For starters, this car is a ground up restoration that started with an original 32,000 mile car that had not been driven since 1962. Almost every piece on this car is either brand new, NOS, or has been upgraded to modern specs and when we say that, we mean it. This sucker is over 5,000 lbs wet, so I think it would be best to put it on a slab on grade of some sort. The last one I did I built a removable panel that lifted up to gain access to the internals. A method that we have used to combat access issues is to build around the spa on only 2 or 3 sides, so that spa can be slid out to gain access. This 1955 545 HP Chevrolet American Graffiti Hot Rod has been a work in progress for over 3 years.

It has been totally rebuilt, modified and improved from the frame up and is being powered by a 545 horsepower (at the dyno, 6200 RPM, 495 ft pounds of torque) small block 383 stroker Chevrolet motor. The tolerances on the body parts are tighter than most production cars built today, every piece fits perfectly.  All the trim pieces on the body have been restored to better than new condition. Even the speedometer housing and parts have been refurbished, right down to new lenses for the indicators. The rear springs were moved inboard and the rear tires and wheels that you see on the car are a shade over 10 inches wide. Over the next few weeks we are going to stock cool items, RC Parts, and whatever the crew likes.
I tried to load a pic but the filesize was too large i'll resize it and post when I get a chance.

Dig a hole in the ground large enough to allow access, and deep enough to get the correct height at the top of the tub.
The motor was hand assembled using American parts (NO Chinese parts) from top manufacturers. The deck is only 22" off the ground, so I don't have that much room to work with in the vertical plane. Pour a concrete pad for the tub to sit on, and make sure you have weepers and such for drainage.

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