Our original SUN TRACKER BASS BUGGY was the industry's first family fishing pontoon boat - way back in 1983. For 2010, the emphasis of our BASS BUGGY 18 Classic Series is on unmatched value and ease of ownership. The BASS BUGGY 18 Classic Series lets your family have fun like they've never had fun before.
The Pelican Bass Raider 10 Mini Pontoon Boat features all the necessary equipment and accessory points to keep you covered all day long. Pontoons offer several big advantages over traditional bass boats, the most obvious of which is space and comfort. The practical, no-nonsense layout is perfect for families who simply want a basic, easy-to-maneuver, easy-to-own pontoon. Two swiveling seats allow for ergonomic and unrestricted movement to follow the fish, while two vertical rod holders let you relax when they're not biting.
If you've ever spent the day in a bass boat with your wife and a couple of kids, you know just how small the cockpit of these rigs truly is. Each year we keep improving and adapting it to the wants and needs of America's families everywhere.
There's ample room for a crew of seven, and if your family is serious about fishing, the optional Fish Package adds two bow fishing seats, a bow mounted trolling motor with wireless remote, fish finder and an aerated underseat livewell. Complete with multiple storage compartments, drink holders, and convenient carrying handles for portability.
Pontoons have a remarkable amount of usable space thanks to the fact that they are basically sheets of 8-foot-wide plywood (or sometimes aluminum) mounted on aluminum pontoons.

The width of the boat extends from bow to stern, and into that space you can fit easy chairs, couches, changing rooms and toilets, refrigerators and televisions, and, yes, even the kitchen sink if you want one. This impact-resistant material can withstand the force and return to its original form, even after serious impact.
They have more space than you lived in when you went to college, plus a much better view.Just as importantly, they are remarkably inexpensive considering what you get for the money. It's protected with a UV-resistant finish to retain its color over time.About PelicanPelican International Inc offers a wide range of nearly a hundred boats, from kayaks to canoes, pedal boats to fishing boats, ideal for the sports enthusiast. For about the same price you'll pay for a 17-foot aluminum bass boat with power--say $14,000--you can get a 22-foot pontoon boat with all the comforts of home. The company has a high level of environmental consciousness- they recycle 99.5% of their material excess into making new products, and special low-energy processes are used to heat their production facilities. Tracker's new Bass Buggy 16 goes for an amazing $9,999 with a 25-horse Merc--this for a boat that can comfortably fish four or lounge a family of six!
Pelican is also known for their excellence in innovation; they're behind the development of such materials as RAM-X, Poly-XR, and XcelCore, which have become signs of quality in the boating industry. The BB-16 has a couple of swiveling fishing chairs up front, Bimini top for shade, swim ladder for easy re-boarding, an aft couch--and that tall "fence" that keeps kids and pets safe. If you're looking for a boat where you can spend quality time with the family or a large bunch of pals who are fairly casual about fishing, there's really no match in the price range.Pontoons are exceptionally stable boats.
In a moderate chop, say up to two feet, a pontoon offers a ride that's as smooth as anything out there. After that, things promptly go to hell; water starts coming over the bow and washing the length of the deck.

You don't ever want to take a pontoon boat out on the broad lower sections of Pickwick on a challenging day, but kept in their comfort zone, they give a great ride.
Pontoons float very high in the water, even when heavily loaded; easing across a foot-deep bar is entirely possible in many, and they can slide over fresh water weed beds with airboat-like ease. There's no point in spending a lot of money on a big outboard--a little 50 or 70-horse will do just fine, save you money on the initial purchase and will run the rig for many miles on a teacup of gas--plus provide enough power for tubing and kiddy-speed water skiing.
Pontoons are hard to manage where precise boat control matters, for example when you are trying to work a peppergrass edge on a trolling motor; if there's any wind, the boat becomes as unmanageable as a kite.
But these boats shine at drifting a shoreline for catfish or bluegill, for anchoring up and fishing a brush pile for crappies or a hydrilla line with live shiners for bass. And there's so much usable room that the kids can loaf on the couch playing the latest video game when they get tired of swinging a rod. Add a portable TV and you can watch your favorite football team--in the shade of the Bimini top--while you're out on the water: Does life get any better?Because pontoons sit so high off the surface, bringing large fish aboard is problematic--you'll want a long-handled landing net. It also takes some doing to mount a troller; in most cases, the motor when folded has to fit through the forward entry gate, which means you can't close the gate--most serious anglers just take it off.

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