The 2,974-passenger Carnival Liberty launched in 2005 as the fourth of five ships in the line's Conquest class. Like its Conquest-class sisters, Liberty also boasts a decent ratio of cabins with private balconies, a library, an ornate three-deck theater and a series of shops.
On the new(er) Carnival Liberty, the experience is quintessential Carnival blended with a handful of twists. Ultimately, Liberty 2.0 offers a glimpse of what the Carnival ships with the overhauls look like -- the same comfortable, unpretentious vibe but with a few more menu options and, in the form of Guy Fieri and George Lopez, a few more recognizable faces.
Expect mostly Americans to join you on the ship's Eastern and Western Caribbean sailings out of Miami.
Today Carnival Corporation signed a multi-billion dollar contract to build four next-generation cruise ships with the largest guest capacity in the world. The company said two of the ships will be manufactured for AIDA Cruises at Meyer Werft’s shipyard in Papenburg, Germany. Based on Carnival Corporation’s innovative new ship design, each of the four next-generation ships will have a total capacity of 6,600 guests, feature more than 5,000 lower berths, exceed 180,000 gross tons and incorporate an extensive number of guest-friendly features. Pioneering a new era in the use of sustainable fuels, the four new ships will be the first in the cruise industry to use LNG in dual-powered hybrid engines to power the ship both in port and on the open sea.
Carnival Corporation CEO Arnold Donald said the contract is consistent with the company’s measured capacity growth strategy to replace ships with less efficient capacity with newer, larger and more fuel efficient vessels over time.
The new ship order will allow the Costa Group to continue to build on its leadership position in the European cruise market – a market in which five out of 10 cruise guests in 2014 sailed onboard a Costa Group ship. As part of each shipbuilding company’s long-term strategic partnership with Carnival Corporation, additional new ship orders are being explored over the coming decade. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. On the heels of March’s announcement that MSC Cruises would build two new 167,600-ton*cruise ships at STX France, the cruise line today unveiled plans to build yet another two new cruise ships, of an entirely new 154,000-ton*class (rendered above), at Fincantieri in Italy. The post MSC Cruises Unveils Plans for Two More New Cruise Ships appeared first on Popular Cruising ~ Cruise Reviews & Behind-the-Scenes of Cruising.
That's why, despite the sometimes-negative stories that muddy the waters of the cruise industry, the cruise lines continue to build. January 27, 2015 by Mark Leave a Comment Have you met the Carnival Vista 2016 cruise ship yet? Carnival Cruise Lines’ Vista ship will carry 3,936 passengers, will house the IMAX movie theatre on the sea, and our favorite the SkyRide (800 feet of suspended track), which is an open-air cycling experience allowing passengers to be suspended high above the upper decks looking at a view that is 150-feet above sea level. Carnival Vista will weigh an impressive 133,500 tonnes, is 1055 feet long and has 1450 onboard crew. There will be a raft slide called the Kaleid-O-Slide, which is 455-foot long of twisty turns, rope courses, sports hangout and so much more.
Looks like OSM needs to go on a cruise in 2016, looks fantastic and can see the Carnival Vista being very popular indeed for everyone. Free balcony upgrades on Celebrity Eclipse and Reflection - 3 months ago Latest Celebrity Summit update concerning accident - 5 months ago Celebrity Cruises partial 2017-2018 positioning - 5 months ago Celebrity Cruises cancels overnight stay in Istanbul for 2016 - 5 months ago Celebrity Cruises Suite passenger benefits in 2016 - 5 months ago View all Carnival Fathom first cruise approved to sail from the U.S. No Star Princess cancellation from norovirus outbreak - 7 months ago Revamped Crystal Cruises spa services for 2015 - 9 months ago Another Norovirus outbreak, Fred.
News11 months ago Carnival Corporation has not announced one, but four new next generation ships, which will be spread to its other cruise lines, and not just Carnival. These ships are going to hold 6,600 passengers, and will feature a lot of firsts for Carnival, as they will be the biggest because they will exceed 180,000 gross tons and more importantly will be powered by Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). According to Carnival Corporation these ships will not be any more expensive to build per passenger as other cruise ships already on order, although they will be far cheaper to run in terms of fuel. It will be interesting to see how the design of these next generation cruise ships will look like, and how they will compare to the ship Allure of the Seas, which carries 5,400 passengers, so 800 less than planned for these new ships. You can add Cruise Ship News to your circle on Google+, join the cruise photo community on Pinterest, follow us on Twitter, or like our Facebook page to receive the latest cruise news. The four new ships will be the among the first in the cruise industry to use LNG to power cruise ships in port and on the open water which will eliminate emissions of soot particles and sulfur oxides. Carnival and its PR agency just won an award for improving a brand's reputation after a crisis.
A local news station in Houston is reporting that for the first time, a cruise ship has sailed from its home port at the Bayport Cruise Terminal in Houston.
The remarkable part of the story is that the cruise terminal was built long ago and has sat largely unused.
Carnival thought that it could make more money by re-positioning its cruise ship in either New Orleans or Tampa, and left Mobile high and dry. Carnival never enters into a contract with a port promising to commit ships to the port for a finite number of years.
The here-today, gone-tomorrow exploitation of cities like Houston, Mobile and Norfolk is particularly bad in the Caribbean ports. The latest news from the Caribbean is that the Cayman Islands is trying to figure out how to pay $200,000,000 for two new cruise ship piers so that Carnival and Royal Caribbean passengers don't have to tender in from the cruise ships to the island. It's risky business for poor cities and tourist-dependent Caribbean islands with no sustainable businesses to trust the cruise lines. Our firm and this blog were featured in over fifty television, cable news, & radio shows and internet, magazine and newspaper articles. Cruise Law News (CLN), now over 3 years old, remains a top 10 law blog in terms of popularity. It seems that Royal Caribbean has plans for a half-dozen new names for its cruise ships of the future.

Cruise Critic and a Royal Caribbean fan web site report that Royal Caribbean trademarked the names Anthem of the Seas, Passion of the Seas, Vantage of the Seas, Quantum of the Seas, Ovation of the Seas and Pulse of the Seas in trademark applications filed on November 2, 2012. Royal Caribbean obviously has some long term plans in mind to have trademarked six new names. Just when you'd think that the Costa Concordia story could not get any weirder, this week the infamous Captain Francesco Schettino announced that he is writing a book about the events surrounding the disaster. One policy talks about storing more life vests at the muster stations, but some cruise ships (like the Oasis of the Seas) store the life vests in the cabins. Consider the CCTV images of the Pacific Sun cruise ship hit by rough seas where literally everything in sight was sliding violently across the cruise ship's decks.
The cruise industry's trade group, Cruise Line International Association (CLIA), announced two new safety initiatives last week. You may recall that back in April, CLIA announced some other new proposals including limiting visits to the bridge during cruises.
CBS interviewed former Assistant FBI Director John Miller who explained that the day after Mr. With this statement as well as other evidence we are familiar with in the case (we represented Jennifer Hagel and hired forensic scientist Dr.
In the video below, MSNBC interviews the editor of the Greenwich Magazine which published an article this weekend about the death of George Smith. There is also mention that the criminal investigation may be transferred from the Connecticut FBI to the New York FBI where some of the men live.
The video below shows  a number of old photographs associated with the case including a press conference I held in Miami in January 2006 (second photo, below right). New details have surfaced in the disappearance of George Smith who vanished from his honeymoon cruise in 2005.
Cristin, when you talk about videotape, this is not surveillance video from the actual ship. The family is obviously thrilled about this new information, and they have been working very carefully with a Greenwich based attorney, Mike Jones, who in large part has been responsible for helping to push this forward and making sure that this evidence does get into the right hands, which now it has. When you talk about the family, explain the relationship between George Smith 's parents and his wife. This should convince even the most hard core cruise fan that there is something seriously amiss in the world of cruising when almost a month after the Concordia disaster, the cruise lines have finally proposed such a basic safety policy. The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely on advertisements. The Cove of Lake Geneva resort is a premier downtown luxuriousness condominium resort and conference plaza in Lake Genf Located straightaway across atomic number 9.
Carnival Spirit floor Plans Carnival Cruise lines cruise bedeck plans stateroom pictures stateroom diagrams cruise send information cruise ship pictures. A cottage is typically a smaller design that may remind you of picturesque storybook charm. In fall 2011, Liberty became the first Carnival ship overhauled as part of the $500 million Fun Ship 2.0 initiative, a multiyear program focused on adding "signature" dining venues, bars and entertainment options to more than a dozen ships. The hard-to-please teen set get their own nightclub, too (which is located along the promenade with the rest of the "adult" fare).
Age-wise, the audience for this ship literally runs the gamut from families with small kids to seniors -- and just about everybody in between. Additional information about the ships, including which new ships will be added to each brand, will be made available at a later date. A major part of the innovative design involves making much more efficient use of the ship’s spaces, creating an enhanced onboard experience for guests. LNG will be stored onboard and used to generate 100 percent power at sea – producing another industry-first innovation for Carnival Corporation and its brands. Each new ship will be specifically designed and developed for the brand and the guests it will serve, underscoring the company’s goal to consistently exceed guest expectations and provide first-time and repeat guests with the vacation experience of a lifetime on each and every cruise. The Costa Group – along with Princess Cruise Lines, also part of the Carnival Corporation family — also occupies the leading position in the rapidly growing cruise market in China. This is one ship that is getting a lot of social media attention at the moment, and it will be the most colourful ship on the seas once delivered. Features such as the new SkyRide, Havana Cabana Staterooms with the most stunning views, and if you love steak you will be in heaven once inside the Fahrenheit 555 Steakhouse, how about a little tipple in the RedFrog Pub? The dining venues include the Havana Bar, Seafood Shack, Fahrenheit 555, Bonsai Sushi, Library Bar, RedFrog Pub and Cherry on Top. We already know that two will be for the Aida Cruises, and all four will offer what they are calling an environmental breakthrough. This will make these four new cruise ships more environmentally aware, as LNG is the cleanest of the burning fossil fuels. Plus the new brand is going to operate the bunker-fuel burning and smoke-belching ship Adonia cruise ship.
The new ships will be able to carry 6,600 passengers which is 200 more passengers than Royal Caribbean'd gigantic Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas. I have written many times about the harmful effects of the tremendous amount of bunker fuel burned by the cruise industry. Princess Cruises' Caribbean Princess set sail earlier this week for a four day cruise to Progresso, Mexico. Carnival cited the additional operating costs associated with new environmental emission regulations which prohibit the use of cheap, toxic bunker fuel which can still be burned on cruises out of Miami.
The Cayman Islands has a GNP of less than one billion dollars a year; however, Royal Caribbean alone will collect closer to 7 billions dollars a year.

Swartz promoted from vice president of sales, marketing and customer service at Princess to the position of president.
It has led me to meet literally thousands of lawyers, travel agents, cruise industry people, journalists, travelers and crew members around the world. Perhaps Quantum of the Seas will be an appropriately ironic name for Royal Caribbean's next gigantic ship.
But like the other post-Concordia CLIA policies, there's not much substance to the new procedures.
Smith went over the railing of his balcony and the Royal Caribbean security report on the morning of the disappearance states that young men were seen leaving the area near the Smith's cabin at around 4:30 AM.
Henry Lee to investigate whether George was thrown overboard), it is disturbing that the FBI has not made an arrest. And i can imagine for the Smith family, it will be nice if they can find some forward motion and see justice in all of this.
Walker of Walker & O'Neill Law Firm, offering services related to injuries, sexual assaults, fires, negligence, rapes & disappearances on cruise ships, pirate & terrorist attacks, missing passengers, shore excursions, wrongful death and the Jones Act, serving cruise passengers, crew members, cabin attendants, utility workers, waiters, bar tenders, ship doctors and cleaners on cruise ships worldwide. Before you make this important decision, ask us to send you written information about our qualifications and experience. Two twin beds convert to baron one upper and single sofa lounge and coffee Desk and seat.
Back to fair smell Deck Plans Read 748 Carnival Spirit Reviews regain canvass dates and The OS cabins on Carnival are spacious with adequate storage.
Among Liberty's plethora of new offerings, passengers will find a candy store, four signature bars, comedians approved by George Lopez and burgers backed by the Food Network's Guy Fieri. Cuisine often exceeded expectations, particularly at the for-fee Harry's Supper Club and the new, and free, Guy's Burger Joint -- not to mention Emile's buffet, the fish-and-chips bar, the sushi station and even in the dining room, where the waiters sang and danced. The amount is automatically added to your shipboard account, but it can be adjusted in either direction at the guest services desk.
Using LNG to power the ships in port and at sea will eliminate emissions of soot particles and sulfur oxides. Guy’s Burger Joint, RedFrog Rum Bar, Alchemy Bar, Blue Iguana Cantina and Tequila Bar, plus Cloud 9 Spa, Punchliner Comedy Club and HASBRO the Game Show will be included also. 10, 2015 - 8 months ago View all Disney Magic cruise itineraries showing Tangled - 5 months ago 2017 Disney Cruise Line itinerary options reveal full menu - 6 months ago Disney highlights holiday season cruises from Thanksgiving - 7 months ago Disney Cruise Line 2016 options for UK residents - 7 months ago Halloween on the High Seas Cruise review for 2015 - 8 months ago View all Fred Olsen Boudicca refurbishment includes Balcony Cabins - 5 months ago New Fred.
Carnival's announcement, admittedly long overdue, is truly unprecedented by a major cruise line.
The 8 law blogs ahead of us consist of 6 blogs which are commercial sites or are run by law professors. Then he goes into a funk for an hour or two after he crashes the cruise ship into the rocks. It seems like this means that all Costa ships, for example, or all brands owned by Carnival could have one procedure but there will be different procedures for other ships and other companies like Royal Caribbean or NCL.
Although the cruise line tried to shrug the event off as a drunken accident, suspicions pointed to four men last seen in the early morning hours of July 5, 2005. Professionally reviewed recommendations on each cabin on the Carnival Spirit with our interactive. According to Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) the cruise lines will collectively carry 21.7 million guests in 2014. The Carnival Vista will debut on May 1, 2016 and will set sail in the summer with Mediterranean voyages, the ship will be relocated to New York in November. There's only one other law blog operated by a full time lawyer (China Law Blog) ahead of us. On that videotape there are certain individuals that make very self incriminating statements following the death of George Smith. And, you know, exonerate the people that should be exonerated and put a little bit of a light on people who maybe should be looked at more closely.
Also which cabins on the fair life you should annul Related Carnival life Verandah Deck Deck Plan clickable deck layout to view individual cabin. 3 cabin plan carnival spirit closets Vista and download gamy resolution deck plans for Carnival inspirit staterooms pictures of suites oceanview inner way with balcony outside inside.
Tipping a couple dollars for room service at delivery is expected (and appreciated) by the service staff. And the 2014 Cruisersa€™ Choice Awards are based entirely on their opinions -- no editor's picks, no surveys -- posted to the web site.
Sea trials will commence on January 2016, the crew arrival is set for March 2016 and by April 2016 the ship will be delivered. When the Italian Coast Guard commander catches up with the fleeing captain, Schettino ignores the Coast Guard's order to return to the ship. Carnival flavor pack of cards plans Carnival sprightliness Deck Carnival Spirit send layout.
Funfair intent deck plans and other information about this Carnival Cruise Lines cruise send astatine Travelocity.

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