I'm thinking maybe not necessarily a "house"boat but maybe like a Festa del Redentore boat like in Aria: The Natural. But yeah, I def want to do something like Festa del Redentore with these boats.It would be a fun thing to do with sims. I used a CFE trick to place a pool ladder on the foundation to make it look like it's a ladder that can be used to get on and off the boat.
Given the fact that you need a little space to walk around on the deck, it would really be a small lot, espcially if you're bringing children or pets on board. I've designed a fake small houseboat (posted above) and I was able to fit all the necessities without even needing ladders or the small bathroom.
I think for an attempt at a layout - without any details I am quite excited for this vessel!

I thought building my first boat was fun and love seeing what you guys are doing for ideas. I am very grateful for the ideas in this thread, my sims will need a houseboat a tad more glamerous than this!
I need these two houseboats in my game when IP comes out, I really, really, really hope you remake them on a houseboat foundation, they are AMAZING!!
Plus, it will help to make houseboast that don't look like they will tip over the minute you try to leave port with them lol. I will probably put the parents room in the basement and then add windows so you see the fishies and merms. I think the A Team designs the walls and floor while the B Team is in charge of furnishings.

And it was more Asian looking than Italian so maybe you would possibly be interested in it too? I also didn't put in a living room because I was thinking of a medieval castle in medieval times. Oh and I couldn't add a basement which I will add on my medieval castle houseboat when PI releases.

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