After wiring both the TV and surround sound bar, both of the BESTA units were attached together and then to the wall with brackets and 4 inch lag bolts into the studs.
I chose the high gloss brown BESTA HOLMBO doors with the middle door having the center tinted glass option–which is just tall enough for the remote sensor to control the cable box and DVD player. Many visitors have commented on the build asking me what company I commissioned to install the cabinet!
Jules Yap "I am Jules, the engine behind IKEAHackers and the one who keeps this site up and running. Since all the cabinets have closing doors on them, how do you manage to keep the electronics in the cabinets cool?
Thanks for the positive replies:-) The bottom of the unit is just under 8 inches (20cm) off the floor.
BESTA shelving units rested temporarily on standard 1 gallon paint cans (which are the PERFECT height for any floating cabinet in my book).
My mission is to capture all the wonderful, inspiring, clever hacks and ideas for our much loved IKEA items". Join us on Instagram and Pinterest to keep up with our most recent projects and sneak peeks!We're coming to YouTube soon! The provided IKEA plastic hangers were quite handy for hanging the units level while they were permanently attached. The 2 door cabinet is around $80 on it’s own I cannot believe IKEA sells the doors for $20 a piece!
If the house large, you can apply the contemporary style but if you prefer to have small house, the modern and minimalist style is appropriate.
Do not forget also to choose schemes that can increase the feeling of comfort in the house.
It can drive you to the best sensation during the time of stay.MALM Dressing Table - Simple Storage IdeasAre you looking for a simple dressing table for storing your make-up tools? So if you want to find a good stuff, IKEA is the best place for decorating your interior of house. Besides the 4×4, we only used four boards from the hardware store to build our mantle.
I guess if you were looking for a really  simple mantle, at this point you could be done.

But we wanted to fancy it up a bit, so we added a decorative edge around the 1×10 on the top.
The stone hearth and the AirStone wall are also D-I-Y projects!If you like this posts, I would so appreciate your shares and pins! Can I tell you how awesome cordless tools are… Especially for indoor projects like this one! Our fireplace is a stone brick from floor to ceiling so attaching the 4th was difficult but done.
However, the designs of this fireplace are having the streamlined throats that can be functioned to eliminate the turbulence and also carry the smoke away from the room. Reply char says: November 25, 2014 at 9:35 amWhere did you get your edge trim for the shelf portion??
It is the old style of fireplace; you can see that there are many ancient impressions that are represented by the Rumford fireplace. In addition to make sure that the fireplace is in a unity with your home style, you can start to combine the design of the fireplace with another type of the house impression.Modern Kitchen Cabinet SizesThere are kitchen cabinet sizes and shapes that you can match to your needs.
You can see that cabinets can range from simple boxes with doors in order to elaborate installations with sliding shelves and special locations for wine glasses, plates and fragile plates.You can start from the wall cabinets which are mounted on the kitchen wall above the counter. They frequently used for smaller items that must be frequently and conveniently accessed also. They are usually about 12 inches deep and 18 inches wide and are mounted so their bottoms are about 18 to 24 inches.
To not getting in the way of cooking and counter work, you can place them at a useful height. As for the style and appearance of wall cabinets, you can determine primarily by their doors which are the first things you will see form kitchen cabinets.After that, we have these under-counter cabinets. I just used a spade bit to make the holes to recess the lag bolt heads that was big enough to fit the socket around the head. While most kitchens install larger cabinets underneath the counter, you can see this lower bank of cabinets can match the wall mounted cabinets in color and style to create a unified look.
So if the under-counter cabinets are deeper than wall mounted, it is because they are sharing the same depth, usually about 24 inches.The last is Kitchen Island.
It can be outfitted with cabinets that match the cabinets in the rest of the room and are also accessible from both sides of the island.

You can find kitchen islands in large, country-style kitchens which are designed for creating big meals from scratch. There are also corner cabinets which are designed to use space that might otherwise be wasted. They are built in a wedge shape so their faces are at an angle to the walls that create the corner.
They often include glass windows in the doors for displaying your collectible attractive plates.IKEA Floating Shelf Design IdeasHaving IKEA floating shelf will make your room looking uncluttered. Since bookcase takes up floor space and also can darken room, the solution in inexpensive way will be floating shelves.
There are planks of wood that come in various lengths and finishes but because they don’t have visible brackets, they appear to float against the wall. Here are to assembly IKEA floating shelf.Start from measuring the walls and getting an idea of where you want to hang the shelf and how wide you want the shelf to be. You can also use graph paper to diagram the wall and the location where you want to add the floating shelf. You can also purchase a floating shelf in the desired length and in a color or finish that will complement the room.
After that you can use the diagram as a guide and make pencil marks on the wall where you want to hang the shelf.
You should erase any old or stray marks so they will never confuse you.Then you can run a stud finder along the line to see where the wall studs will be located. And if you plan to place heavy book on the shelf, you may want to attach the brackets to the wall studs. But if you can’t find studs where you want them, you may choose to use drywall anchors instead.Holding one of the brackets in the position that you want will be the nest step that you have to do.
Slip the shelf onto the bracket, hold it in place, use the level to double-check, put a pencil mark spot, repeat the procedure to attach the second bracket and the IKEA floating shelf is ready to be used.

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