Ridgeline boatlifts are designed to accommodate the needs of todaya€™s boater not yesterdaya€™s. Pictured is a 1PWCL120060 Boatlift (1200-pound capacity with 60a€? beam jet ski lift) with standard 4 leveling legs, full-length bunks, winch and a 36a€? service wheel.
Pictured is a 1BL200096 Boatlift (2000-pound capacity 96a€? beam) with standard full-length bunks made up of durable PVC profile and aluminum, 4 leveling legs, winch and 36a€? service wheel. Pictured is a Ridgeline 1BL3500108 Boatlift ( 3500 CANTILEVER LIFT ) With A 20 foot  X 108 Inch Ridgeline Canopy . Boatlifts 3500-pounds and larger come equipped with a leveling spring pin adjustment lever that is located on each leg. All Ridgelinea€™s 3500-pound or larger boatlifts come equipped with a 6-spoke 47a€? service wheel. All Ridgeline boatlifts utilize a double gusset bolt-together plate system; other brands use a single gusset. Durable PVC covered guide-ons guide you into your Ridgeline lift when the bed rack is under the water. This is a Boatlift step that attaches to the pull up arm of a boat lift and gives the customer a 1' x 4' step between their dock and boat.
Regardless of brand we can provide you with a new vinyl or cloth for your boat lift canopy.
We specialize in accessing the water's edge through difficult low land areas by engineering and constructing the appropriate marsh crossing system for your situation. Have a steep bank to the lake?A  We can build a new or replacement set of stairs to get you to the water.

Worried about lightning strikes when you are on a sailboat in the water and your mast is the tallest object around until the horizon? Lowers the exposure to a direct lightning strike by controlling the conditions which trigger direct strikes, i.e.
If you'd like to see your shipping cost, add the item to your "Shopping Barge" and then use our Shipping Rates Calculator on the next page. Ridgeline boatlifts are produced using materials that will not break down by the atmosphere around them. When in operation the pin will automatically spring into the next adjustment hole up or down while leveling your Ridgeline boatlift. The bolt- together process is stronger and allows for a hassle free system, if damages would accrue.
This allows for an easier working lift and eliminates pivot wear, unlike brands that only pivot off of the thickness of the aluminum.
The motor stop is fully adjustable and will position your boat in the right spot every time.
We all know that aluminum will not rust and is a lighter alternative for install and removal (that is a given). It will give you all the big lift features, but is easy to install and remove because of itsa€™ lightweight.
Six inches of water plus, what the boat drafts is all that is needed to put your boat onto a Ridgeline boatlift. This leg pad will find its way to the hard lake bottom instead of resisting itsa€™ way down.

Other brands utilize a quick pin that is very difficult to align the holes, when lift is in the water. Some brands will flatter you with fancy words like all stainless steel hardware (that appears to be a value) but research studies show us that two different metals put together will create a galvanic process called electrolyses and will break down the aluminum within time. Compare it to other brands in this lift size and you will be coming back to purchase the Ridgeline 1BL200096. Some other brands use wood with carpet that can rot or damage tubes from sand being held in the carpet. It is also easier to pull out of the muck, sand, silt or whatever types of lake bottom that you may have. This is why Ridgeline utilizes a process called RIE coating, which is Teflon applied to all the hardware (which is used in the automobile, stern drives and cattle trailer industries). The aluminum and RIE hardware will allow a lifetime of smooth operation and prevent the galvanic process. Ridgeline also makes it easier to attach most accessories onto your lift capacity 3500 and larger, with the exclusive full-length channel and a simple nut and bolt. All other brands utilize cumbersome attachment brackets that are difficult to assemble and add to the cost of their product.
The most important of all is that all brands say they are the best and they should but really what are they doing to convince you, the buyer?

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