More than 550 Maersk Sealand cargo liners sail the seas, carrying valuable goods to ports in 130 countries around the world. Other than the size and some of the details, the set is actually pretty accurate and I liked how they used a 4 by 1 technic part with the notches to make stairs.
I just bought a few of the Brick Display Case units, and would not recommend the black unless you can throw a Lot of light at them.
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Established in 1904, this company is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark and is the leading container shipping company in the world. Give the actual size of a real container ship, I thought Lego did a great job of scaling it down and still keeping a lot of good detail. However, this set didn't quite meet my expectations, due to a couple of reasons, the worst being the size of the set.
Even though the stickers were annoying to put on, the containers look pretty real with the stickers applied.
I work in the shipping industry, so this was a no-brainer must-have (impulse buy from the Lego store at Potomac Mills, VA).

Build your own version of this accurately detailed freighter and embark on a voyage of trade and adventure!
I gave my 7-year-old daughter the task of putting it together--except for the 100 stickers (!), and I now have it on display on a shelf in my office. It is one of my favorite creations (usualy they are ones i've made up) and I haven't taken it apart since I built it. I tried adding some white and light grey plates behind the minifigs and the details show Much better now, so I'll have to order some up to fill all of the cases.Otherwise they seem like a very well designed and made little case, with wall or shelf mount options and a very nice dust cover. However, the set is, at most, 5 inches wide (which LEGO did not mention) and maybe 6 inches high. The front section, in front of the containers is cool, and I like how they added an anchor. It is a really good item to put on display after building it, and is also a great item for a challenging build. My suggestion would be to make a version that uses 4x1x1 pieces as 40-footers and 2x1x1 pieces as 20-footers and really load up the number of containers (with different colors for different companies, as mentioned in earlier comments). Not very cheap to have four delivered to Canada, but they're perfect for my fledgling collection right now.
Highly realistic details Add this representative of the worlds leading container shipping company to your LEGO collection! On my shelf, it sits next to the Imperial Flagship (which is, in my opinion, the best set available right now) and it barely reaches over the deck of the Flagship.

Overall I would say that the set is pretty good and I would recommend it to a serious collector, even though it is almost exactly like the old one. This set has only 30 40-ft boxes and 14 40-ft reefers, so in some ways, it appears more like a barge plying the Rhine than the venerable Emma Maersk, which is capable of carrying 6,000+ 40-ft containers! At first I thought that 40 containers would be more than enough, but looking at a picture of the real thing, they are stacked about 5-10 containers high and in this set, there aren't even enough to stack 2 containers on top of eachother. In the pictures, the containers were all kinds of different colors, which had a cool looking effect, but in this set, there is only white and grey.
LEGO didn't go to far with details, and the cabin has almost nothing inside and doesn't have enough room for a LEGO minifigure, though I can't really complain, since none were included and the set is meant mostly for display.
Some of the steps were extremely long and boring, and the longest step had around 275 pieces. Since most people don't enjoy applying stickers, myself included, I will also mention that there were 83 stickers.

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