This might be dating me, but I remember how much I loved this set when it came out.Here is a great animation of it being build time lapse stop motion.
He goes by the pseudonym of Powerpig and has been churning out LEGO builds and photography for some time now, favoring Star Wars models.
On Monday, I checked my e-mail and found a message from our church friend – he had a working prototype!
Using his design, Aidan was able to build two different rocket powered Lego cars that both travel over 20 feet. The pressure builds for about 30 seconds and then the cap blows off the tip and the car shoots forward!
Make sure that the car is strong enough to handle having the glue bottle attached with a tight rubber band and strong enough to withstand the launch.

Make sure that the wheels of the car still spin freely when the Tacky Glue bottle is filled with water.
You want the nozzle of the glue bottle to be as low to the ground as possible so that the force is located on the same plane as the wheels.
Put a towel behind the car to catch the cap when is comes off – otherwise you might be hunting for it for awhile! I would love to make these for my girls summer STEAM camp, but I do not have any Tacky Glue bottles on hand. Does the smaller cap work better due to the slower release of gas, or because it pops off easier?
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It's something visual culture analysts are sure to be studying over the next decade, and Chris McVeigh from Halifax, Nova Scotia is sure to be studied for his LEGO mastery.
You faced off against him in the game's final race, and he was surprisingly tough to beat.
Do you have suggestions for other bottles that would work — like an empty craft bottle?

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