Fibreglass Hot Rods – Classic rides are often get pimped and adds a lot of Attitude to it. American Street Rod: Cool and Stylish Fiberglass Hot Rod Bodies made by American Street Rod! Custom Fiberglass: For 10 years, they have been customizing Hot Rods from their own mold of Fiberglass Bodies.
Scott Rods: This is another site where you can customize your classic Hot Rod to its former glory!
Autosource: Autosource provides us with their list of Shop in America and Australia that specializes in Fiberglass Hot Rod Bodies for the Classic Ford and other rides. Austrailian Kit Car: Enter Australian Kit Car and feel the awesomeness of all their Hot Rods!
Classic Garage: This is Australia’s Web Directory for all their Classic, Rods, and Customs shop.
Hot Rods Brisbane: This serves Cottonvale Queensland but also exports its Custom parts all throughout America and Canada area. Location: Thames Valley, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Do some boats have a cabin but no sole or floors? However I have now seen some respected designs for microcruising boats that have no sole or flooring. Second Sven Yrvind of Sweden's latest boat which he has just sailed from Ireland to Madiera.
Location: Thames Valley, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland They don't walk on the inside of the bottom planking because there is no standing headroom, they can only sit. Location: Thames Valley, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Thanks for the useful comments. It would seem that the rocker combined with the bend in side panels stops the boat flexing around as much as a cuboid shaped hull and gives it more external strength. But the 2" thick foam core sandwich construction will enable the hull to take more point loads from the inside (as well as increasing strength for external point loads and overall stiffness). It's amazing how the Enigma 360 can take the loads on the inside, having only a 9mm plywood bottom with no added support. Location: NW Washington State USA That would be a problem only on a very light boat.
Location: WNY Floors on traditionally built watercraft also tied the frames and keel together.

Location: Iowa Most (not all but most) of the boats that don't have floors have other structure filleted in (bulkheads, bunks, lockers etc) that reduce the amount of open area (span) that carries the load. Originally Posted by DCockey Some of Phil Bolger's designs use the inside of the bottom as the sole. Location: Eustis, FL Lister, Bolger was one of the greats, with nearly 700 designs to his credit. It's difficult to second guess the engineering approach a designer may have incorporated into a particular project. Lastly, the old builder that told you that walking on the planks was wrong, is correct, sometimes. Location: USA It seems that one is sitting in the bilge, so the least bit of H2O and your pants are wet and your sleeping bag. But if your boat is tiny, eliminating all but the absolutely necessary is kind of like an ultralight airplane in that you leave everything off but what you really need, and some boats don't need floor timbers or a sole, but most benefit from them.
Building a small work barge with plywood » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode Search this Thread Advanced Search Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post Cabin Sole as a structural member?
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This took way longer than i expected but I'm also working more than full time so I only got a couple of hours on it each night.
I don't have any pictures of the fiberglass after it has been coated with the Smoothcast, I guess I could take some later. As for the differences between this and the MkVII, the most notable is the chin indentation. It's been a long time since I posted (about 2 months), but I've been working lots and have been having my summer vacation!
Next I'm going to have to fill in those little spots, cut off the faceplate and the chin and add the screw holes.
Check out all Custom shop across Australia and America that gives their best Fibreglass bodies for these Classic Rides. They have a complete Fiberglass Hot Rod Bodies for these classic rides like the ’37 Ford Roadster, ‘ 37 Ford Coupe, ’37 Ford Chassis, ’32 Ford Coupe, ’32 Ford Roadster, ’41 Willys Coupe, and more. Just Customz offers us their top of the line equipments, and and custom parts to attain their customer’s satisfaction!

They customized different kinds of Cars from Hot Rod, Chevy, Chrysler, Ford, Holden, and more. Possible explanations: they gain extra rigidity from the convex shape of the planking, and they all have some rocker Yes, some rocker will make any flat surface stiffer. Unfortunately, he's mostly known for his eclectic nature and square, common man's designs, which is sad really, considering the volume and scope of his work. If you have a relatively small, traditionally built lapstrake or carvel, you should try to keep you feet on the frames or stringers. I have several designs just like this and the additional loads this imposes was considered in the scantlings, during design development. I have a design that Eric is familiar with, that has the crew walking directly on the bottom planks. Bundling designers into a lump, because they don't meet his expectations, is a rather narrow minded, if absurd view and should be taken with a grain of old salt.
Also, on Stealth's tutorials during the bondo-ing stage, the guy (blackdynamo I think) uses a paint stripper to smooth out the fiberglass. I then sanded it all using the 120 grit sandpaper, and then I repeated the process with 150 grit sandpaper. I then turned on Breaking Bad, sat down and cut the back off very slowly using an x-acto knife. The one exception is when torturing the ply and that is done during construction using very thin materials.
These planks weren't intended to bear weight in this fashion and you could easily pop fasteners, if not actually crack a plank. The boat is a rock under foot, underway or at rest and this was my intention when I drew it up. Floors are mostly to keep your feet dry or to provide a flat surface to stand on or (usually) both. An 18' powerboat cruiser with a cuddy, may just have enough internal volume, particularity if it's round or V bottomed, to warrant a sole. On the other hand, this type of build would likely have some sort of sole, be this a simple grating or slates over the frames or a full blown sole.

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