Using only corrugated cardboard boxes and glue, renowned English artist Chris Gilmour has managed to recreate some of the world’s most famous cityscapes in stunning detail. I’ve got some big cardboard boxes and a whole lot of parent-needs-down-time enthusiasm! The big upside to these plastic kits is that they can be reused, which allows me to pretend to be an environmental superhero. David is on a personal mission to become a more awesome dad to his two sons and teach them all the facets of being a major nerd. OMG I so want you to be my dad (sorry that sounds a little creepy doesnt it) but i want to come and crawl through that box maze!!!! The talented artist used common packaging boxes and glue to build models of some of the most iconic landmarks in the world, and did it all in record time.
Para reproducir la musica que tendra que actualizar su navegador o actualizar el Plugin de Flash. But what are you going to do with the kids now that they’re running around like Energiser bunnies and going mental?

Let’s whip them into an awesome CARDBOARD BOX MAZE for the munchkins to lose their minds in.
We’re all about connecting the boxes and seeing how many interesting hidey-holes or pop-up areas you can make. Plus, ripping apart all of that packing tape when you’re tidying up is just exhausting. A straight tube of cardboard is only fun for so long, but a corner means that hide & seek will make its DIY debut. An easy way to make a corner is to cut a doorway into the side of one of the boxes and then jam the open end of another box up to it.
If your box maze becomes quite long it’s also going to get pretty dark on the inside. Although your light wells will provide enough illumination, cut some small windows into the sides of some of the boxes.
Luckily the Makedo kit is quick to disassemble too so those old cardboard boxes are back in the garage awaiting the next dry spell.

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day, but Gilmour managed to make a 40-foot-wide replica of London in just two days.
Make sure to check out the timelapse video of putting together cardboard-box London, at the bottom of the page.
It turns out that dangling them from the hills hoist and getting the dog to spin them around for hours is frowned upon (at least, that’s what the police told me). It comes with a plastic, safe-around-minors tool (hole punch & cardboard saw), hinges and connectors. Featuring the river Thames at the center, the fragile work of art also includes an intricate replica of Big Ben, a functional model of Tower Bridge and a rotating cardboard Big Eye.
Part of an advertising campaign for the Bankers Box brand, the project also included incredibly detailed cardboard replicas of Paris and Berlin.

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