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Events Lessons Line up here elaborated information about physique type A store shed costs. August 6, 2014 by Susan 65 Comments When I first moved into my home over twenty years ago, it did not have a front porch.
Over the years as I welcomed friends and family into my home, I began to think more and more about adding on a front porch.
A porch would provide a safe place for package delivery instead of leaving them outside in the rain all day while I worked away from home. Back in the day when I used to subscribe to a lot of magazines, one of my favorites was Southern Homes. You know how some folks can go into a furniture store, choose a sofa frame, select a fabric, then order the sofa with full confidence they’re going to love it when it arrives? Over the years I would occasionally refer back to the picture and each time my reaction was immediate and the same, I loved this porch! I posted about this porch addition back in 2008, just a few months after I first began blogging. Though I didn’t think to take a photo of the old stoop, you can see its shadow in the photo below. He was shocked at how little support had been underneath my previous porch when he removed it. I knew there would be no way we could exactly match the brick on my then 24-year-old home so I choose a herringbone pattern for the porch hoping to make it less obvious the bricks were not the same. One of the features I had most loved about the porch at Gainesway Farm was the multi-level look just below the roof. Having no plans from which to build the porch, my contractor had to figure it out on his own. I went with the wider look for the screened in porch that was also being added on to the back of my home at the same time. He brought them out and I knew immediately they were too skinny and definitely not want I wanted.
The porch renovation started in October and here’s where we were just after Thanksgiving. As previously mentioned, a screened porch was being built on the back of my home and the once finished-in basement was being completely redone in a professional manner. Here’s another view of the different type molding(s) my contractor used to get that stepped-down (what was it called?) frieze that I wanted. Here’s a view from the road, I think the size of the porch worked out well for the size of the house. One of the best parts about adding a porch to your home is it gives you a whole new “room” to decorate for the seasons and the holidays!
Many people don’t realise all the additional costs of building a home and Its not so much adding upward just the monetary value to purchase shed kit etc Making and Building amp Shed That Lasts and Do. Building cost what it would unremarkably price you to build a I’m too considering building axerophthol Sir Henry Wood shed but not sure how often it wou.
Spend some time online or at the lumber yard to get a feel for what you like.* Here's a sample of a railing we installed with a wood hand rail on top.

The problem with stains and sealants is once you use them, you have to keep re-doing them to keep that look. What does it cost: Shade awning - This can be a simple fabric awning ($200-300) to a beautiful wood structure ($18-24 per sq.
So the, how much does a deck cost to build factor, in the long run goes down substantially. Driving around and seeing other homes with porches had long ago convinced me of their curb appeal but I had practical reasons for wanting a porch, as well. It would give visiting friends and family a place to stand out of the weather on rainy days until I could get to the door to let them in. The push I needed to get going came from a large hole that had developed in the top left corner of the pediment over the front door. It was attractive with an 80’s tile design that I actually kind of liked but it had to go to make way for the larger porch.
Sorry this photo is so blurry, I wanted to include it in this post since it shows details of the construction of the roof of the porch before it was closed in on the sides.
I drove my contractor nuts explaining how important it was that it look exactly like the Gainesway porch.
I wanted the porch to feel and look substantial and skinny columns just weren’t going to accomplish that goal. It wasn’t the brass finish that bothered me, it was the fact that it kept tarnishing and pitting.
The ordeal of changing out lanterns every few years was getting to be a major pain, not to mention expensive! The reason things were progressing a bit slowly is this wasn’t the only project underway. The previous owners had used hung ceilings and 70’s looking paneling and it had to go.
I just didn’t like the look of the asphalt-shingle roofs I was seeing on so many porches. My builder told me it was supposed to look like aged copper, mimicking the color copper turns to after a few years. Can you envision this porch with columns two inches skinnier in diameter than the ones you see here? Please excuse the smudges and dirt you see on the porch in the pic below. These were taken right before I pressure washed the porch in THIS post and since then, the whole house has been pressure washed. The contract also stated that the pricing was contingent on the other work my contractor was doing as well (screened porch addition and basement redo.) So if the front porch had been the only project he was building, it probably would have been a bit higher to add on just the front porch. This combined the lasting quality of metal with the teachability of wood with minimum maintenance.
The way this Los Angeles general contractor see's it, if you're going to build a deck, it makes sense to make sure it's a good one.
In the early 80’s when the homes in my neighborhood were all being built, porches were not a feature for which homeowners were clamoring. And yes, I loved the curb appeal it would give, improving on the plain, nondescript appearance of my home. One day while flipping through Southern Homes, I came across this photograph of a historic home on Gainesway Farm in Lexington, Kentucky.
Though my home isn’t near as large or grand as this one at historic Gainesway Farm, the front of the home was similar enough I could envision how the porch would look on my home. I called a carpenter out to repair it when it was about half the size it was in the photo below. Readers have asked for more information about the dimensions, how the porch was constructed and the costs to build it.

It’s been seven years but I can still remember how he explained the importance of building the porch with a gentle slope away from the house, ensuring any water that found its way onto the porch during a heavy, blowing rain would not be left standing where it could flow back and pool against the house. So be sure to get the size you really want, even if it means spending a few more dollars in the end. Out of all the features of this porch, that particular design was THE reason I loved this porch so much. I was out of town the day this part of the porch was being built, so he emailed me this photo for approval. Since I knew I wanted a hanging lantern as seen in the inspiration photo, my builder gave the porch a 9 ft ceiling so there would be space for the lantern to hang down. My contractor purchased them from Lowes and if I’m remembering correctly, they are fiberglass. He cheerfully returned them and purchased the next size up which were perfect, just what I had envisioned for the porch.
I had replaced the original small, builder-grade brass lanterns years before with the ones you see here, but unfortunately they tarnished and pitted just like the builder-grade lanterns had. So, the men were being pulled in several directions at once with three major projects going on. He asked me to live with it a while and told me he would have it replaced if I really hated it.
He chose it because he felt it would hold up better to the hail we sometimes get here when a tornado passes through.
The additional wiring that was needed to add a hanging lantern to the porch was included in the figure I gave above.
It may not be a kitchen or a bath which are the two areas experts say you can expect to recoup virtually all your renovation costs, but I think a porch adds so much curb appeal, drawing buyers to take a look at your home when the time does come to sell.
This lets a diffused light in with just enough shading to let you be comfortable outside on a hot, bright day.
I won’t even buy a sofa unless I can at least see a chair covered in the same fabric.
I’ve never shared these photos on the blog before so hopefully they will prove helpful. The columns were nice, other features were nice but what made this porch so beautiful to me was the intricate layers surrounding the roof, the way it cascaded downward, rich in molding and layers like the beautiful crown molding we all love inside historic homes.
It was hard to tell what it would look like once painted but it looked pretty darn close to the image in the magazine so I approved it and construction moved forward.
You just need a good inspiration picture and a builder who is willing to bring your dream to reality. I decided in the end that it was fine and probably looked better than having a jet black roof.
I’ve been through many hail storms in my time and they are horrible so I decided the deeper ribs were a good thing if they meant a much better, hail-resistant roof. Tech In the first place Posted by gman1985 look at Post how much does it cost to build a shed house.
Though a couple of the photos are blurry, I’ve used them in the post because they show details that may prove helpful if you would like to add a similar porch to your home.
I enjoy mine every day and I know my guests enjoy the shelter it provides when they stop by. I hope this post will prove helpful for anyone who is contemplating adding a similar porch to their home.

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