When it comes to providing the right shelter, you can choose to have your dog live in the house with you.
The next question then is how to build a dog house, one that will meet all your pet’s needs? If you have the carpentry skills and can source the materials for free or cheaply, then building a dog house is definitely easier on the pocket. It is a great opportunity to recycle or upcycle materials; allows you to do a bit of good for the environment. Before you jump right into actually building a dog house, there are several important factors you need to carefully think about first. The best way to determine the right size of a dog house is to take the weight and height measurements of the dog that will soon be living in it.
Note also that although you have complete freedom to build a much bigger dog house, if this won’t be properly insulated then your pet will be very cold during winter. If you are planning to create a more permanent dog house but your new pet is still a puppy, then factor in his growth.
Now if you really want to make things easier for you come cleaning time, find plans for a hinged roof.
Even if you are going to DIY a dog house, you are most likely going to spend for some things still. After examining the above considerations, come up with the right budget for the work ahead of you by listing down all materials needed for your planned dog house.
For those stuff you need to buy, it is a good idea to canvass first which shops offer affordable quality materials.
The materials and tools that you need to gather depend mostly on the plan you’ll be following. Wood – not only is this easier to handle when going the DIY route compared to metal or plastic, wood is also wonderful for creating a properly ventilated dog house. Using wood can also be easier on the pocket since you can recycle some old furniture or make something out of scraps from the lumber yard. Insulation – your dog is important to you so naturally you would want him to be comfortable in his little house. Nails, screws, hammer, saw and other carpentry tools – choose quality hand tools that will help you get the job done quicker without exposing you to DIY-related injuries.
Dog house kits – want to still ‘assemble’ a dog house but don’t quite have the carpentry skills required?
You can source these materials from the nearest home builders shop or you can check out pet stores near you. When doing the construction, wear protective gear such as gloves and appropriate boots or shoes.
Schedule the work properly as well in order to avoid rushing, which often leads to mistakes and accidents. When using wood, ensure that the lumber you have is not treated with potentially poisonous chemicals.
It is ideal that you make a checklist of these safety considerations to avoid missing anything.
Here then are a few dog house building tutorials that you can start right away or use as a foundation for your own plans. This guide from Skil is an easy to follow tutorial for making a dog house that will keep your pet safe and dry. Note: all the wood you are using should be suited for outdoor use but aren’t treated with any toxic chemicals. Use the 2x4s to create the floor frame to achieve slightly raised flooring, which helps in keeping dirt and water from entering the dog house. Attach the two side walls to the flooring you’ve made earlier and follow through with attaching the back wall and front wall. Put trim around the roof and drip edge over the trim, finish with asphalt shingles on the top. Install the bottom part or the flooring by flipping over the dog house and attaching the plywood using screws.
Assemble the vinyl siding using the starter strip on all walls of the dog house and you’ll finally have a fully insulated structure. Provided by Pinetar Robyn Homestead, this tutorial will show you how to take full advantage of pallets you can get very cheaply or even for free. Bonus: the roofing in this tutorial is going to be a green roof, a unique and environmentally friendly addition to your property. Fill in the missing wood on one pallet to achieve a smooth and hole-free base, which will serve as the flooring.
Take other pallets, fill in any missing wood and attach these to the base in order to put up the walls. On top of the roof, maybe you can layer chicken wire and some water barrier and add soil on top in which you can then put in the plants or vegetables you want. So you finished constructing a beautiful and warm dog house and placed it at the best location you can find within your property. If the above are not working, check to see if there’s something in the area that’s making your pet uncomfortable or scared.
Taking the time and effort and shelling out the money required to build a dog house shows how much you love your canine best friend. John Brown lives in Somerville, MA, with his two dogs, two sons, and very understanding mate. If your dog enjoys spending time outdoors during all seasons, a basic dog house may not be sufficient.
Step 3: Add flooring material such as another floor board or carpet that will help insulate the house from cold escaping from the ground. Make sure you dog can easily turn around inside the dog house, before beginning the actual construction.
Place the walls, plumb them with a spirit level and drive in the 3” screws in the flooring. Building the rafters of the dog house is a straight forward step, if you use the right techniques and plans. After building the roof structure you should cut the roofing sheets and install them into place.
Smart Tip: The second plywood sheet has to be little larger, as it should overlap the other side of the gable roof. If you really want to enhance the look of the insulated dog house, you should consider adding a front deck with a simple pergola. Cover the roof with tar paper and secure it into place with staples, before installing the asphalt shingles. Smart Tip: Apply several coats of paint to the wooden surfaces, in order to protect the insulated dog house from rot.
Thank you for reading our step by step article about how to build an insulated dog house and we recommend you to check out the rest of our step by step projects. It looks like you completed the floor without insulation on several insulated dog house plans. These free dog house plans will make sure that your dog has a safe haven from the weather and you can take pride that you built it just for them.Dog houses are fairly simple projects and can be usually be completed by someone with just basic building skills. This dog house can be built to fit any sized dog, small to large, and is insulated to keep your dog warm.
This is a basic dog house plan that's not only easy to build but the finished dog house will look great in your yard. This free dog house plan, named the Sparky1, is a simple dog house that's made from inexpensive and recycled basic building materials.
The finished dog house that you'll get after completing this free dog house plan is for a 9 foot base house that will be perfect for a small to medium-sized dog.
This free dog house plan will help you build a well-ventilated sturdy home for your medium sized dog.The free dog house plans are available as a PDF file and are nicely organized with a materials and cut list, multiple blueprints, and assembly directions.
It is essential to select the lumber with great care before starting the actual construction of the double dog house.
There many other backyard constructions that you could build for your favorite pets, so make sure you take a close look over the rest of the woodworking projects. Building the front wall frames is a straight-forward process, but it requires a proper planning and quality materials. Continue the woodworking project by building the side walls and fitting them into place with nails.
Smart Tip: Apply several coats of stain or paint to the wooden components, if you want to protect them from decay and to enhance the look of the shed ramp. Thank you for reading our project about how to build a double dog house and we recommend you to check out the rest of the projects.
Here's a stylish ranch-style doghouse a beginning-to-intermediate woodworker can make for about $200.It’s made from three sheets of plywood and big enough for a large dog. Unless you are willing to house your pet dog within the confines of your own home, it will need a place to shelter from bad weather and sleep at night.
For the roof, nail a 22” long piece of 2”x2” flush against the top inside edge of one of the roof panels.
Affix the first roof panel in position nailing it to the frame attached to the top of the front and rear of the doghouse. How to Build a Deck Box A deck box is a convenient storage container for outdoor areas like decks and porches. Hundreds serve as assistance dogs helping individuals with disabilities live a more normal life.

If, however, you opt for your canine to live outdoors, then providing a comfortable retreat within your property is highly advisable. No matter how much people love their pet, sometimes it just isn’t practical to have a dog live inside the house with them. Even if your pet mainly lives inside the house, there will be times when he’ll love staying outdoors. Taking the time and effort to create one for your four-legged best friend conveys just how special he is to you.
Not taking time on these considerations may lead to a poorly built or badly positioned dog house. Your dog might think he is getting banished or punished and he might just hate living in a house that’s too removed from familiar sights, smells and sounds.
Unless you have the skills and the resources to build a canine mansion, regular dog houses shouldn’t be too big. For an educated guess of his future size and weight, see how big and heavy his parents were. If the spot has good drainage, meaning water won’t stagnate there for days and mud or snow wouldn’t be an issue, then ground level flooring should be okay.
Unless you really want to include ramps or a set of steps, the flooring should be raised to an enough height where your dog can easily get in without tripping over himself. This way, you just have to open it up when you need to take out something – say bedding that needs changing or an old chewed out toy. This should be easier now that you know how big it is going to be and what roofing and flooring type is best for your pet.
Plastic or metal tend to get too hot during the summer months even if placed at a shady location. The one disadvantage to a wooden dog house though is that your dog might chew on it and the splinters could prove problematic. Carefully check the labels on the can though and make sure there aren’t any toxic chemicals just in case your pet really wants to chew parts of his house. But just like any other construction work, there will always be the chance of accidents or injuries happening. Hand and feet injuries are quite common in construction areas whether at commercial zones or in the shed for do-it-yourself projects, so best take whatever precautions needed.
Lastly, take the time to fully understand the dog house plan you’ve chosen before committing yourself to the task. Aside from outlining the important steps in these tutorials, videos are also provided to further make the projects approachable. Make sure the back studs are shorter than the front so that when you put over the roof later, it will slope down to the back.
However, sheet this with ? inch construction plywood so that the roofing nails will have something thicker to adhere to. It’s already a done deal if what you have to contend in your area are just dry and wet weather. This will ensure that the roof will be sloping a bit towards the back so that snow and debris won’t collect on top.
You can also overlap felting material on the roofing to ensure the whole structure is water tight.
Do not shout at him or lock him out that night in case he really shows no interest in living there. Perhaps you can put his favorite food by the door or place his favorite bedding and toys inside. This way, your dog will have a familiar sight and smell nearby and won’t consider the new dog house so alien.
Yes you can easily buy one from pet shops, but going the DIY route can be a more rewarding thing to do. It can be fun as well because there are just so many types, designs and plans that you can choose from.
He is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer, a member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, a mentor trainer for the Animal Behavior College, an AKC Certified CGC Evaluator, and the Training Director for the New England Dog Training Club. An insulated dog house will protect the pooch from medical issues, injury, or even death when outdoor temperatures drop. A slanted style will help skim off snow or water that may build up and damage the structure. In order to help keep your dog warm in the winter and cool in the summer, you should install insulation sheets between the wall studs.
Therefore, build the frame from 2×4 joists and assemble them together, as in the image.
In order to get the job done as a professional, we recommend you to build the frames from 2×4 lumber. From our experience, we recommend you to fit 3” thick polystyrene sheets between the studs, instead of mineral wool batts. Cut the sheets to the right size, using a circular saw or a table saw, making sure you don’t damage the edges. It is essential to fit the interior siding at this stage, as later on you won’t have a good access. Therefore, build the rafters from 2×4 lumber, making sure you cut their ends at 45?, using a miter saw. In order to get the job done as a professional, you should install asphalt shingles starting with the bottom left part of the roof.
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This is a great all around dog house plan that even a beginner can handle.This free dog house plan has videos to go along with each building step as well as lots of blueprints showing the different angles of the dog house.
There are insulated floors, a removable roof, a cedar deck, and an optional inner wall.Download the free dog house plan that includes drawings, a material list, and building instructions. Use weather-resistant lumber (pressure-treated lumber) and plywood, but make sure the slats are perfectly straight and in a very good visual condition. Make sure the edges are aligned at both ends before inserting the screws and locking it into place. Use pressure-treated lumber to build the components but make sure the measurements are really accurate. Cut the components properly and assemble the wall frame on a level surface before fitting them into place. Don’t forget to share our projects with your friends and LIKE us, by using the social media widgets.
Keeping the floor raised will also keep it from the chilly ground in the cold parts of the year. Allow the frame pieces to meet at the top and extend along the roof line to approximately 2 ?” from the sides. Smooth any sharp edges remaining then prime and paint the house if it is to your preference. You do not want the points of nails sticking into the living space of your pet; they could cause injury. Some canines serve in the military, working side by side with soldiers in keeping the country safe and saving people’s lives. Bring him in prematurely and he could be peeing all over, become rough with your furniture and do a lot of damage to your interiors overall.
If it suddenly rains, if the heat becomes too much, or if he gets tired – the dog house will be a perfect place to rest for a while. You can purchase at pet shops or find the right product online in just a matter of a few mouse clicks. Think about the changing seasons as well because an area might be cool and shady in the summer, but would it stay dry and comfortable during the colder months?
If this is not doable, then research online the average adult size and weight of the breed of your dog.
However, if there is a chance that rainwater might seep into the dog house or if it gets muddy, slushy or dusty in that area, then raised flooring is the best way to go.
It is also a good idea to construct the floor in such a way that it is a little bit slanted towards the opening to further limit water, snow or mud from getting inside. Additionally, rain water and debris would easily slide off, which helps with maintenance and keeping the dog house in good shape for a long time.
Lastly, it is advisable to coat the roof with reflective paint, which improves the overall ventilation of the dog house. Go through the list carefully and see which items you can get for free or substitute with a cheaper but equally good alternative. With proper training however, your four-legged best friend can learn to treat his house better. That additional layer of insulating panels on the roof and walls will make all the difference to your pet’s comfort during summer and winter months. And as mentioned above, choose reflective paint particularly for the roofing to help with the ventilation.
Hence it pays to be careful always by making sure no harm comes to you, other people living in the house, or your dog during the build. This way, other people in the house won’t make the mistake of wandering in there and accidentally stepping on nails or knocking things over.
Make sure nails are hammered in properly, the wood planed adequately so that no chips or splinters are jutting out, and the whole structure is well balanced. However, if your address experiences the four seasons, then adding insulation to the dog house is a must.

Instead of just attaching everything with screws or nails however, hinge the back side of the roof and then use lift hinges for the other sides as discussed in the video tutorial. Tiles can also be used on the roofing for a more sealed roof that’s also aesthetically pleasing.
You can use scraps from the pallets you have or you can get wood panels or cobble up the roof using 2x4s and sheets of plywood.
In this case, consider transferring the dog house, preferably somewhere a little bit closer to your house so that your dog doesn’t feel like he was banished. Although things can get confusing at times, hopefully this guide and the tutorials detailed here will help you. Follow the instructions below to learn how to build a dog house that will keep your dog warm. There are many design you could choose from, therefore make sure you study several alternatives, before taking the final decision.
Work with great care and attention, making sure sure the walls are plumb and the top plates are perfectly level.
Irrespective of your choice make sure there are no gaps between the wall studs and the insulation sheets, otherwise the layer won’t be as effective. Assemble the components together, making sure the corners are square and the diagonals equal. Read the information shown in the diagrams with great care and adjust the design of the dog house to suit your needs and to fit your budget. Take accurate measurements before adjusting the size of the components to the right size and locking them together. Cut the components at the right size and lock them together after making sure the corners are right-angled. Smooth the cut edges before securing the plywood piece into place, if you want to get the job done in a professional manner.
Lay the wall frames into place and secure them to the flooring with screws and waterproof glue.
Smooth the cut edges with fine-grit sandpaper in order to prevent your pets from getting injured.
If the frame was assembled properly but there exists a slight overhang in a couple places, trim off excess with a circular saw.
Position one frame piece starting at the top of each corner, leaving a 3 ?” space at the bottom to allow the side panel to overhang the platform. To help him acclimatize to his new environment, let him live in a dog house out in the yard first for as long as needed. Lastly, think about wind exposure, especially if your address experiences several storms or typhoons in a year.
It should also just have enough room for him to lie down on his side and comfortably switch positions whenever he wants.
Just make sure to err on the side of caution, otherwise you’ll be forced to construct a much bigger dog house a few years later. And you can always see if you have any old furniture lying around that you can upcycle and breathe new life into. Doing a thorough quality work is the key to a fantastic dog house that is safe and comfortable to live in. This is so you could easily open up the roof later for convenient cleaning of the dog house.
Good luck in building that dog house and may the whole process be an awesome experience for you!
Cut the insulation sheets to the right size with a saw, before fitting them between the wall studs. Not only will this ensure the comfort of your dog, choosing the right spot can extend the life span of the dog house too.
Stop by a nearby restaurant or a grocery shop as well and check if they have pallets they can give you for free. The dog house should be big enough to let your doggy turn around easily and fully stand up.
Having a dog house then is very beneficial as it is a place where your canine can rest without getting buffeted by the elements daily. If it won’t get wet too much or it isn’t exposed to the sun a lot, it won’t rot or fall apart easily.
Center roof above the structure and use screws to attach two painted 46-inch-long 2-by-4 rafters that flank the exterior of the side panels.
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