish, than the section below will be of interest to you.

We'll compare Large versus Small Boats, whether to Buy or Build, places to Buy, and some free Houseboat Plans.
After personally having owned many houseboats, I can honestly say that there are some compelling and majors reason to consider smaller vs larger.
The first advantage would be the fact that you can be houseboating much quicker than if you were to build.
They're building Pontoon, Trailerable, Catamaran, Small, or Luxury house boats as we speak, and they're using either Aluminum, Fiberglass, or Steel or Wood. The Pros & Cons of House Boat Plans.Free Houseboat Plans, and almost free ones.Curious about the different Houseboat Designs? Indulge yourself in a week-long European-style holiday along New York's beautiful Erie C.

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