The 42 foot Redneck houseboat (formerly the Jeffey) is an attractive and affordable option for a small to mid-sized group. As a jumping off point (literally) for Raystown Lake, the 44 foot Blue Gill houseboat is excellent. Maxing out at four people, the 46 foot Driftwood houseboat has plenty of space for your group to feel comfortable.
The 46 foot Striper houseboat is like it's almost twin, the Minnow, but it fits more people (up to six). Once you're inside the 48 foot Sun Runner houseboat you get the sense that you're in a floating cabin. The 48 foot Lisa houseboat is designed for spacious comfort, limiting to four people and leaving the rest of the boat open for plush furniture and a large kitchen.
Two private rooms, each with a double bunk bed means up to eight people in the 54 foot Sea Weed houseboat.
The Mega Cat is equipped with a two-story tube slide, 15 person hot tub, topside bar, a third level sundeck and an awesome stereo with Sirius satellite radio. Preparing meals is a pleasure in the gourmet galley with stainless steel appliances including TWO refrigerators, dishwasher, ice maker, microwave and oven. Lake Cumberland Boat, Houseboat, and Watercraft Rentals in Kentucky from The State Dock located in Jamestown, KY. For additional information you can view this item at Lake Cumberland State Dock or you can use the contact form below.
Call the number above or fill out the contact form below for additional questions, availability, and detailed pricing. It has amenities not normally found on an entry level charter, such as, generator, central air conditioning, a well-equipped galley including microwave and inverter, Television with DVD player and stereo system.
The top deck has a ton of space for sunbathing or enjoying a cruise and a water slide off the back.

Rent a house boat on Lake Union in Seattle Washington for less than the cost of a motel room for a unique Seattle experience.
Rainy Lake Houseboat Rentals of MN offer a large selection of Houseboats to choose from for your next vacation. Houseboating is popular worldwide, with hundreds of rental locations in North America alone. The striking exterior colors give way to a wood-paneled interior with the feel of a mountain cabin. You get all the basics you'd expect: beds for eight, a kitchen, a bathroom and a large dining area. The fully equipped kitchen is great for making meals for your whole group assembled in the dining area.
Inside you get a wet bar, a full kitchen and a sense of ease and comfort normally reserved for friends' living rooms. You still get the same full kitchen, bathroom and decks, just with the company of two extra people. The wood paneling, curtains and bunk beds all contribute, but once you're outside the whole mirage vanishes. Adding to the luxury is a hot tub on the top deck, making this boat perfect for couples, a small family or just a few friends looking to get away. Limiting to eight people allows for two staterooms, two lower berth rooms and bed space for all. You might even forget you're in a floating house when you see the kitchen and feel the central heating and air conditioning. The huge salon features a double sectional sofa and a 42" widescreen TV with a satellite tracking system.
The guys might even pitch in with the cooking on the oversized built-in stainless steel grill on the top deck!

This incredible boat features a catamaran hull exclusive to State Dock which ensures easy cruising, straight tracking and increased speed. There is a diesel generator to ensure no danger from carbon monoxide while sleeping in air conditioned comfort. You can also call us toll-free at 888-454-8825 or select Request Info to submit a request for assistance. But it's really about the lake; being in it or sunbathing on the large top deck with it all around you. Outside it's just like your back patio: nice chairs, a BBQ, and Raystown Lake stretching all around you. It's an incredibly affordable option to get away to Raystown Lake and is ideal for smaller groups of friends or a family. What you're really on is a dashing mid-sized houseboat with a catwalk to walk all around the houseboat (great for fishing) and up top (fun in the sun). When things get hot you have the option of leaping from the swim deck into Raystown Lake, or staying indoors with the air conditioning. Relax on the large couch in the air-conditioned cabin or lounge on the sun deck before hitting the slide into Raystown Lake.
You will remember it quickly, however, once in the hot tub on the top deck, reminding you why you picked Raystown Lake for your houseboat vacation.
Two diesel engines make handling easier in tight places and our captains will give you the training you need for carefree cruising.
Designed to accommodate large groups in style, and provide an atmosphere of fun for all ages.

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