Kids of all ages will love this 8'X12' Ultimate Swim Dock with diving tower and slide all in one. Maritime Docks has been busy this year on various floating docks project with some great customers. PMC power pedestals are also ideally suited for the private dock owner and for RV campgrounds. Quality ConstructionThe PMC pedestal is a thermally vacuum formed enclosure made of durable chemical resistant PVC with an UV stabilizer component blended in. Proven PerformanceThe PMC Power Pedestal has been installed at marinas and private docks throughout North America. The Waverider I design has lateral slide-on saddles which was developed from the Aquaculture Finfish Cage Technology. The Waverider II design eliminates the lateral slide-on saddles which are used on the Waverider I. JetDock offers the best in boat lifts and dock solutions, whether you're looking to lift a PWC, small boat or large performance boat.
By answering a few quick questions we will be able to tell you which dock or boat lift is the perfect fit for you. Your craft's exposure to the marine environment is reduced, preserving the sea worthiness of your watercraft. To find out why our quality floating boat lift systems are preferred by so many, please explore our site to learn more!
From waterfront ramps and landings, to custom docks and bulkheads, we have decades of marine construction and dock building experience in the waters of Monmouth and Ocean Counties. EZ Dock floating dock systems provide outstanding durability, accessibility and performance for any type of waterfront. We offer a full suite of winterization services to accomodate boat owners in Monmouth and Ocean county. Our Marine Construction division delivers the best dock building services for waterfronts all over Monmouth and Ocean Counties. EZ Dock is a rugged and durable modular dock-system that provides long-term value and accessibility to your waterfront.
The patented modular design allows EZ Dock systems to be configured in thousands of different ways.

The EZ Dock system includes multiple types of launches and platforms to accomodate watercraft of all sizes. EZ Dock Unlimited and Marine Construction provides docking systems for municipal and government projects that enhance that have a lasting impact on the community. EZ Dock Unlimited and Marine Construction provides the best dock building services, floating dock systems, and winterization services for boat and homeowners in Monmouth and Ocean Counties. Connect-A-Dock floating docks utilize the modular system for easy installment and endless configuration possibilities.
With the 8” freeboard, Connect-A-Dock 1000 series is the perfect choice for smaller bodies of water and areas protected from large waves. All pressure treated wood with all corners and edges hand sanded smooth to protect the users. Custom built for the particular requirements of each client - our rowing docks have generous buoyancy and low freeboard for easy access to the rowing scull, canoe or kayak.
Marinas of all sizes as well as the individual dock owner would benefit from a power pedestal by providing a consolidated dockside source of utilities, eliminating the clutter of electrical cables and water hoses usually lying on the dock where they can become a safety hazard. The pedestal itself is resistant to the natural elements as well as temperature fluctuations, and does not require painting of any sort. Made from the same lightweight, rugged and reliable materials these buoys are extremely easy to deploy. The Waverider I can be purchased as a complete unit or as a HDPE frame only allowing our clients the alternative to install the lumber, connecting hardware and fasteners. Welding the saddles directly to the float pipe adds rigidity and allows the dock to slide freely on the ground for easy installation and removal. Our patended lift design allows easily drive on and drive off docking, making your trip on the water one to enjoy!
Find out how are modular dock solutions can change the way you enjoy your waterfront property.
From bubble systems to deicers give us a call for your boat winterization needs when the temperatures start to drop. With over 20 years of experience, we specialize in building custom dock systems and bulkheads that will transform your waterfront. Our cost effective docking systems are designed to withstand the elements and provide enjoyment for years to come.

Whether you are looking to transform your home's water front, reinvigorate a municipal boat-landing or replace an old dock, you can trust in EZ Dock Unlimited and Marine Construction's decades of experience in both traditional marine construction and modular floating systems to build the dock of your dreams. Made from environmentally safe, rotationally molded polyethylene, this dock is 100% maintenance free with an estimated lifespan of 20+ years.
Generally, rowing docks for clubs are 10ft wide and are 20-25' long with a freeboard of 6". The pedestal can also provide pleasant low level dock lighting adequate for most marina applications. A solid EPS (expanded polystyrene) core ensures that these buoys will not sink even if punctured.
The Model 702 is similar to the 701, but includes larger solar panels and heavy duty power storage. The steel reinforced skid boards which protects the floats, allow individuals to deploy or remove their dock sections by dragging the dock on shore. From private cottage docks to full scale commercial marinas - the PREMIER dock float is the top selling flotation drum in North America. The Waverider II can be purchased as a complete unit or as a HDPE frame only allowing our clients the alternative to install the lumber, connecting hardware and fasteners.
Available in two versions, Connect-A-Dock is the perfect solution for residential and commercial use, marinas, parks, rowing and much more!
The low freeboard ensures ease and safety while entering or exiting smaller watercrafts, kayaks, or rowing shells. Built to sustain even the biggest impact, you can be sure that Connect-A-Dock will be the last floating dock you will ever need!
It comes with central single line mooring hatch and uses plastic Premier foam filled floats. Floatation is from low profile rotationally molded - foam flilled dock floats with galvanized steel connecting hardware.Maritime Docks designed and built the rowing docks for the 2009 Canada Games held in PEI.
Additional patented domed solar panel makes this configuration ideal for regions with very low solar illumination.

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