You are currently viewing our site as a visitor which means certain areas of the site are not accessible to you such as our event calendar, chat room, photo galleries, vendor discounts and coupons and more. If you are a registered member and have forgotten your password DO NOT REGISTER A NEW USERNAME! Hey, once the little buggers realize they have opposable thumbs, they ought to learn how to use them constructively, amiright? Thank you, I sympathize with the link auntieneo put out there, but I fire my 9 foot potato gun off every 4th of july, My 2 daughters (16 and 13) are right there with me taking turns, we fire it off using propane but leave the potatoes out, just boom, no projectile. Wouldn’t the recoil of the barrel throw itself out of the base box if this were a real cannon? I thought of the exact same thing – however since it’s not a real weapon then meh, who cares right? It’s a nice built, but I think the huge muzzle hole makes me think more of a telescope than a cannon.
When I was a young boy I built a firecracker cannon from a piece of externally threaded lamp pipe. My favorite projectiles were the long inner piece of the mechanism from non-working clicky pens. From reading my grandfather’s gun magazines I knew that clay was denser than human flesh, so no way was I going to get any part of my body in front of the muzzle!

I never launched anything from it using wadding, didn’t want to risk what might happen with higher pressures. I was just talking about how national health care in the US has to content with the pill popping and mad things americans tend to do, which makes it a bit different from other regions in the world. The kid’s 2, the empty box the smartphone came in would have kept him amused and busy just as well.
That’s as Earth shattering as Earth shattering is going to get when, when a mobile phone is being used to create earth shattering.
If you still look at comments on here, may I ask do you have the measurements of the cannon and carrier. Out of all the props I made for my haunt, these took the longest to build (About a week or so). Three segments of PVC and five fittings make for a realistic looking barrel that won’t throw your back out when you pull this one out for playtime. If they grow up scared of shit that goes boom then they’re going to have to play a lot of catch up later (if they ever do). Those would punch straight through a 1″ thick slab of modeling clay, without using any wadding to reduce blow-by. One nifty trick was clipping the wick short on a second firecracker and using it as a projectile.

That’s why [The Stone Donkey] built this pirate cannon prop complete with firing sounds. Explosives, weapons, sharp things, pokey sticks, and anything else that can be used with lethal intent should be respected, not feared, and that only comes with responsible education. If they’re of above-average intelligence then an earlier start will only benefit them! I found an open ended finial nut for the breech end, then epoxied on a washer to make the hole smaller. Of course the first time you see the kitten getting loaded into the potato gun, that kind of puts the brakes on everything… so ymmv.
At which time the child will recreate the sound as children have done since child first heard a fire arm. The base was made with some scrap pine, but it’s that little wooden box on top that makes it really special. It is the fuse box, and a tap of the finger gives a burning fuse sound and video followed by an earth-shattering kaboom.

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