Recently I had a chance to ask the Custom Terrain master himself Grishnakh a few questions about custom boats and he was kind enough to give some good advice. From everything he wrote me, the biggest thing that stuck was, how usefull was my tutorials to others on these boards. That inspired me to put a pause on one of my larger ships and make 2 quick and easy tutorials for some smaller ships. I purchased the canoes in Hobby Lobby for $2.67 plus taxes but they always have 40% off sales so you can get them even cheaper.
The stand is united by 2 thin wooden bars , cut these in half with your pliers or scissors and then just wiggle the stands back and forth. Same with the ribs, if you just stap them off they might tear off a piece of the hull with them. Instead, just cut them in the middle then use the pliers to twist them in a circle and they just pop off with out damaging the hull. There are a few threads out there that mention boats, but theres a boat thread that even includes rules for canoes, I'm going to go necro it right now and post a link to it right here. The inside of the canoe is 2 hexes high and the inside is 3, so it cost you 2 movement to get out and 3 to get in. I will post some reference shots for decorations on the outside of the canoe to make it look original and not so bland.
IamBatman posted a really long and cool set of rules for small and large boats, but this is what he suggested for canoes. All figures occupying the Canoe subtract are -3 range and +1 defense against non adjacent attacks.
Any time at least one of your figures occupies the Canoe and no enemy figures occupy it, you may place turn markers on the Canoe and, on the following turns, move three spaces for each boat space occupied. The hulls I used for this custom was the Mega Bloks rowboat that comes with a bunch of different pirate sets or with the mega bloks ships. For me, I just open it on PAINT, and click on PAGE SET UP, then turn off the option FIT TO PAGE, so that it prints out the normal size. Once you have your template printed out, either cut out the paper template and trace it on your plastic sheet of paper ( Seriously these cheap signs from walmart are pretty much the same thing as plasti-card) For my decks I choose the much larger 2 foot signs ( HOUSE FOR SALE) because they are much thicker and only cost $4. Any how, once you trace and cut out your plastic deck, test fit it inside your rowboat, trim as needed but try not to cut out too much as then it will look sloppy or just not sit right. Since I know I am going to be making about a dozen of these rowboats I take my best plastic deck and scribble TEMPLATE over it to avoid me using it and instead use it as a master template to make more copies with. There are a lot of wooden plank templates you can find online, all sorts of wood colors, I found this one I liked and had the right size. Here is the original picture, make sure to print out in the best quality to make the colors stand out. Once printed I just glued the paper right on my template waited till it was dry and trimmed it out. I was surprised on how well this looked and will try this method on a much larger ship next time. First measure up about 10-15 popsicle sticks to choose the straight ones and avoid setting down some messed up crooked ones into your crazy glue. Also glue them on to the dark side of your template or paint your black to avoid white cracks in between your planks in case they dont all line up pretty.
Once I have pressed the planks one at a time together and lost my figureprints along the way and spilled glue on the Paramedics work table or glued little bits of wood to my work uniform. Once your deck has been made you can either leave it like that, or you can paint it or stain it with wood varnish. Here are the two versions of the decks I showed you, I must say although I am a fan of the planked deck, the second easier to do deck the printed out one, looks really neat and even better then mine. Here are my two decks, one took less then 20 minutes and the second a little over half an hour, both easy to do. Go check out the BOATS thread on these same forums, there are several cards made and on Page 7 there are a lot of great ideas on how to use rules for these boats, I hope they get updated!
Rowboats are Mega bloks, Ill post those tomorrow, I have them done and they are also just as easy to do.
These RC model boats are based on an easy-to-build 15-inch long hard chine hull mostly constructed from balsa. Being a planing hull the speed is high enough not to be boring, but not so fast it would easily get out of control.

Generally, the balsa sheet should be relatively light-weight and soft, but most importantly, straight grain and even density. Tools are often a matter of personal choice as there is often more ways than one to skin a cat. Arirang is tucked away at the back end of a strip mall on the corner of Dillingham Boulevard and Kokea Street, across the street from Honolulu Community College. Diner E and his wife really enjoyed their dining experience on previous visits to Arirang, and he highly recommended we try it.
I suppose if we were Korean, she would have provided us the more challenging-to-use Korean style Stainless Steel Chopsticks, but we’re not, so we get the easier-to-grip disposable wooden chopsticks. The flour and egg batter had great flavor, body and texture and not greasy at all, while the marinaded beef was absolutely delicious and tender as  can be.
That said, on my next visit I’ve got my sight set on Arirang’s Mahi Mahi Fish Jun! This time around she added Ggakdugi Kim Chee(Daikon) to the spread (shown front-center in photo above), which I liked even better than the cabbage kimchi! Americans as a whole would be that much healthier and live longer if the practice of drinking hot green tea after each meal were incorporated into our dietary culture, but that’s probably not going to happen anytime soon. Summing it up, Arirang Bar B-B-Q Korean Cuisine restaurant is definitely highly recommended.
Diner AA said the Pistachio flavor was pretty good, while her favorite was the Mixed Berry flavor, which she says tasted predominantly like strawberry.
Yes, I remember Arirang on Kaheka, one of the first Korean bars I visited with a fellow car saleman back in 1973. Ricky, it would be nice if they sprinkled chopped pistachio nuts on top of the pistachio gelato for fortification. Our crayons have been rolling off the assembly line since 1903, and you can see how it’s done. There a a few here who enjoy full blown modifications with tools, painting, carving and sculpting, but we are a minority here with most players wanting a modification to be something simple with minimal fuss. I would try to make 2 versions, the simple yet usefull one and the fun and impractical full blown retrofit for those of us who like to spend hours on tiny details. I plan on making quick easy guides for full blown ships too, once I get the templates posted it will be a matter of minimal modifcation and printing out a deck and glueing onto a template. Dont just tear them off because the body of the canoe is a really thin balsa wood and it tears easy.
I used a brush and some wood varnish I had thrown around but you can just get a really nice brown ( or tan) from any hobby shop like Hobby Lobby or Micheals for just $1 a bottle. The Canoe does not have to stop when entering a water space, and can only move down in elevation, not up.
They are pretty cheap and can be found often on ebay for around $4-$6 each but normaly as part of a larger lot of loose mega bloks. This project should not take more than half an hour if you print out the deck and a half hour more if you build the deck from scratch.
If you decide to print out the deck then you will need some simple white glue and a printer instead of the popsicle sticks. Dont worry about being gentle as they can be pried off pretty easy with your pliers or just stick a screw driver under them just carefull not to damage the upper edges of your rowboat. Some people like to plank directly to the hull, I suggest making a template, stick your deck onto the template then glue it on the deck.
I am not sure how to scan and post a template so that every time you print it, it comes out the right size. Try using a sharp pencil or very thin marker as this is thicker material when you trace it will make the copy larger then it should be unless you get very close in to the edge when tracing. I had no idea the printed version would look that good but I still prefer making my own decks as it gives it a realistic grainy look I enjoy. Crazy glue might squeeze through your planks and dry on the top if you use to much, this only affects you if you wanted to stain the wood with varnish and will change the effect. The first one will have a simple painting in the front and trace it with a thin black marker. These projects are perfect for beginners and those looking for a cheap, easy, simple and fast build. These boats would make great introductions to both scratch building and RC boating.You may wonder why I keep referring to this project in plural.

For propeller I've come to use one plundered from a toy (I'll get into more detail later in the build log).For propeller shaft, stuffing tube, rudder etc. There is no reason a more commercial RC battery pack couldn't be used.The propeller is "on loan" from a Tamiya Submarine Motor (#70153).
Where on this recent Friday visit, we arrived just before the lunch hour rush, and the place was empty, save for the 2-person band made up of the very friendly owner and her cook (both of whom originally from South Korea) hustling to get out a HUGE takeout phone order that looked like about 20 plates. The owner truly takes pride in every EXCELLENT dish that comes out of her kitchen from start to finish, and she’s very, very nice! Because, you know, going to Costco is always a “mission”, or can even sometimes become an absolute SPIRITUAL experience! Smooth, rich ‘n creamy, dense-yet-soft like every good Italian Gelato should be, and bursting with a high quality vanilla and crunchy milk chocolate flakes flavor. He also told me his Dad was the original owner and sold the bar to his bar manager, who was Korean. I’ve NEVER watched a soap opera in my LIFE, yet somehow my mother got me HOOKED on this series, and it turned being seriously addictive, with a FANTASTIC story and cast. When the Canoe is destroyed, all occupying figures now occupy corresponding water spaces below the Canoe, and roll one attack die each for sinking damage. Some times you will see them posted as lego because most people do not know the difference.
I Like keeping the original colored plastic hull of the rowboat since it makes it match the rest of the board better. You will have to lightly sand your plank to give it a smooth soft finish and this will help get rid of the excess glue if it does happen to stick out. I let it dry for about 5 minutes while pressing it down flat on the table to make sure everything is flat and straight. I strongly recommend that you don't substitute the materials recommended here.Below is a list of material needed for this RC boat hull and approximate quantities.
There were three droplets just resting peacefully on his forehead when we came to check up on him. Encapsulating them three scoops of goodness is a very crispy ‘n crunchy, sugar-ee, almost toffee-like waffle cone that makes it all taste that much better. You can even just spray paint them brown then use a brush ( even a house brush since this is not a delicate project) And give it a really light coat of your highlight color.
I will demostrate two different decks you can use but they will both use this template to save you time of having to carve and test fit your deck untill it fits your hull. You can use slower drying glue but this drives me crazy and makes planking so much harder for me. If you are not comfortable using the tools listed further down on this page, at the very least, ask someone for help. After a few boat projects you'll be a balsa expert.For the balsa strips I'd go for a harder quality than the sheets (if available). It's not hard to do if you've got some basic tools and the means and skill to solder with a basic solder iron. The marinade flavor profile is spot-on and tastes great, while having good penetration in the fibers of the beef, which was very tender. These strips will be used as structural stringers and for deck coaming, so there are no bends or anything to consider.
If I didn't know any better, I would have said someone had been there in that room, crying over him. These strips could be substituted for basswood or spruce if available in a pinch.I've had mixed luck with basswood strips. You could always just draw your hexes with a thin marker, most of these details will not be noticed from tabletop distance anyway. I order most of my wood online and thin basswood strips often has the grain run out the side of the strip causing it to split when bending.

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