Update:  If you need to order these pieces, the red and black element is actually two bricks. Scroll down to the comments and check out the adorable candy dispensers that Suzi put together for her grandkids!
Have you considered adding some sort of stopper to the sliding piece so you can’t pull it all the way out and accidentally empty it in one fell swoop? A 1 x 2 plate on the left edge on the underside of the slider should allow it to open far enough to let the candy out, but prevent the slider from being pulled all the way out. I love the design, but the engineer in me saw possibility for a tweak to make it a little more kid-safe.
One question that we get from time to time is how to get started with Legos with young kids. You certainly don’t have to have these sets, but we did not use pieces that are not included in these sets (with the exception of the dinosaur, which has two additional green 2 x 1 bricks). We’d love to see your kids’ building ideas (and not just from boys, of course)! I also tried a bunch of other tools, some of which are mentioned elsewhere on this page, with mixed results. Then I feed the LDraw model into LIC, which generates a draft of the instructions and allows me to fine-tune them interactively. Many thanks for this RegDwight - hopefully more people will see this answer and learn about a great tool.
If you want to pay some money for professional software, I'm pretty sure that SolidWorks has a complete set of LEGO parts that you can use. LDD model instructions can be created in LPub provided that the parts in the LDD model are also available in the LDraw library (cf.
If you design your LDR files with various "step" instructions, you can have it generate a PDF with one page per step.

For movies, the list contains all of the movies I’ve watched over the past year, regardless of their release date. For TV shows, the list includes all of the seasons of a TV show I’ve watched in their entirety over the past year. Last summer, my cousin Marcus started up a Minecraft server and me and my cousins have been playing together on it for a while. Here is an aerial view of Ocelot Island, standing on top of the tree with the heart on top of it that you saw as you came in.
There are also underground tunnels that connect together different areas that others have worked on, there’s quite the system down there.
Since she needed to order the pieces, she made two fun color schemes and added more windows. I might not show my boys how to do it and see if they can figure out how to make one on their own. At a certain age, or development level, boys crave opportunities to identify with other boys–by doing what boys their age are doing. Avalible for Mac and PC it allows you to build models from scatch, order them, and get them delivered. Allegedly it can also export to PDF, and integrates with POV-Ray for higher-quality images, but sadly neither of these options works for me (as I said, there are some bugs).
And the pieces are easier to fit in, and GS is generally more flexible and easier to use, unlike LDD. I heard about using SolidWorks with LEGO from someone else, and I don't actually have any experience with SolidWorks. It's an alternative to the built-in Building Guide Mode featured in Lego Digital Designer which produces a set of instructions automatically (although not necessarily in the most logical way). Click on the links below for a collapsible, comprehensive collection of all the captivating creations I’ve consumed.

I’ve got quite the Steam backlog to work through and have been making some good progress! I haven’t been on that much lately, but I thought I would share some of my creations from the server.
Redstone is hooked up to lower all of the gates at the flick of a lever that’s in gate 1. Right after that stage, they want to identify with boys older than themselves by doing what the older boys are doing; followed by imitating the men in their lives. The Olaf figure comes with 63 official LEGO pieces along with instructions to build your snowman with! This is a survival mode world, so all of these resources were got the good old-fashioned way! Only Minecraft has expanded on the idea, creating a world where nearly anything can be made. During these stages, boys will avoid any suggestion of ideas that are for both ‘boys and girls,’ and absolutely shun ideas that are for girls only! I’ve mainly just been keeping these lists for my own records but figured why not update them here! It's probably even more accurate to say that Minecraft is the digital embodiment of LEGO Mindstorms, thanks to all the working, moveable parts and ingenious in-game engineering that make Minecraft a functional, living world.But if you take the crafting table and redstone away, it's like basic childhood LEGOs all over again, so it's refreshing to see Chris Malloy taking Minecraft back to old school bricks in an impressive Minecraft and LEGO mashup. He recently built his Minecraft diorama out of LEGOs, complete with passive pigs, pixelated landscape, and an underground cave system.He first unveiled his diorama at Brickcon 2011 back in October, but posted it online for all to see the day before MineCon and the official release of Minecraft. Here's a few more examples from Flickr user suparMacho:Have you recreated any Minecraft scenes with LEGOs?

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