Remaking an old creation, AstonishingStudios shows you how to create a legendary Lego Candy Machine so minuscule it can easily fit into one’s pocket. NOTE: In the video, AstonishingStudios accidentally forgot to show that the white piece should not be outside of the back wall before one purchases candy.
What do I do if I get to the last step and I don’t have the 1×4 piece with the holes?? Once again, AstonishingStudios has created a fantastic MiNi Lego machine which he is helping YOU build!

AstonishingStudios once again releases another tutorial on how to build a stylish, yet mechanically unique Lego Candy Machine. Today AstonishingStudios shows, once again, how to build another miniature Lego candy machine, this time with a rainbow design!
Including multiple gobstopper rounds, a locked coin back, and the price of a penny per round, this creation is great as a gift or fun, quick build!
He will also answer your questions via this video’s comment section if there is confusion.

For those of us who find this a pointless holiday, AstonishingStudios has decided to reveal how to build ANOTHER MiNi Lego Candy Machine, this time with Smarties. I love listening to community suggestions and opinions so that we can make your time on BrickUltra the best!

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