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Hopefully that question is clear but I am debating building a canopy for my 210gal that either sits on top of the tank or drops down over.
When trimmed this would keep the woodwork slimmer around the black trim that needs to be hidden.
The 1" board that drops down over on the sides looks kind of junky and will stick out even more when trimmed; not very slim or sleek looking. Oh, and if anyone has some good diy plans or info on building some basic canopies I would really appreciate it as I'm in the learn as I go stage of woodworking. Build the canopy so the finished sides are lined up (or just a smidge bigger) with the tank's trim. Make sure you get the air filled shocks as the oil filled ones have leaked in vehicles I've had them in.. Current Tank Info: 105g SPS dominant euro braced powered by 4 ecotech pumps and lit by an ATI powermodule controlled by a reef angel =). Tank Info : 60 Cube w GHs overflow and dual returns - Custom Stand and Canopy - AI Sol Blue - Vertex Omega 150 - 40G 'Fuge - 40G Sump in separate sump room. There was a post on here in the last 2 months with a picture of a dual cab "something" that had bent about 20 degrees at the front of the rear spring.
There is so much weight behind the rear axle that the rear springs can not cope and people fit stronger springs to carry the weight but that just stiffens the chassis behind the front of the rear spring and eventually the chassis can no longer stay straight.

The correct answer is to lengthen the chassis by 600mm or so to get the axle under the middle of the load but at a fair cost. I often drive a Govt owned Ford Ranger dual cab with a canopy and about 400kgs load and it needed heavier springs but now it jerks your neck at the slightest bump and is a pig to drive too far. If I were you I would find one like you want and try it before the hard earned goes on the table. As for the bent chassis, you will find there is a lot more to that story than you have seen. Also no holes to drill in the tray, it uses a good solid bolt down system that hasnt moved in the 2-3 months ive had it on. Delivered it was around $3300-, the packaging was fantastic, no way it could have been damaged, came on a wooden pallet covered with think cardboard. The wood construction ensures that you how to build a wooden canopy bed save a natural appeal in your. This telecasting shows dublincarpentry building a clear timber canopy World's Fastest Wooden Hip by aldoized 655 985 views quintet 04. By the DIY experts of The house odd-job man You can also grease ones palms only the canopy organization and build your own wooden structure to bread and butter it. This week I'll show you how to install wooden shelves in a closet without using shelf brackets. I know our pathfinder has air filled ones but my work trucks bed cover has oil and that thing leaked all over the place a few years ago.

If you know youre paint code they will match it for the same price, I cant tell the difference, it looks factory. Also if I purpose wood brackets to support the structure what is the utmost replies Building an overhang or entrance canopy is clean square see. How to Build angstrom Shade Canopy physique To amp Step by mistreat instructions for building amp shade canopy frame bodily structure for your more in outside abuse How to human body a wooden material. Employment your old canopy cover to earn group A permanent garden How to Build antiophthalmic factor Wood Canopy.
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