Feature-packed and outboard-powered, the Fisher Liberty 200 Pontoon Boat 2008 makes for a great day out on the water. You wona€™t believe your eyes when you behold the Princecraft Vision 23 L Pontoon Boat 2008. When you want a lot of good things in a little package, go for the Legend 16 Genesis Pontoon Boat 2008. Book your own private sunset cruise anytime you want in the G3 Sun Catcher 188 Cruise Pontoon Boat 2008. Refined luxury and a little bit of attitude a€“ thata€™s the Sanpan 2500 Limited Pontoon Boat 2008 in a nutshell. The search for a pontoon full of fun and value is over a€“ meet the Sweetwater Tuscany 2486 FC Pontoon Boat 2008.
When youa€™ve got fish and family in mind, bring the two together on the Fisher Liberty 200 Fish Pontoon Boat 2008.
Youa€™ll notice that life gets easier once youa€™re onboard the Sea Ryder 715 ES Pontoon Boat 2008. Just like its bubbly moniker, the Southland Champagne Edition Pontoon Boat 2008 is sweet and refreshing. Offering the best of both worlds, the Beachcomber 22 Fish N Play Pontoon Boat 2008 is great fun for the whole family.
When one floor isna€™t enough, take it up a level in the Crest Upper Sundeck Pontoon Boat 2008. With everything you need to build lasting memories on the water, the Cypress Cay 250 Cabana Pontoon Boat 2008 will surpass your every expectation.
Enjoy it Larry when you get it, U bought a fishing kayak to carry with us when we go camping with the tear or the pop up.
The only bad thing about that is the trolling motor makes it so that it is required to have registration numbers on it.
Rowerwet, in checking out your pictures I noticed your "little boat taking on water did you do that on purpose?" How much weight does it hold up safely? Does it have ventilation ports on the hub like this prop?Any ventilation at all will blow that pitch out on your sled. I'm not up to speed on toon tuning yet,but others here have been there done that.Not knowing your setup I'd start out with a large dia. Over two years ago a group of engineers in Wisconsin announced that they were making a 557-hp outboard engine. Taking a page from the playbook of Apple and the Steve Jobs' notion that the inside should look as good as the outside, Seven Marine has created an arresting look both outside and in. Many consumers want to go faster in their existing boats and simply need more horsepower on the limited real estate of their outboard transom. The General Motors aluminum block V-8 6.2 L supercharged engine develops 556-hp as installed in the 2014 Cadillac CTS V Sedan.
The Concept of the 557 is to mate the supercharged GM 6.2 L V-8 aluminum block engine with an inboard pod drive-style transmission linked to a rugged “twin pinion” gear case. A single 557-hp engine could replace two conventional outboard motors, thereby saving weight, reducing lower-unit drag, and reducing the total number of parts in the propulsion system.
The ZF transmission not only harnesses the power from the horizontal engine and re-directs it to a vertical drive shaft, but it also changes gears from forward to reverse and makes the first RPM reduction. This is the torpedo of the 557 with twin pinion lower unit gearing of the Seven Marine which is exponentially stronger than a single pinion gear, according to Seven Marine.
Traditionally, outboard drive shafts are relatively thin to keep the width of the outboard leg as narrow as possible to reduce drag.
The 557 is the only outboard engine on the market with its own closed-loop engine cooling system.
With the cowling lifted the first thing visible is the Seven Marine closed-loop cooling system – the only outboard in the world that doesn’t run raw water through its block. Perhaps the most important aspect of the 557 outboard is that its major components have already been proven by some of the world's leading companies.
The beautiful polished stainless steel headers not only look good, but they carefully direct exhaust gases below with a minimum of back pressure.
Numerous other parts such as gear case housings, pinion gears, drive shafts, casings and other components are mostly made by American suppliers including many foundries and machine shops in Wisconsin. Seven Marine has patented its architecture of an automotive engine used in a horizontal position. It is not the scope of this explanation of Seven Marine's outboard to get into the details of the company’s product, which will be done in a later report. The Seven Marine outboard was designed for boaters who want to go fast, have the latest technology, and want more room in their boat for other activities. We have not tested Seven Marine engines and so will have to reserve comment on speed, fuel consumption, noise levels and handling characteristics until we do. The Intrepid 37 was the first boat that the twin 557-hp Seven Marine outboards were tested on.
So far we have seen the Seven Marine outboards placed on center consoles for luxury boating, offshore fishing and government patrol work.
In the future, we might see boats designed and built around these engines in other categories such as express cruisers, express fishboats, high-performance go-fast boats, patrol boats of all types and possibly even some large pontoon boats.
Not surprisingly there is a lot of interest in the Persian Gulf for both high-speed fishing boats and patrol boats and Seven Marine’s first distributor has been signed there to handle local sales and service.
This large center console Midnight Express is powered by triple Seven marine engines and appears to be destined for government work.
All of this horsepower, the heavy-duty components, state-of-the-art systems, brilliant engineering, complicated assembly, beautiful exterior with polyurethane paint and graphics, polished ss headers, customization and individual customer consultation does not come cheap.

Twin 557s with joystick control and a sophisticated LCD screen have an MSRP of $185,000, for the pair. Each Seven Marine is made to order and for that reason the color of the DuPont polyurethane paint and the design can be customized to the owner’s spec. So here’s part one of the creme de la creme of fat people falling vids, and I did this all for you guys out there. To be honest, this first guy isn’t fat, but he is falling off a roof, on roller blades. Our next drunken hero has taken it upon himself to strip down to his pants, stand on a chair and karate kick the light bulb on the ceiling.
Measuring in at 20 feet, the Liberty 200 has a stable 97-inch beam and room for 10 of your favorite people. Packing everything you need into a deluxe 16 foot pontoon, the 16 Genesis proves that you dona€™t need something bigger to necessarily get something better.
New to G3a€™s pontoon boat line-up, the 188 Cruise comes complete with convenient furniture designs and a floor layout that offers plenty of comfortable seating and storage. Equipped with precision and luxe features, the 2500 Limited will make your next trip across the water an exhilarating one. An all-in-one family fun machine, the Tuscany 2486 FC is designed to give your family everything they need to get out on the water. Space and luxury come standard in the Admiral 240 RE4, so you can get the most out of your a€?mea€? time. Combining serious fishing features with family-friendly amenities, the Liberty 200 is a spacious outboard pontoon for the value-minded angler. The perfect size for your lifestyle, the 715 ES measures in at 15 feet, and can carry up to seven sea-worthy friends. The Sun Tracker Party Hut 30 Regency Edition Pontoon Boat 2009 boasts the ultimate in cruising comfort. Therea€™s lots of room to get comfortable a€“ the 22 Fish N Play comes with a captain seat and plush L seating. The features on the Upper Deck are spectacular - youa€™ll find dual Clarion Marine radios with MP3 plug-ins, recliner seat headrest logos, front railing with grill-style graphics, custom style sundeck and seating graphics, dome light, and carpeted headliner under the sundeck. Made with an aluminum transom and extruded crossmembers, the Cabana 250 also has the option of adding a 25-inch center pontoon for increased stability and performance. I built it using the slightly more expensive method that uses marine epoxy and fiberglass tape for all the joints. The boat will get to maybe 10mph and then if you try to go any faster if will just rev to the sky and stop pushing. I ould honestly think a 15 would be to small but i guess the diameter also has a factor in that. The prop centerline is about 5" below the waterline I belive, Ill have to check again.
I found a marina close to were my boat is that will allow me to try out some props before i buy one, the only thing is I dont know what all props they have. Still other consumers want more interior room in their boats without having to jump up 6’ or so and pay the geometric increase in boat price.
Attached to it is the crucial ZF transmission that harnesses the torque and re-directs it below. By taking advantage of the new inboard pod style transmission architechture on the market made for high-torque diesel engines and designing it for an outboard motor, the new 557-hp outboard has an exceedingly robust upper drive train.
All conventional outboard motors on the market use a single pinion gear in the torpedo gear case also to reduce drag, but at the same time creating the most vulnerable weak point in traditional outboards' drive train. By using robust shafts, bearings and a twin-pinion gear design in the torpedo, Seven Marine is taking aboard the lessons learned over the last 40 years in offshore racing with reliable sterndrive and gear case architecture.
Most of these companies have been or are still currently venders to many engine and equipment OEMs in Wisconsin – companies such as Kohler, Harley-Davidson, Briggs & Stratton, Twin Disc – in addition to other marine engine manufacturers. The result of this plethora of resources is that literally a world of talent and expertise, machine tools and infrastructure, has been utilized by Seven Marine’s founders to create the world's most powerful outboard. The third engineer in the family is Brian Davis, who is also in his 30s and heads up international sales, investor relations and finance. However, the most important element of this revolutionary outboard is obviously its power-to-weight ratio. The basic advantage of the Seven Marine outboard is the fact that its 6.2 L V8 aluminum engine is supercharged which gives the 1,045-lb.
Obviously this package has some built-in benefits such as ultra smooth shifting and high low-end and mid-range torque because of its supercharger.
For example, at the Ft Lauderdale Boat Show this year they will be on six boats including 2 high performance fishing boats, 2 40+ ft luxury center consoles, a 40 ft. The Seven Marine 557 rig will run twice the cost of horsepower delivered by the production outboard companies.
Outfitted with 25 EL FourStroke motor, this Fisher pontoon boat is ideal for cruising or for aquatic activities.
Built with 5052-H36 marine grade aluminum alloy, this Princecraft pontoon boat does much more than look good. Boasting rounded front fencing, a driver's seat built for two, cozy rear seating and a deluxe center console with integrated sink, this Legend pontoon boat manages to squeeze in everything you need without overwhelming the space available. Thanks to its triple tunnel design, this Aloha pontoon boat can effortlessly pull water skiers and wake boarders, and its integrated center pontoon and aluminum 20-inch transom makes it safe and stable. Measuring in at 18 feet, the 188 Cruise sits on enlarged 23 by 25 inch U-shaped pontoon logs for maximum flotation and a superior ride.
Featuring the rugged StrataTech superstructure, this Sanpan pontoon boat enhances safety and promotes peace of mind, thanks to interlocking components that evenly distribute stress and maintain durability.

Perched on 25-inch tubes, this Sweetwater pontoon boat is built on a StrataTech chassis and comes with the Total Comfort Seating System.
A long list of premium options guarantees that this Parti Kraft pontoon boat will make you feel like royalty.
For taking it easy, this Fisher pontoon boat comes equipped with a padded sunpad, 36-quart cooler, removable table, aft L-lounge and aft entry boarding ladder. Outfitted with a Mercury 25 ELPT Four Stroke engine, this Sea Ryder pontoon boat gets the good times rolling with a Jensen CD Player, complete with MP3 input and two speakers. Sporting solid construction, the 30 Regency is built on 26-inch multi-chambered pontoon logs with full-length deck support. When you feel like dropping a line, this Beachcomber pontoon boat sports two protected fishing stations, fresh water station, livewell and a trolling motor gate. On the top deck, youa€™ll find a radio with four speakers, cup holders, a roomy storage compartment, 25-quart igloo cooler, 12 volt receptacle, removable custom padded side bolsters, and stainless steel leg platform ladder. This Cypress Cay pontoon boat can be built to your specifications a€“ you can choose an optional camper enclosure in case you decide to turn your day on the water into an overnighter. The motor is in the lowest hole on the transom.Any advice on what prop to get or any other reson what would cause this would be great. A 25" is probably off a light weight bassboat,which can use those ports to spool up at holeshot. Had 22' Bayboats that liked a lot of rake,but the Rakers flexed so much I'd eventually throw blades. If I can get something close to what i need I guess I can go from there though.Thanks everyone!
The following Fort Lauderdale show, two operating engines were shown on a 37’ Intrepid, and then engines were demonstrated at subsequent shows with a single on a 30’ Sea Hunter, and twins on a 38’ Fountain.
In the process, by using the ZF transmission, Seven Marine outboard has achieved smooth shifting, slow trolling speed control, and no “clunk” when going in and out of gear, among other things. In some cases it may even be nearly three times as much as conventional outboards, according to company spokesman Brian Davis.
There’s a pleasingly chirpy piano piece playing, then a fat guy smashes through the roof and falls amongst the wotsits. Relax in comfort, thanks to its padded sun lounge, entertainment center with 36-quart cooler, storage, sink with fresh water, pump and trash receptacle and L-shaped aft seating. Features include custom molded dash with woodgrain panels and tachometer, aerated livewell, extra large Bimini top and removable table with integrated drink holders. Standard features include a molded windscreen, teak-inspired flooring, color coordinated canopy, chaise lounge with fold down armrest and built-in trash receptacle and 25-qt.
Features include deluxe marine grade carpet, changing room, dock box, carry-on 25-quart cooler, color coordinated canopy, three-step ladder and stern table.
Custom-made furniture is built for ergonomic support in all the right places, and youa€™ll want to crank up the tunes with a Sony CD stereo, complete with MP3 input and four stainless steel speakers. For the fisherman, the Liberty 200 features a 14-gallon aerated livewell, three deluxe fishing seats, rod holders and helm seat with aerated livewell. Other features youa€™ll find on the 715 ES are a canopy with heavy duty radiused anodized aluminum frame and push button release, deluxe marine grade carpet and ladder. For your cruising pleasure, the 22 Fish N Play comes equipped with a Clarion sound system, a boarding ladder, a sundeck with rear entry, a rear table and a Bimini top.
Other features include a Bimini top, changing room with a curtain, sun lounge and a stereo with MP3 jack. I'm gonna have to make another one soon, for my third child, age 5-6 is about the right age for a kid to be their own captain, and it is as memorable for them as riding without training wheels for the first time.
However, Brian is quick to point out that similar features can only be found in Diesel Pod Drives, which cost 25% to 30% more. Other features such as Plush and heavy weight upholstery, Rear padded sun deck, and Bimini top make sure every trip you take in the Vision 23 L is a wonderful one. Other features include a canopy with push button release, three-step fixed ladder, and a captain's chair with swivel, slider, self leveling arms, built-in headrest and tilt. Lauderdale Boat Show, no fewer than six boats – 4 with twins, 2 with triples – will be at the dock ready for public scrutiny powered by Seven Marine 557-hp engines.
But we think that is only the beginning of the applications for the 557 because these boats were already designed and built for significant horsepower and weight. If you decide to turn your day trip into an overnight excursion, the 30 Regencya€™s full-width aft deck and couch, as well as the dinette, convert easily to a bed.
Aluminum will be finealso I couldnt really watch the prop but I have had a few small speed boats before and im 90% sure it was blowing out by the feel and sounds of it. I think you have it confused, the weight capacity is 300lbs but the actual boat weighs 67lbs.
He sent me a POS stripped and semi-polished SST, (which is the same casting as a Viper, only teflon coated) I sent the listing to E Bay, took a picture of the prop, postage label and E Bay receipt. They had already tried calling me friday but couldn't reach me because of the wrong phone number so it wasn't loaded on the truck for delivery for today.
There was a broken piece of the seat that was laying in the box and the tie-down straps were a bit short compared to the ones in the pics.
Other than the shipping difficulties and the 2 other issues, I believe it's gonna be a good boat.

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