If you're looking for a ramp that does not fold and can access a vehicle from the side, here are some great instructions supplied by a man named John, who we met during our RV travels in Quartzsite, Arizona.
Besides the above, some folks need a homemade dog ramp to help get their dogs out of a pool. If the sun has got his hat on and is coming out to play, children are guaranteed to have a bright and bubbly day, especially if they own a sensationally educational 6 in 1 Solar Bots Kit – featuring six different solar-powered inventions! The solar powered toy kit enables children to build everything from a solar airboat that rides over water to a solar puppy that moves its head and wags its tail. Forget about batteries and petrol or a push and a pull because all of the solar robots, from the revolving plane to the windmill (which can also be used as a solar powered fan), are powered by solar energy from the sun.

Parents seeking an educational toy for children will find not one, but six amazing and inspirational examples in the 6 in 1 Solar Bots Kit.
In March of 2000 I was invited to build a Japanese taraibune or "tub boat" in conjunction with the exhibition "Suggestive Curves", which featured boats from around the world. For more information on these unique boats as well as my published work about them, see Japanese Boats page and Research and Publications page. Here's a winner of an idea with detailed instructions and photos sent in by Marie from Gibraltar. Easy to read instructions and snap together pieces enable children to build the solar toys in next to no time, especially with an adult present to guide them through the set-up process.

Even if the sun is shrouded by thick clouds or it’s pouring with rain, children can power the toys in the comfort of their home using a 50w halogen bulb!

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