My boat, as I said, is a 14 footer, a Springbok Fisherman  that is probably about 20 years old now. I started looking at various small boats and I see a trend towards aluminum runabouts, most of them with carpeted interiors, flat floors, swivel seats, remote control steering etc.
Of course that begs the question of what modifications I wanted, and how to modify an aluminum boat for fishing, especially the kind of fishing I normally do. However, undaunted, and with the time to do some stuff now that I am unemployed, I figured it was time to get started. Many of the internet boating sites suggest that plywood for boats should be marine plywood however the guys at the hardware store looked at me like I was crazy when I asked for marine plywood, so I settled for regular plywood. So after some thinking and rethinking and the remaining piece of plywood, I cut it out again, and this time, though not quite perfect, it is a pretty good fit. Once the plywood was installed in the boat and screwed down, it would help to hold the carpet in place as well. The bow piece in, I turned my attention to the stern of the boat, where it looked like a similar upgrade was required. I was surprised at the mildew that had formed in some of the cracks and crevices of the boat.
I cut out another piece of plywood, carpeted it in the same manner as the bow piece, and installed it by screwing it to the boat seat and stern.
As you can imagine my lightweight aluminum boat is now quite a bit heavier than it was when I started, which is a good thing in some ways, it will not blow around as much on the water.
I have to say that I am very happy with the boat so far, and am wondering why I didn’t think of this sooner. Camp and cottage owners love to have a name for their own individual love shacks by the lake, but it's not always easy to come up with a suitable name for cottages. Having difficulty to get your cottage chimney to draw the smoke up and out of your building?
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. They are heavy, deep sided, dependable and in my opinion, the safest boats available for the type of fishing we do.
I have an 80 hp, 24 volt Motor Guide trolling motor mounted to the top of the main out drive. If fewer than 4 people go out, then we take out the empty seats and creat even more room to move around in.

Do y'all leave your outboards unlatched when running so they will just "pop up" if you hit something? I always leave my motor unlatched.As far as how high to put your motor,I would have it even or a little above. So, I decided to move on to the next step and use Meguiar's Gold Class All Metal Restorer (a liquid) on a Foam Cutting Pad W-7006. After the full detail, I used my pressure washer to remove any remaining black polish residue from around the rivets etc.
I'm sure there have been plenty of people that would like to ask Tim questions or even make a comment about his results he achieved polishing the aluminum portions of his fishing boat and I know since he first finished this extreme makeover, he's now had a chance to revisit this project.
It has been and continues to be a great boat for my purposes, which include fishing, hunting and the occasional cruise on the lake on a nice day. Keep in mind this is a work in progress and I am kind of doing things as they come to me, I have a plan, but it is loose to say the least.
First I had Wendy paint the stern board while I used a toothbrush and some solvent, actually gasoline, to clean mildew and other crud from the inside of the boat. I think perhaps a carpeted flat floor between the stern and midships seat and maybe just carpet or paint between midships and the bow. Yes, it will be heavier, but for the most part, I put my boat in the water in April and take it out in November, so it isn’t like I am hauling it up out of the water every weekend. After oodles of research, I was left scratching my head on which method would work best to provide the best finish.
As you buff, the white polish turns black from the oxidized aluminum and makes everything very messy to say the least.
I could actually see my reflection like I was looking into chrome and not an aluminum fishing boat!!
The painted sides were finished off with some Meguiar's #80 Speed Glaze and topped with Meguiar's #20 Polymer Sealant for long lasting protection. You will either blind the fish and everyone else on the lake or the fish will think that's a big shiney lure!
That was all I needed most of the time, but lately I’ve been thinking it was time for an upgrade.
She will do right at 60mph with just me in the boat and with a full load, we usually top out around 48 mph. However, since my first love is detailing, having an oxidized aluminum boat sitting on top of a detailed truck, takes away from the overall impression and all of the hard work that went into the truck.

Though the container seems small, it is surprising just how far a small amount of this polish will go. By this point I had several neighbors standing there wondering why I was detailing a 'fishing boat'. Also remember you don't have to go full throttle with the boat if you don't feel comfortable.
To me, the polish smells a little like coconuts, which is a pleasant change from the normal ammonia smelling products I used to use. Because this one is a liquid, I placed a fair amount on the pad, rubbed it around and proceeded to buff at a little lower but still high 1800 rpm. One commented that the boat was now a hazard for on-coming motorists as they will be blinded from the reflection of the sun in the boat!! Yes, your neighbors are right, you should by law have to cover the boat while in transport!!! I was hoping that the NXT Metal Polysh may add just a little more gloss to the metal, and did it ever! Each day, just like so many other mothers, I work hard to create a safe and loving environment where my angel can learn to fly. I used some old towels (do not use good ones as they will be ruined from the black residue; ask me how I know!!!
I found the GC All Metal Restorer was streaking a little and required more effort to remove. I found that if you really work the product it in, give a few minutes to set-up, removal is a snap! I had to keep picking the ice off my guides.Anyway, now that I was sure it was not taking on water, it was time to make the boat ready to hang an outboard on. And since the boat sits on top of the truck year-round, I do not want the boat to take away from the hard work put into the trucka??s paint.

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