Things to Consider in Teenage Girl Room IdeasEvery teen girl should already have their own bedrooms.
Important Elements in Dining Room Decorating IdeasWhat should you do in planning dining room decorating ideas?
Amazing Ceiling Fans for Living RoomWe spend most of our free time in living rooms; therefore, these rooms need to be cool made by ceiling fans. These floating shelves are in a small closet, half are U-shaped — hanging on three adjoining walls and they are fairly deep so they have to be well supported.
I added a 4″ wide strip of poplar on the left side to add pegs in case I need to hang anything. Once everything is painted and caulked, it looks awesome and was worth every minute of the week and a half it took me to knock it out. Shelves: I'm not a woodworker, so I had a local contractor build and and stain the shelves that were going to be used in the floating bookshelf. The bored out fitting allows the flange to support the shelf, but then the pipe can pass through the shelf. The shelf is attached to the floor with standard flanges and then to the ceiling with swivel flanges.
The way that I ensured that all five shelves would be lined up was to clamp the shelves together and then drill a pilot hole through all five boards at the same time. I set up the pipes in the flanges and after I finished boring out each shelf I placed the shelf on the pipes to test fit the shelf. If I had built these shelves myself, I would have probably waited to paint or stain them until after I had bored them out. The best way to do this is to put the shelf onto the three pipes upside down, slide the bored out flange onto the pipe, and then screw the flange into the shelf. Once I'm confident that the shelf will fit, I start by attaching the three top connections to the ceiling. Once the top is attached, I move all the shelves into their approximate shelf height and tighten down the set screws in the flanges. Once you're done, go back through the shelf and ensure that you've tightened down all the set screws properly. If you've made it this far then I'm sure you're ready to stack on your books and show off your new pole mounted bookshelf. This project is part of several other Kee Klamp based projects that were built for my office. If you need help with this project, or any project involving pipe and Kee Klamp pipe fittings then get in touch with our projects team.
Technical brochure that covers the features, benefits and technical data for the Fast-Fit connection system. And you know we love that Ana proves that woodworking isn’t only about guys in overalls. YHL: And how much money should someone expect to spend to build all three 72″ long shelves? So a big thank you to the amazing Ana for whipping up such a fantastic make-it-yourself shelf tutorial.

Update – Wanna know where we got something in our house or what paint colors we used? I know the Big white Box store has these for 20-30 bucks a pop, but you get a GREAT sense of satisfation and pride when you do them yourself. Isn’t it cheaper and a whole lot EASIER to purchase floating shelves directly from IKEA? Its kinda hard to tell in the photo of the unfinished shelf, but I’m guessing it probably wouldn’t look as good just stained?
I’m moving into my first house in a month and I was really wanting Knock Off Wood to have a tutorial on these shelves! Besides being used as a place to rest, usually teenage girls’ bedroom is also used to perform various activities.
There are amazing ceiling fans for living room that can help keep your living room cooler particularly during the summer season. You are about to build the first floating dock designed around pressure treated plywood trusses. Having limited wall space, I wanted to utilize a connection on the floor and ceiling to create a set of shelves that looked like they were floating on poles. I had to measure my back wall and figure out how much pipe I would need and how long the shelves would be.
That is assuming you do your own woodworking on the shelf and that you bore out your own fittings. My goal was not to do this "on the cheap" but to create something that would look great and be rock solid!
The holes in all five shelves MUST line up perfectly or else the shelf will not line up properly with the pipe. This is the most nerve-racking part of the project because it will show you if you screwed up. Because someone else did that work I needed to touch up the stain after the holes were made in the shelves. Putting the pipe in the hole will ensure that you get the flange hole lined up perfectly with the shelf hole. Attaching the bottom flanges, I move the pipes to the place where the shelf will be installed.
Loosen the set screw in the flange, move the shelf to level and then tighten everything down. If you do build something, we would love for you to share your pictures and your project creation story.
In fact, the lumber is only going to run you about $30 (which means you’ll save around $60 as opposed to buying them).
And you may even be able to get the store to make the exact cuts in the list below, which will save you from any at-home sawing! Just like you would add a back to an IKEA bookcase, tack the plywood to the tops and bottoms of the shelf.
In fact, you can always do simple work and project – without having to spend lots of money – to make your dining room fresh and look different.

However, there are some ceiling fans that can circulate warm air during winter after reserving it. You can paint, stain, or leave the shelves unfinished, it doesn't matter for this project, the shelf texture can be whatever you choose. You can bore them out yourself (labor intensive) or you can order them from Simplified already bored out. This bookshelf will be a work of art when it's finished; fully customized and fully integrated into your home or office setting.
Once the pilot hole was drilled in the shelf, I could separate the shelves and work with them individually.
I put on all five shelves on to the pipes and then tightened one shelf into place at the top of the pipes.
All the projects use Kee Klamp fittings to create an intriguing set of pipe furniture pieces.
So without further ado, let’s get down to business with the first project that Ana is exclusively bringing to all of our lovely readers. If you cannot locate a stud, then you will need to use drywall anchors to hang your shelves.
We can’t believe that she actually whipped up a pair for herself (she wanted to be sure that the plans that she provided were as accurate and detailed as possible).
Will any of you be creating some sleek DIY floating shelves anytime soon? Let’s shower Ana with praise for stopping in.
Oh and a deep walnut or espresso color is really pretty forgiving anyway, so the final effect should still be handsome, solid and well made. Unfortunately because the boring is labor intensive it drives the cost of the project up significantly if you don't bore them out yourself. The drill press is important to make sure that you're drilling into the shelves at a perfect right angle to the surface. Use a hole saw that has a smaller drill bit that can be placed in the pilot hole you already drilled. And of course, we’d love to see photos from anyone and everyone who decides to take these babies on.
You can always do a test by bringing home a bit of wood and applying the stain before building anything- just to be sure you like the color and the overall effect. So the stalking starts today with my favorite feature in your home, those floating shelves in your dining area. And to yet another group of people, having solid homemade shelves is totally worth the time and satisfaction upon completion. This will not just give you room for your drill, but it will also create a hook, or a stronger joint.

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