Quote:A heavy and properly applied lacquer should work fineModern lacquer produces all kinds of fumes, use shellac (French polish) . Quote: If he leaves the interior of the chest raw but finishes the exterior and I apply a safe fabric to the interior I should be okay it seems. Also, when fabric covering the inside of drawers with fabric (I use a velour type fabric) be careful of your adhesive, as that is as or more dangerous than wood finishes regarding fumes. Gerstner tool boxes are made of wood and I have never heard any complaints from tool makers who use these. Quote:Gerstner tool boxes are made of wood and I have never heard any complaints from tool makers who use these. Disclaimer: While a tremendous amount of effort goes into ensuring the accuracy of the information contained in this site, Coin Community assumes no liability for errors. Simon, a geeky DIY sort from New Zealand, has taken it upon himself to build his own Nerf pistol and the thing is really cool.
YouTubeUsing only Legos and rubber bands, Jack Streat was able to build a fully-functional  replica of a Heckler & Koch UMP 45 sub machine gun.
This is far from the only time Streat has fashioned a potentially dangerous thing out of Legos;  he was able to build a working chainsaw out of the construction toys, and has a Youtube channel full of videos of other Lego weapons he has assembled.
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Inspired by the various 2-liter bottle water-powered rockets I’ve seen on the web, I decided to come up with a simple water gun using the same principles.
The resulting water gun design costs about $10-12 in parts and only takes about 30 minutes to build.
I used mostly threaded PVC connections so that I could replace parts or reconfigure the design, but you don’t have to. Once the plastic is softened, press the ends of the pipe together, which will cause the heated section to flare out. The part of the bottle adapter pipe that protrudes into the bottle needs to be cut off or have holes drilled in it.
Starting with the tee in the middle (which has slip fittings on the ends and a threaded fitting in the middle), we’ll consider each leg of the tee a separate assembly. Take the bottle adapter that you created earlier and cement it into the remaining leg of the tee.
We have always wanted a vintage-style wine rack for our dining room – and the frigid winter temperatures that swept through Ohio last week gave us the perfect opportunity to finally create it! So we braved the cold in the garage to cut all of the pieces – then hustled back inside to assemble. We were able to create the piece for little cost utilizing reclaimed barn and pallet lumber.

Next came putting all of the pieces together – always our favorite part of any project! Once the sections were all together – we checked for square and then nailed in the top and middle shelf boards to complete the wine rack. Once we had the top and bottom boards attached to all of the ladders – all we needed was to attach the top and middle shelf. Went out last evening and got a load if skids to make the bench to sit overlooking the river at our house. When they're built the right size to start with, you simply drill a few holes and (depending on your situation) bolt your new truck storage system directly to your existing service or utility body. This full extension, locking drawer, measures 12 high by 48 wide by 60 inches long and has removable dividers for larger items. A heavy and properly applied lacquer should work fine, also if you have it well venelated it should help.
You never know when someone will jump out and yell trying to scare you or shoot you in the face with the wrapper from a straw. He used some L33t DIY skillz along with some 32mm ID PVC pipe, aluminum extrusion tubing, and a spring from a rifle to actually shoot the Nerf bullet out. I am wondering where the trigger mechanism came from, it seems like it would be one of the harder components to make to me.
The embedded YouTube video is missing from this article, but I assume that is probably by design…everything else looks pretty good and clean…mobile friendly!
I will create the build with that, because I don’t really buy Soda, so I have no bottles. We then nailed a straight edge guide board on each side to align the ladder rails and keep them exactly 10″ apart. For a little extra strength – we did apply a drop of glue to each wine strip before nailing.
The reason we use such heavy duty drawer slides is the pounding of rough roads may double or even triple the down force. Airtights or Kointain coin capsules or maybe dansco albums would also help if everything is properly ventilated as well. Use of any images or content on this website without prior written permission of Coin Community or the original lender is strictly prohibited.
We also have some Nerf guns, and the only way I get any warning that I am about to get shot is when my daughter has to get me to cock the thing for her so she can then go hide somewhere and shoot me as I walk by. The jig held it all perfectly in line, and in about 30 seconds and with the quick pop of a couple of nails at each glue point – we had a completed ladder section. Full extension drawer slides bring your tools all the way out with ratings to #500 pounds and over 50,000 cycles.
We build truck bed storage drawers for our line of service bodies and truck tool boxes every day. If you think about it any wood that you can smell must be giving off some kind of vapors that create that smell.

As to keeping it off the floor flat, legs would help dissapate moisture with increased evaporation due to air movements.
Sort of creating a place where when you open the thing, moisture gets in and then you close it and now difficult to allow the moisture to evaporate. Oak, cherry, walnut all contain substances that will seriously stain silver (and other raw metals) as noted above.
Whoever is making this should be instructed to seal everything including the bottom and rears.
This too could actually add to the problem since any of those too, emit something as they dry. Virtually all evergreens (pine, spruce, fir etc) will release volatile substances that could harm coins.
As I mentioned though, many wood people will tell you that some sealants tend to get sticky in warm areas which is one reason for not sealing the parts of a drawer that must slide.
To compound the problem is raw wood is porus and absorbs moisture and then when the temperature is right, reissues that moisture.
Drawers for example seldom have the sides that slid sealed with anything that may eventually create binding. You might consider building the cabinet of wood, then using separate polypropylene containers for the coins.
Many of the more expensive furnature makers, such as Thomasville, tend to place metal sliding systems in for the drawers.
The most important thing is to make sure the wood is well dried and eventaully coated with something. From your photo it appears this cabinet sits flush to the floor and usually again, the bottoms are never sealed so as to not get stuck to the floor or rugs. Any type of moisture absorbing material is great except most people tend to forget that they do not absorb moisture forever. Yet looks like a great cabinet but I'd really find a place eto allow it to completely dry out prior to using it. One little suggestion is if it were me, I'd have a sort of left out tray or something for the top section. Or make those present drawers deep enough for a left out tray so you could put in more coins. Another idea is to check with coin dealers as to where they get those trays they use at coin shows that have places for individual 2x2's. Great if you have kids around but don't bother with a large horrible one since anything wood is easily opened with a crow bar.

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