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For those new to the title, Minecraft is a blocky sandbox, with both a creative mode, as well as a survival world.
Visually, the game hasn’t changed much from other versions; it still features the same charming textures and it is still using blocks for the terrain. The render distance is quite impressive, and even the maximum settings are playable on a Nexus 7 2013; year-old mid-range hardware (the requirement to run infinite worlds is a dual core processor). The survival mode is where you’ll begin to really notice differences between Pocket Edition and the PC version.
Sadly, there are still a few things missing from the survival experience, such as potions, the Nether dimension, and the End dimension. Controls are typically a falling point for many mobile games, but with Minecraft Pocket Edition, the controls remain very intuitive and usable. On the mobile version, you can turn whichever direction you want, and tap the part of the screen where you want to place the block. You can also play online with friends over a local wifi network, as well as external servers. The price point is another thing to consider, Minecraft Pocket Edition costs ?5, while the PC version costs around ?18.

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If you have any ideas, or designs of your ship, post them on our facebook page!If you have any questions or comments please post below! The hype is natural, after all, the update is one of the biggest yet, and features infinite worlds along with new mobs and blocks. Worlds are randomly generated and the player survives by gathering resources and building a home.
There are a couple of omissions, like a lack of mip mapping, which causes odd “swirls” on textures in the distance when walking around. Chunks (16 by 16 sections of the world) load up and render very quickly when flying through the world. While mobs such as Endermen, Villagers, Wolves, Slimes and Mooshrooms have been added, some of these are using very limited or old AI. All the new biomes are present, as well as dungeons, strongholds, villages, and abandoned mineshafts. You can explore as far as you want, and when that exploration is rewarded, the feeling of accomplishment is great. Be it completing a house, stumbling onto a mineshaft, or finding a village, the feeling is what will keep you coming back for more. In actual fact, for some special cases, I found the touchscreen faster or easier to use than a mouse. For example, you can break blocks very quickly in creative mode if you are standing about five blocks away.

While other versions still offer more content, there is just something awesome about being able to pull out a tablet wherever you are, and continue working away on a huge build. While it still lags behind other platform versions, it is catching up at an impressive rate. However, not everyone is satisfied with a simple wooden hut, and this has lead to Minecraft being the phenomenon it is; people building insane structures and machines.
This does burn battery and cause the device to heat up quickly though, as the game has to generate the new terrain while you fly, which is a rather intensive task. This only applies to blocks that change their orientation based on which direction the player is facing, like stairs. Essentially, it’s like you are limited to only tapping the centre of the screen to place blocks. Therefore, you can quickly clear large areas in creative mode, but you still get precise controls when you’re doing smaller tasks.
Another thing to consider is that the game is still in development, and the developers are very open about the process on Twitter, which means most of the features will arrive someday, apart from mods.
However, in Minecraft Pocket Edition, they serve no purpose beyond populating the villages.

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