I made this out of scrape lumber and had the casters.The braces for the walk boards just slide across when i need to work on a ski. I am going to get some of those as soon as I find a way to get them here and not break the bank. I actually was wondering the same thing a few weeks ago - found the plans some where here and went to lowes and they even cut the wood for me ( for free ) Ive got about 50$ into it all. Here's exactly what I used to make it myself from 2x4's - so far it holds up good with the gp1200 on it.

I used the extra wood to reinforce down the sides ( where the one in the pic has only 3 pieces, mine has 5 ) and used a boat load of screws. Got my casters at harbor frieght for a pvc cart and a wood cart I made, think they were 4 or 5 bucks rated at 275 lbs they have a pretty good selection.
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The next several steps will be encouraging to the millions (or few) of you who wish to build a jet ski boat. Remember, the goal is to be cost effective so don’t forget about Craig’s List and eBay.

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