Sure it’s a coincidence — the Marines aren’t suggesting that their world-champion Lego builder has anything to do with the latest budget cuts detailed by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta turning the corps into a toy military force. The Battle of Kashyyyk, also known as the Battle of Kachirho, was one of the many battles that took place during the Outer Rim Sieges and among the final conflicts of the Clone Wars. The commandos of Delta Squad, led by Boss, infiltrated a Trandoshan mercenary camp in order to rescue the Wookiee Chieftain Tarfful.
Delta Squad also found out the number of hostiles on Kashyyyk, which was more then the Republic High Command had thought.
Their final operation was the destruction of a Recusant-class light destroyer attempting to land more battle droids onto the surface. After a number of probing attacks throughout the war, the Separatists finally decided on a full scale invasion of the city of Kachirho in the Wawaatt Archipelago. Eventually, the Separatists landed a large droid force in secret and prepared for an invasion.
Once they landed, the clone commandos of Delta Squad were dispatched to find Tarfful and unite the Wookiees against the Separatists. Meanwhile, Wookiees from across Kashyyyk flocked to Kachirho, the city chosen for the battle due to it being a lagoon in the Wawaatt Archipelago, and therefore easier for orbital insertion considering the lack of blockage from the high canopies of the wroshyr trees. A team of Aleena scouts led by the Jedi master Tsui Choi was also assembled to deliver intelligence on enemy maneuvers prior to the eruption of the battle on flying Can-cells. There is yet no official word from behalf of LEGO but I do believe that these rumored sets are actually true and not only because LEGO told the original leak source to take down the information but because something happened with the first LEGO Minecraft set. Well, that all the information we have so far regarding these possible new LEGO Minecraft set. This Banshee Custom Minifigure is a high quality digitally printed minifigure by Onlinesailin. ABOUT USGroove Bricks is your ultimate source of LEGO News, Entertainment, MOCs, Brickfilms and more!
Having stormed the beach and recently won the record, Ugone is performing another typical Marine mission: reclaiming territory. It was fought on the planet Kashyyyk, the homeworld of the Wookiees and a vital Republic member world, which was being overrun by the Confederacy of Independent Systems which desired secret hyperspace routes in Wookiee archives that could turn the war in its favor. The commandos successfully rescued Tarfful from several of General Grievous's bodyguard droids, as well as obtaining intelligence about the Confederacy's alliance with the Trandoshan mercenaries. The squad then proceeded to sabotage the Trandoshans' outpost on Kashyyyk, destroying two of their landing pads.
Following the destruction of the cruiser, Sev, the team's sniper specialist, was lost; presumed MIA, but because of orders that came directly from Grand Master Yoda, Delta Squad was forced to abandon Sev.

As such, it was a strategically important system which had long been a target for the Separatist military. A Wookiee woodsmith, Tarkov, on a grantaloupe hunt with his son Jaccoba, discovered the invasion force and warned the nearest township, Kahiyuk.
This CIS blockade was one of the toughest the Republic had to break through since and many pilots were lost because of it.
They assaulted a Trandoshan mercenary fortress, breaking through the external perimeter and entering the lower floors. Among these brave Wookiees was Chewbacca, an old friend of Kachriho's chieftain, Tarfful, who feared greatly that Kashyyyk would be unable to defend itself against the might of Separatist forces.[13] Led by Merumeru, Wookiee warriors established positions deep in entrenchments and revetments.
As you may already know, a couple of weeks ago some information was leaked about two possible new LEGO Minecraft sets. Now, why would they do this if they weren’t because they are planning on releasing other sets based on other biomes like the Desert, Jungle, Nether, or even the End! There is still no official word from LEGO or Mojang but it is most likely that we see these two new sets will come out sometime this 2013. He’s disassembling roomfuls of Lego sets in his Yuma, Ariz., home, and putting them back into storage. When the Confederacy launched their full-scale invasion of the Wookiee tree-city of Kachirho, Delta Squad was the only GAR unit planetside capable of assisting in the defense. Delta Squad was then extracted and redeployed as the Republic invasion force arrived, and the Battle of Kashyyyk was joined. Confederacy leaders requested the Wookiees join their rebellion, but the Kashyyyk royal families proved indecisive.
To this end, the Separatists made particular use of the age old hostility between the native Wookiees and their system neighbors the Trandoshans to prepare for their attack. From there, the alarm clarions spread the word of invasion to the other archipelago cities of Warralokk, Grunnrurr, and Rowrakruk.
Delta Squad liberated two imprisoned Wookiees from the slavers, one of which revealed where the Chieftain Tarfful was being held. These forces, on the ground and in the ornithopters and Wookiee catamarans, included Salporin, Eugroothwa, Zittaasabba, Attichitcuk, Guanta, Gorrlyn, and Lachichuk. The source of this information was later contacted by LEGO and told to please take down the information they have posted.
It seems to be that LEGO is planning to release different Minecaft sets based on different Minecraft Biomes.
The Nether is a hell-like dimension in the game where you find all sorts of mobs such as the Zombie Pigmen, Ghasts, Blazes, and Wither Skeletons.

The villages they live in are made out of cobblestone and wooden planks and you can usually find a farm nearby. As for the price, we should expect it to be the same as the first set which is around $34.99. We encourage you to Follow Us On Twitter to be notified on any news regarding the new LEGO Minecraft sets! Delta Squad managed to sabotage a bridge connecting the two sides of Kachirho, stopping the Confederacy's advance in its tracks. General Grievous, having become impatient regarding their decision to join the Confederacy, decided to send battle droids to "persuade" them. The clone commandos were the first to observe the IG-100 MagnaGuard bodyguard droids in action, and with great difficulty Delta Squad rescued Tarfful from two of the electrostaff-wielding droids. As we have learned from the past, when LEGO tells someone to take down information on rumored sets it is most likely that the rumor will be true.
This dimension is mostly built with red blocks such as the Nether Rack and Nether Brick so it wouldn’t be wrong to guess that the LEGO set of the Nether will be mostly made out of red bricks and a couple of gray bricks to represent gravel. We should expect the LEGO equivalent of the village to have a couple of village structures along with some emeralds and maybe a farm.
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The commandos also secured vital munitions and ordnance depots for the Wookiees, allowing them to sufficiently arm themselves to fight against the Confederacy.
Since it was revealed that Trandoshan slavers had something that could be seen as a pact with the CIS it was known that Trandoshans might fight for the Separatists in an upcoming battle. However, while the system was an important strategic location and both sides believed the battle to be straightforward, it was in fact little more than a diversion by Darth Sidious. Then, the clone commandos of Delta Squad aided the Wookiee resistance in Kachirho, destroying a major supply bridge being used by the CIS to disrupt troop movement, then using a CIS Gun battery tower against the Separatist forces, destroying the Commerce Guild destroyer in orbit.
Also, villagers are usually protected by Iron Golems so we could expect LEGO to perhaps include an Iron Golem in this set. Delta Squad pulled out onto a gunship as the Cruiser landed on the CIS Gun battery, destroying both, and then the Separatist counterattack came.

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