Here is The Ramp that Craig designed and built, for our dog to be able to in and out of our pontoon boat all by himself. Craig built this one really economically, starting with a piece of plywood, cuz that is so light, he wanted it as 'light' as possible to make it float better. If you got a pontoon, and then made one of these, you COULD put a lot more floatation under it, possibley it could be made to support 150 lbs, with enough floatation under it. He is also very very slow swimmer, and THAT makes it fun to watch if Buddy spots another dog he wants to pick a fight with-------cuz Buddy just can't get close enough!! Buddy is slightly faster with his life vest on, but even with that, Buddy can't catch up with any other dog, UNLESS the other dog chooses to play with Buddy. Actually, buddy disliked water very much, but since his owners are in water almost daily for much of the year,buddy has learned to like it, and seems to enjoy it very much now.
He became fond of that set up, and learned to trust water, <---THAT happened a long time before Buddy thought jumping into water from a boat or dock, or a poolside, was fun. Buddy is not a great swimmer, at all, and was so lousy at it, we had to put a doggie lifejacket on him his first year with us. Especially thick bodied, shorter legged dogs, and very chest heavy dogs, (like pugs, for example)many of these body types drown easily.

Tigerlily- The family wants to get a party boat so that the whole family dogs included can all be comfy on it unlike our speed boat where we can only fit 2-4 humans and only 2 dogs. But, any dog of ours, sooner or later, comes to love water, as they see it so often all summer long. Carmel got scared of jumping in the water after she jumped out of the kayak (she saw a loon).
Also, our dog, well, no dog, can get INTO our boat from the water, without help, lotsa help.
IT FLOATS, with end of it just below water surface, if it is DEEP water, or, might touch the lake floor if it is in reeeally shallow water.
Yeah, he probably should get a patent, but, in the meantime, if anyone is real handy like Craig is, they could imitate this and build one, too!! He can get by now, he's come a long long ways about being comfy in the water, but, no one will ever say, "Wow, what a great swimmer Buddy is!" ha ha, that will never happen! Buddy has learned, he can swim out to deeper water, and then back over to the shallow areas, and he tends to stay where he has feet on the ground.
Getting Buddy to jump off the boat took him a long time, even after he was happy to walk into water from a beach.

The picture below was taken last year when she was still a pup (Carmel is 1 year and 6 months).
But, now---even in deep water, Buddy can climb back into the boat when HE is done swimming, whether we are or not.
Sometimes, they WILL play with Buddy, if it is dogs Buddy likes and Buddy is giving out friendly signals and all. We had a speed boat, for eons, but to tell the truth, we neither one ski anymore, lol, one or two good injuries, ha, that was it for us. You can even tie up pontoons all together, and walk from one to the next to visit in your pals' boats.

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