Use all btion bungee cord etc but no one has said the yhicknessnof the cord only the lengthy, what thickness bungee should be used,???? Another trick I like to do is maiden with fixed gear on the plane, that way I get the CG and trim all sorted and I know she'll fly straight and true.
I am going to try 2x10m 8mm, bigger pegs, slightly longer ramp, and go for about 15-20kg of pull. There are plenty of things you can use at home to make your own rocket, like sugar, matchsticks, or even trash.
Check out the video to see the step-by-step process, and you can find more of Lou's projects on his YouTube channel.Looking for something a little more high-tech? The concept is simple, but that doesn’t stop people from building rather complicated water rocket rigs. I have a water rocket launcher in my garage collecting dust, never had a good source for air when I built it years ago. You can purchase a schrader valve fitting with a threaded end to fit into the air portion of the pipe. At work I use power washers with 2000-2700psi anyone know what the max psi of a 2 liter bottle is? And compressed air Is the propellant, high pressure water isn’t much use here, I found they went best when less than a quarter full of water! I wonder what would happen with an actual nozzle on the bottle… Take an air fitting like the one used here and cement it to the opening of the bottle (or the cap), and a coupler. NASA had plans for parents and teachers to build a compressed air soda bottle water rocket a few years ago.

With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. Continue Assembling the Launcher Tripod Connect PVC pipe to the top end of the launcher with a set screw. Creating a Soda Pop Bottle Rocket, our recommendation: - Create a few variations of rockets, Why?
Some would say this could be worse and result in more harm, well to foam anyway but I've seen it work first hand and I thought WHY NOT HAVE CRACK! But if you can still find a warm afternoon here or there this water rocket launcher build is a fun undertaking.
This one which [Lou] devised is rather simple but it does offer connections to a hose and air compressor (the alternative being to fill the bottle with water ahead of time and use a bike pump for air pressure). I remember making water rockets with my dad when I was a kid; our launcher was just a simple setup that required filling the bottles by hand, but we had a lot of fun with it.
It seems to go high enough with just water pressure for a fun project with the kids, maybe V1 and add the compressor for V2.
Instead of a pipe piece as in the link, I used the top of a gatoraid bottle (fit just right) and a leftover pipe from some type of baby toy (too destroyed to tell what it was) for the center pipe. I made it for very little $ and launched it with my nieces multiple times using a car 12v tire inflator.
Again, use caution, we used a string that was > 20 ft long and put caution signs around the likely landing site.
You could modify things here and there of course to suit your own application, I just simply tried to come up with a low cost, low fuss solution to what can potentially be a very frustrating thing.

For those that want a shallower angle, you can simply cut longer rear legs on your ramp which will also increase the ramps height resulting in a less acute launch angle. I'm looking for something to launch 70mm EDFs in the 3-4lb range and perhaps 90mm Jets down the road.
In this video, How To Lou shows how he made a high-flying water rocket out of some basic materials like PVC and a soda bottle. This may be true when the produce and fill them, but my experience has shown that they burst at about 120 psi after they’ve been handled and refilled a couple times. Loading was with a valve from a popped bike tire cut out and shoved into a hole in the pipe (the leftover rubber hanging on the inside sealed as it pressurized). Kids at a camp I worked at decorated 2L bottles with fins and cone noses that really improved the bottle flights.
Once you get it right and working you should have many adrenalin filled bungee launches in future ENJOY! They’re all quite common, and once you have them on hand it can be assembled in under an hour. Although we had no misfires, we've heard from other rocketeers that these bottles can blow even under the 100 PSI or so needed here, thus a long launch string is necessary.
Be aware of the launch area as well, these can fly >150 feet high and at least that far in any direction, we don't want to take out any passers byl This Instructable contains the design of our bottle launcher and describes how you can build one and some rockets for yourself and then have some kinda geeky fun too!

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