Below you can see a picture of the front of the pirate ship – The only materials you need for this are wood blocks, wood stairs, wood fences and white and red wool! Hey guys, TheMrJoojo has been at it again, and has just ported another new map straight from Minecraft PC!
I really like pirate ship maps and designs in Minecraft Pocket Edition, and creating a good pirate ship really shows off your good creative skills. Sowrdsman108 and Climbhoover9005 used simple upright crosses for the sail poles, and then wool for the sails. The file you requested has been removed from MediaFire for a violation of our Terms of Service. You should check out the boat I made on my profile looks similar to this but with more step of a bow.

Unlike most pirate designs, this one has loads of giant sails – there are three poles on this ship – each outer pole has one sail on it, and the inner pole has three sails on it! This image is good because it shows off how the sails are connected, and it also shows off the size of the boat! If you are, I have a design that has been sent in by Swordsman108 and Climbhoover9005 and it could be the perfect thing you’re looking for! This design was made by Chunky-Monkey, a Minecrafter that has managed to create and send in loads of great designs! This design has been created by a Minecrafter called Robin Hood and it features a big pirate ship! The design is simple, but it still looks cool and has enough space to make it practical too!

Its like a dream come true (yet I never dream about minecraft:L yet this one time I did but it was like minecraft toystory andIt was great). As you can imagine, this boat has been built out of wood logs, planks and wool has been used for the pirate ship sails. It has 7 square sails, 3 stay sails, 1 fore stay sail, 1 jib, 1 mizzen sail, and a bowsprit sail.Dimensions are 24 blocks wide, 92 blocks long, and 64 high. No, it still have no interior, but it has a lot of space, so you can furnish it in whichever way you want.

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