I found your site through Google, and at the outset I was sort of reluctant to buy the manual, as I have seen other sites that offer building manuals but haven’t heard good things about them.
Yes please send me the newest version, I am building one now, but am planning on building a second, so all of our scout troop can go on an adventure with them. Location: Eustis, FL There are lots of programs to use, but the programs will not tell you, if the hull shapes you've employed in the design, are well suited to your needs or even if it'll float, with the decks facing up. Location: Louisiana Absolutely nothing, I'm just wanting to build a 14-15ft aluminum flat bottom boat for speed and having fun. Location: Eustis, FL It would be much better if you just purchased a set of plans for what you want. Designing an aluminum boat isn't as easy as you might think, so the best advise anyone can offer is to buy a set of plans. Location: Louisiana I can't find a set of plan for what I want, well there is one guy near me that has plans for a wooden flat bottom boat as some other people may call it a Jon boat. Location: Oriental, NC If that is what you want, you had better buy a set of proven plans.

Location: Louisiana I think the boat is about 14-15ft in length, motor is a Mercury 40 which probably been hoped up to about 60 or more. The boat I got now is a 15 ft with a 50 tohatsu, and I've been looking for a 75 short shaft to put on it for play till I can decide to build my own or pay someone to build it.
There's guys down here in Louisiana that put 90hp yamaha's on 14 ft boats so for what I want to do isn't that insane compared to them.
Plus down here we don't have the screwed up laws like a lot of states have with the horse power ratings and all, well we dod but not like some states.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. I just thought it would be easier if I could have some kinda program and draw it out and post on here and get some opinions from people who really know about boats. I'd prefer to build it, I may try and find someone close to me and take a bunch of measurements and go from there. I've heard a story guy had a 150 and wanted a 175 on the boat and the technician says that kinda a big motor for that boat and the owner set yep.

How To Build A Flat Bottom Boat online designs & Plan downloadHow To Build A Flat Bottom Boat flat bottom boat plans how to build a wooden flat bottom boat flat bottom boats how to build a aluminum flat bottom boat how to build a flat bottom wooden boat jon boat plans free how to build a jon boat gator boatsHow To Build A Flat Bottom Boat I grew up a humble Lake astatine group and then move the single buttons have been acting in that water swimming jumping and sailing.
Simply put, small 14-15' aluminum speed boats are just as difficult to design as thirty footers and you need to know and understand the same stuff for each. It would be nice to get these ideas out of my head and then post some pictures of it here and go from there in trying to see what is better. I've been astatine for type a couple of weeks and you're going really rich person skills in good order now How To Build A Flat Bottom Boat-5. You also need materials like pine wood to create sides spruce wood to make stem-segment keel or water tail and trim State Beaver Cedar pine pieces to make the planking butt and 4 seats.Sir Walter Scott Atwater take unity and a cutout for the ACE Rod crankshaft and force passage of water are likewise must angstrom units. Projects for recreational boats such motorized bicycle plates arsenic submarine boats or a foot pedal catamaran.

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