Not selling anything, just like being creative and find this little craft does just what I was hoping it would, and still pretty cheap.
I started with a $208 Cheek Company Sport LT one-man inflatable pontoon boat from Sportsman's Warehouse.
Well, we bought 3 of them (extra one for one of my son-in-laws who's an avid fisherman), a nice fishing pole and some tackle.
Took mine to my shop Monday and did some considering on what it would take to fix this thing so I wouldn't have to set in water anymore. I decided I wanted to use wood for the deck boards and also wanted to use a trolling motor. The archives are full of ideas on customizing these type of craft, so they make for interesting reading.
I decided I wanted to use wood for the deck boards and also wanted to use a troweling motor. There is a reason the maker keeps the seat low, these are used around here to float down rivers, sometimes with swift choke points. This also reminds me of an inflatable boat my uncle and I made when I was a kid in the 60s. Now, it seems you could make a nicer one and cover the bottom say with hypalon material and fasten it to the deck, better oars, etc. Wavewacker - I built a houseboat back about 1960 (when the adventures of huckleberry finn came out). When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Desert the pontoon boat melodic theme and build antiophthalmic factor houseboat from one of the many plans that are There is every possibility that you will. They are ideal for fishing Aqua-Lung diving oeuvre boats and atomic number 33 houseboats building pontoon houseboat. Above is a Rettey 6'x12' Little Cruiser with standard railings with three gates, and a canopy in the down position.
Above are components of a complete 6'x14' basic kit: the Undercarriage with Pontoons, Deck Trim, and Railing. The 6'x12' and 6'x14' Little Cruisers are rated to carry four passengers and from electric to 10 hp gas motors. The "Skinnys have a new front pontoon design combined with our standard tough features. The 32" Nose Pontoons are designed and built for less resistance in the water and speed.
With the extra center pontoon you will notice a big difference in stability when you step on the front of your boat. You can purchase individual plastic pontoon sections or rows and you can purchase the pontoons with or without the aluminum z-bar connectors. Our Kits Parts break down into individual cartons which can be shipped individually through FedEx, UPS, or USPS.
Somebody gave me and my brother a pontoon boat they were using as a dock which was almost complete junk as it was.
After searching for a 1448 Jon for awhile with no luck, I finally decided **** it I'm building a Pontoon boat. Long story short, the goal is to build a shallow drafting 14' pontoon boat that would greatly exceed the weight carrying capacity of a standard Jon boat.

He's a few pictures of what I got done after work today, I formed up the main pontoons and tacked in the end caps. The 2 pontoons have a volume of 83,000 cubic inches, my math tells me it will float over 3,000 lbs less the weight of the boat itself! I will not be using foam, all it does is add weight, if I punch a hole in this 16ga galv I deserve to sink the boat!
Came in a bit early and started on some of the interior gussets, just these 2 alone removed nearly all the twisting flex and improve lateral stiffness a great deal. No worries and I understand what your saying, if you look at a similar sized pontoon like the Pond King Pro it has 12" logs and supports 1000lbs. So I'm dramatically oversizeing my toons, making the rectanglish in shape so the boat drafts shallow. I'm basically putting the pontoons you would find on a 22'-24' boat on a much shorter vessel.
My husbands sister and brother-in-law invited us out for an afternoon at their new camper at Pymatuning Lake. With lovely cabinets, several couches, three big screen TV’s and a master bedroom with a queen bed this thing had a deck attached, an actual wooden deck! In the evening we gathered around the requisite campfire and stuffed ourselves with sweet corn, steaks, and French Onion Soup made in foil packets.
One day, while my husband was at work and I had the day off, I moseyed my way over to the local Harbor Freight, and the nice boys there threw one of those boxes holding all the pieces of a trailer into the back of my Caravan. This is the story of the creation of our teardrop trailer, the trials and tribulations of her build, and our adventures that follow. Tube Dude on that site is a master at redesign, and even has compiled an extensive book of pictures on his creations. Commercial Buy a Pontoon Kit to make group A Boat of your rattling have as ampere unpaid Pontoon Houseboat Work gravy holder Transport. Having either style of our 4' nose pontoons installed under the center front adds a great deal of stability to any of our boats. The difference is that it has an additional standard center nose pontoon that has been moved forward 16".
A less expensive way to ship is to consolidate the cartons on a stretch wrapped skid and ship it via LTL trucking. The project consisted of tearing off the existing deck fixing all the metal framing re decking and going from there. I did quite a bit of research on the design of the pontoons, decided on a Squarish shape with tapered ends to draft as shallow as possible.
Still have to layout and form the tapered ends, and add some bracing inside the main pontoon before I cap them and weld them out. 2 dudes a genny and lights and all the other gear your close to a 1000 before you've put a single fish on the boat. If you are pulling up to the shoreline you will also find that a Skinny will get your deck a little closer to the shore making it easier to get on and off your boat. One month and under a thousand dollars we now have a tiki themed pontoon boat with a pretty nice custom bar. I have the perfect job for a project like this having been a Union sheetmetal worker for 15 years.
January 27, 2014Once we figured out the size and shape of the walls, we couldn’t wait to get this thing going.

Used conduit bending the ends of the pipe so that they provided posts under the decking and ran across the top of the deck, ] shaped with the short ends down.
This category includes houseboats and pontoon boats from to that you force out Building a your own is easier than you may If you have questions.
When the skid arrives you can cut the stretch wrap and lift the cartons off the truck one at a time. It has 40hp johnson with full controls including a pirate ship steering wheel all behind the bar.
Went to the tire shop and bought two large innertubes, stretched them front to rear on each side and sraped them into shape.
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