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A few slots down the marina, Paula Zipp told me she remembered falling off the top deck of her houseboat and breaking her arm.
Paula says things are quieter, a lot more private, on the marina than they were a few years ago. Ted writes about the thousands of places he has visited and written about as a broadcaster and book author. Ted’s Wild WordsWords and terms that I have highlighted and explained in my blog posts.

About Houseboat TraderHouseboat Trader is a member of the Classified America Network of niche specific websites. Each time, I'll tell you a little about them and also place them into a cumulative archive of "Ted's Wild Words" in the right-hand column of the home page. Ted Landphair’s America often showcases the work of his wife and traveling companion, renowned American photographer Carol M.
Houseboat Trader reaches houseboat enthusiasts with houseboat classifieds, houseboat rentals, houseboat accessories, houseboat services and more. Just click on it there, and if there's another word that you'd like me to explain, just ask!Loafing.

Offering a unique combination of FREE AND FEATURED CLASSIFIEDS as well as high exposure, maximum ROI banner ad programs, Houseboat Trader reaches the houseboat-centric market and beyond. What a descriptive post as I could feel the little ripples lapping the houseboat and rocking me to sleep.

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