Freak your friends and coworkers out alike with your own personal Spawn of Cthulu action figure. Instead of spending hours placing block upon block in Minecraft on your computer, invest in the Lego Minecraft set and place block by block in real life!
If you’ve ever wondered what a bobblehead would look like with your own face bobbing and weaving on its tiny neck, look no further!
Next time you’re looking for a way to put a smile on your face, invest in one of these 6 toys and indulge your inner geek. Chaleigh is a writer and photographer that currently lives in NYC, though, she often travels around the country. LEGO Minecraft has arrived with an astounding amount of excitement in our house, and I don't believe for an instant we'll be the only ones.
His wings are attached to the unrecogniseable block that bored my son in bag 1, and they have a really sturdy and effective method of moving using a large button on his back.
My 4 year old has been off school ill, and he has played with the Ender Men most of the day. I have to say when I had a first look at these sets that this was my least favourite, and after reviewing I haven't changed my opinion. The adult collector will no doubt be delighted with Steve in his Diamond Armour, his weapons, the Ender Men and the rarer elements in this set, which are quite exciting. This is a fair value set for the money, although the 634 pieces does include 40 purple dots and the build has a large amount of single or double stud pieces.

From Doctor Who to Minecraft, here are six amazingly fun geek toys to celebrate your inner ten year old. Created with the same type of molded plastic as your favorite Batman or Superman figurines of your childhood, this green tentacle-faced figure stands approximately 4 inches tall and embraces the look of the retro action figures of the 70s and 80s.
This company offers unique bobbleheads called Webobbles, with options ranging from adding your head to a premade body to a completely unique bobblehead customized for you from top to bottom.
Those perfect little squishy balls to squeeze and manipulate when work or family gets you too riled up.
As you squeeze it, the photon torpedoes fire three times and red LED lights flash on the nacelles. If she is not tapping away on the keyboard, she loves to get outdoors and go running, take still lives, or simply explore all the world has to offer. Although the entire range is designed for builders aged around 8+, my two youngest boys still think they're awesome. Inside the box there are the instructions, 5 bags numbered 1-4, a bag containing the dragon wings and 3 base plates, and a loose base plate - please excuse the photography, this is Manchester in November, natural light is a rare phenomenon. Excited as he had been, my 6 year old dipped out for half an hour at this point because he caught sight of something shiny. These are great, and based on a really interesting element that looks almost like a tuning fork, with the same brilliant (almost) cubed head. I think it's too limited for imagination and rebuilding - although there are some rebuild ideas at the back of the instruction book.

The dragon is really sturdy and has a million poses with hinging that won't fall apart, and the scenery is open and easy to play all around, and in fact is easy to turn as a whole piece towards the user.
My 6 year old has asked for about 15 different sets previously and then he saw these and changed his mind again! Working from a photo, individuals handcraft each head as well as customized full doll individually.
Ranging from the Obi-Wan Kenobi’s to Darth Vader’s, these lightsabers actually light up and creates realistic sounds as they’re swiped through the air. We had a look at the full range and gave our first impressions the other day, and today we actually got our hands on set 21117 - The Ender Dragon.
His face is actually really expressive, and he is almost infinitely poseable - although he's hard to balance unless he's bent at the knees or standing on LEGO. Force FX Lightsabers come with their own stands so when you aren’t defeating the Dark Side, they can rest proudly on your mantle displaying your inner geek for everyone to see. Based off the Doctor Who episode, “Partners in Crime”, this 7 inch squishable fat ball has a gentle smile on his face regardless of how hard you squeeze.

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