Michael loves cranes, so when I saw the Lego ship and crane on the cover of this Lego set's box, I knew I had to get it for him.Plus, he loves Legos and I love putting them together with him, so it was a perfect match.
This Lego ship and crane set comes with a total of 252 Lego pieces and some easy to follow instructions on how to build the cargo ship, the crane, and the forklift. The crane would be a lot of fun for younger boys out there because it has a cable with a hook on the end that can be raised and lowered by lifting or pushing down on a lever in the back.
Once you've built the crane, ship and forklift you'll notice you have quite a few Lego bricks left over.
The Build Your Own Lego Harbor would be a really great starter set for any little boy beginning his Lego collection, especially for younger boys who may have a hard time with some of the advanced Lego sets. When I was growing up you bought packs of Legos, just basic Legos, and used your imagination to create things. My kid usually builds the kit once, then disassembles it and throws all the pieces into the giant Lego bin with the rest of the Legos.
But if there's a Lego Store near you, you can still go get the old, modular pieces in quantity. We had model-specific kits when I was a kid, and I thought the idea of instructions on how to build something out of Lego was insulting and stupid.
Why is it that some people think imagination and creativity are not innate human qualities, but are somehow the product of having fewer resources or less well developed technologies? Isn't it more likely that imaginative kids will always find something imaginative to do with any given thing, and other kids will not?
I don't know if these kits have had an overall effect on children's imagination, but I think it's true that they are played with in a different way.
I was thinking very similar thoughts to the OP yesterday when I was walking around a Borders store ("EVERYTHING 40% OFF! When I played with legos 15-20 years ago, I would get kits that were about 90% regular blocks, and 10% specialized pieces. I never said the kits were a new product, but they were no where NEAR as prolific as they are now.
Disclosure: This site receives a commission for referred sales of some products, and payment for advertising. Visit our Christmas Gift Ideas center for plenty of holiday gift ideas for all the family - children, adults, and especially gifts for Dad. Just like the wonderful models you see at Lego land, model ships, boats and other watercraft add a whole new dimension to your LEGO Town or City layout. Once we've parked our car, the loudspeaker announcements encourage us to head up to the passenger lounge and "enjoy the facilities". Of course, one of the enjoyable things about a ferry ride is going up on deck and getting blown about! As you can see, there are lots of instruments for the crew, including radar, computers, and communications gear - in fact there are two complete sets, since this roll-on - roll-off ferry needs to be able to be "driven" in either direction. There's ladder access from the bridge up through a trapdoor onto the very top deck, where we find the funnels, radar sensors, radio antenna, and a couple of high-powered searchlights so the crew can see where they're going when docking at night. You'll find building this model both exciting and interesting, as it uses several nifty techniques.

This model ferry is based on the smaller vessels used in the BC Ferries system on the coast of British Columbia, Canada. The ferry hull is remarkably strong once complete, and the whole model can be picked up by the bow and stern quite safely. Sign up to get updates from Lions Gate Models, get instructions for the green Hospital model FREE!
Whatever you call them, you'll find them here: clear, detailed, step-by step, full color, printable instructions.
I was a little apprehensive about ordering a Lego kit from someone, but after I got the Railroad Depot, and put it together, BOY was I pleased. The LEGO Company likes you to call them "LEGO brand building bricks" but in the throes of building I doubt if even LEGO employees really do! The LEGO Chima Cragger Command Ship is a mid-range LEGO set intended for somewhat experienced builders. These are the instructions for building the LEGO Pirates Caribbean Clipper that was released in 1989. Included in the Lego pieces are some cargo pieces that the hook can grab and then swivel over to load on to the cargo ship.The cargo can be brought over to the ship by the forklift, which is driven by the little Lego minifigure. The instructions only guide you through the construction of those three main parts, but there are quite a few pages included with nice pictures displaying other great ideas for the leftover bricks. The saddest thing was that he couldn't ever think of anything to build, never just stuck Lego together to see what shape would emerge (which I think is another casualty of the kit mindset. My interest in Lego kits was never for the kit itself, but rather for the unusual pieces, because they could make my own creations that much more interesting.
I'd build the kits, and play with the result for a few days, then break them down and add them to my stockpile, drawing on the stockpile to make new things. She has a few different kits, which she has built several times, a skill that taught her at a very young age how to follow step by step directions. As a little kid in the 80s I remember a full aisle of kits (Lego Space sets were badass!) and a few bright blue buckets of random bricks on the end cap.
Now, using these instructions and your own lego bricks, you can build a ship model which is scaled to match your LEGO town cars and trucks.
There's also a roll indicator mounted there (the building instructions include a sticker for the roll indicator scale, not shown in the photos).
Doors to the stairways are at both ends and both sides of the ship, so there's always a door convenient to your car.
There are two stairways up from the passenger lounge to the promenade deck, and once up there we can sit on the comfortable benches and enjoy the view. As well as the fire equipment below in the passenger lounge, there are two inflatable boats mounted on derricks and ready to go up here, plus lockers full of life jackets.
Really enjoyed putting it together, all the parts were there & your instruction booklet was first rate.
On the side of the stack column is a set of readouts and screens so the bridge crew can see what's going on down in the engine room. Although large, it's not terribly difficult, and older children and adults alike will enjoy the building process.

When it made its debut on the Vancouver Lego Club's layout at a train show here in BC, many viewers recognised it immediately, not just as a BC Ferries ship but as "the Bowen Island ferry" specifically.
That means that all standard LEGO cars and small vans and trucks will fit easily, but some larger trucks are too high to fit.
Just order one CD and tell me which one you'd like to get for free in the comments section of your payment. It features characters from the "Chima" LEGO world, and is ultimately used to construct a ship (shaped like a crocodile) with several smaller speeder bikes as well as a helicopter. It's a neat little Lego set, and at just under$15, not too expensive considering the number of Legos that are included in the package.This set is for ages 4+ and doesn't include many of the tiny Lego pieces that come with some of the more advanced sets. It's fun and easy to build the various main pieces, and the simplicity of it makes it fun to play with. They have, until recently, been all in one huge heap, used to build whatever her imagination comes up with.
At 29" long, this model car ferry can carry up to 16 small cars and trucks, along with as many LEGO minifig foot passengers as you care to cram into the lounge and promenade deck.
The entire car deck is smooth surfaced with tiles and bricks mounted SNOT-wise (SNOT stands for "Studs Not On Top"), and has yellow lane markings set into the deck. If you're up here when the ferry leaves the dock, though, better cover your ears - that siren is LOUD!
All the crew are Transport Canada safety trained (or your local equivalent), so in an emergency you should follow their directions.
Up the stairway (the black column carries the exhaust stacks up from the engines) and onto the bridge. And on either side of the bridge are the lookout positions, complete with aimable spolights and binoculars. When I take it to birthday parties it's always the #1 attraction for the kids, and it survives their loading and unloading of cars and people, and travels around the floor, with only the loss of the occasional antenna! Since the model was already quite tall I decided to keep the clearance at 7 bricks, but you can extend the height quite simply if you feel it necessary. The ship's features include a large snapping mouth and missiles that actually fire when the crocodile tail is articulated.
And it looks like almost every single piece is custom-made to fit only into the other pieces of the kit. Let your boy begin his Lego adventures with this nice little classic set, and he'll be on his way to many more to come.Michael gives the Build Your Own Lego Harbor 5 Stars.
I would say to anyone accessing your web site - you can buy in confidence, & will get a great lego model from a fellow enthusiast, who will not rip you off. I am going to order your CD of instructions, so that I can build some of your kits, that you no longer have available.

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