It is a darn good thing that Craig Jackson didn’t need any footwear during one fateful shopping trip in 2001.
That visit to a Woodcraft resulted in Jackson becoming a passionate turner and then turning his experience with metallurgy and machining to develop a new sort of woodworking tool that has quickly become popular with beginning and veteran turners. But what is most unique about the Easy Wood tools is that they are all used in the same and simple manner. The Easy Wood tools have only three different profiles: a straight cutter for roughing work, a round cutter for finishing work and a diamond-shaped cutter for making fine details and sharp corners. Jackson developed these tools after becoming frustrated with the complexity of traditional tools and the the amount of sharpening required.
While Jackson says he has an immense respect for traditional turning tools and the skill required to wield them, he wanted to make tools that were simple to understand and use and didn’t require an investment in sharpening equipment.
He was aware of other woodworking tools that used carbide cutters, but he didn’t think they used the right grade of carbide, the correct grinding and the best edge geometry for turning.
Sales took off, despite the fact that the Easy Wood Tools are more expensive than typical turning tools.
It was a big risk for Jackson and his wife, Donna, who handles customer service, accounting and marketing for the company. Lucky for Donna and Craig, acceptance for their non-traditional tool design has been surprisingly strong (even Jackson says he’s surprised). Personally, I have struggled for the last five years with turning chair spindles and furniture parts using traditional tools. Today I spent about 15 minutes turning with the Easy Wood Tools and was absolutely delighted. I have a lot of plans for projects in 2011 that involve turned components, including the feet to a 17th-century bookcase and several Welsh stick chairs. For me, the Easy Wood Tools remove several barriers to getting down to the fun part – working with wood. Chris is a contributing editor to Popular Woodworking Magazine and the publisher at Lost Art Press. We started selling Easy Wood Tools 2 years ago after trying them and testing them first for a month or so. I specialize in selling US tools into the UK and European marketplace and I picked up the Easy Wood Tool line nearly 12 months ago. During that time sales have grown steadily and in all my years of selling (approaching 40) I have never had another product line that has generated so much super positive feed back. I had a call from one gentleman in the UK who told me that I should not be selling these tools as they were dangerous. EWT are great, but it is the customer service that will make me come back to them again and again.
I bought the easy wood tool over a year ago, maybe I am not doing something right, but it dulls way too fast..

Like any serious woodturner when a new innovative tool is introduced I had to scrutinize it and now I’m a believer. I confess to being a bit of a purist myself with respect to tools but I too was very impressed at the abilities of these tools.
It doesnt take a lot of digging to realize that turning was historically a specialty all its own. It’s interesting to see people developing turning tools designed to be easier to use for non savants. Christopher Schwarz has helped many of us solve some pretty frustrating problems over the years. How to Make a Sunburst Mirror from Wood Shims {wall decor}I can't get enough of these fabulous mirrors! Learn how to build your own DIY pallet furniture, with hundreds of projects and pallet ideas! The Icelandic Arni David Haraldsson has made this incredible wooden flooring with wooden pallets. Arni stacked the pallets to set the structure up to the door of his house, as you see in the picture he just had to put them one besides de other, he didn’t need to fix them. Once the structure of the stage was already set, he hide all the holes left between the pallet tables with some planks, in order to make the surface more uniform and suitable, you can apreciate this looking at the superior image, can you see the different color of the planks? But before applying the oil, to improve the design of the platform, Arny has covered the sides of the stage to hide all the holes between the pallets, all of this was done purchasing boards and nails. Finally it’s applied to all the stage 2 or 3 layers of wood oil, so that will protect much better the wood from the enviorement, and it will give the deck an atractive good look.
The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. Anna Sattler from DIY Life pointed me to an excellent tutorial for all of you platform-bed-lovers on a budget. His job ended in the early afternoon and he was spending a lot of time playing golf, which was keeping him away from the house.
Instead of rubbing the bevel of the tool against the work and twisting and sweeping the edge to fine-tune the cut, the Easy Wood tools use one cutting motion only.
Hold the tool flat against your lathe’s tool rest with your thumb pressed firmly against the top of the turning tool. To demonstrate, he held up two walnut bowls that are on display in the lobby of his factory in an industrial park in Lexington, Ky. Jackson made some tools for his own use and put a video of them up on YouTube in January 2008. But before he decided to go into production, he sought the opinion of turner Nick Cook and other turners for their opinion of the tools.
The tools sold well, and after the deal expired, Jackson was approached by Woodcraft, Lee Valley Tools, Hartville Tool and other woodworking suppliers.

His tools are made entirely in the United States – even the CNC equipment Jackson uses in his factory is made in the United States. Jackson gave up his stable, steady and successful career with Swedish Match (a very large tobacco company) to start Easy Wood.
I’m no slouch when it comes to sharpening, and I understand cutting action pretty well thanks to my experience with hand tools. I can turn out the shapes that I want, but it takes me a long time to get warmed up and locate that inkling of muscle memory left over from my last turning session. And I am itching to turn some treenware for the next time my friends and I get together to drink some beer. For one, I don’t have to worry much about the profiles on the tools and if I own the right tools – three Easy Wood tools handle most operations.
Not for his luck or ingenuity, but for his customers and the employees who have pushed Easy Wood forward. I was very impresses with Craig’s business ethics and being a stickler on quality really encouraged me to look further into these tools. I have been simply astounded and I must thank the guys at Craft Supplies in Utah for showng them on their websites because that is where I first saw them.
So I asked him why and his reply was JUST BECAUSE THEY ACTUAL WORKED AND DID WHAT THEY PROMISED. Later on in the evening he changed his attitude completely and informed me that he had been trying to teach a pupil that day who would never turn with standard gouges, he apparently did not have the aptitude, but the Easy Wood Tools would have got him turning. I was not able to rough out one bowl before it became so dull that it was kicking me back.. Easy Wood Tools obviously are not the only turning tools in my arsnel, but are now my go to tools for holowing, end grain turning, and when I want that near sand paper free finish. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. The major key is just not their quality and engineering but their continual Nth degree of sharpness. A total of 163 Euro-pallets where used counting also the terrace pallet furniture, and all the pallets where for free, so he just had to buy some screws, wood oil, and the planks used to hide the holes between the pallets.
The metal part that holds the carbide insert is stainless steel that has had every single surface machined and polished.
So I bought a set of the full-size tools plus extra carbide cutters, threw them into the trunk of my car and headed home. The handles are maple (for the most part) with a shape that is patent pending and available in four lengths depending on the scale of the project at hand.

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