These are the instructions for building the LEGO Creator Lego house that was released in 2007. I used Hex Color Picker along with the standard HSB saturation slider to choose faded versions of these colors. Once a model is complete, its constituent steps can be exported as a series of individual files that represent the model up to that point. Rendering each of these partial models produces an image depicting each step in the instructions. Before proceeding to render the step models, PreL3P meta commands are inserted at the beginning of the file and at the beginning of the most recent step to invoke the appropriate color substitution schemes. For each successive step the -ldconfig normal.ldr line should be inserted later in the file. It is intended as a demonstration of what can be done with PreL3P, but other relevant topics are discussed.

A set of modified colors is used first to give parts from previous steps a faded appearance. You’ll have to devise your own system for selecting and generating suitable substitute colors. In other words, each exported step model is essentially identical to the original model except that it is truncated after the corresponding step. If your editor includes the STEP lines in exported step models, it is fairly easy to locate the beginning of the last step. Another -ldconfig faded.ldr command would be needed at the end of the main model to draw submodels from previous steps in the faded colors.
This replaces the original color codes with hexadecimal values that represent the exact shades defined in the color configuration files. If you save a bunch of command lines to a file named render, you can run them all with sh render (other automation methods may be forthcoming).

Only the first two arguments need to be changed from step to step; the rest specify the size of the output image and ensure that each image will be rendered at the same scale. Submodels referenced by the previous step and the current step present a challenge that is left as an exercise for the reader. Otherwise, the different dimensions of the individual steps might result in inconsistent default camera positions.

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