I am building a trailer and don't know what kind of lights to use what kind did you use on your and where did you get them. Kids will actually figure out that they can move the batteries around and get more power out of them. I have cut out the plans for the boat, and now I am making a cardboard mockup to make sure everything fits. Took about a week to paint, then about 3 days later I found a decal sheet for the boat itself that I could have used instead of going insane cutting all those masks. I really wanted to do a 3 axle design too but I just don't think it would look right, however I might build another trailer since this one is going so quickly. The two pontoons are recycled from Styrofoam packaging material using some thick wire to connect them and provide a framework for the propulsion and control circuitry. I am using a jigsaw with a metal blade, because the wood blade cuts to fast for such thin wood.

I was not sure if it would because I scaled up some of the plans on one printer and the rest on another. It turns out that the sizing of my top plate was slightly off, so when it was on it would lift one of the wheels off the ground.
I am also just starting to build a 30" Electric deep vee out of wood, and that build project will have updates, photos and videos posted here.
I bought a Nikko boat about 6 months ago and I was going to covert it to regular electronics and put in a better motor. The motor itself is a hobby outboard, which really only required [Kevin] to develop a method for steering. The original made by the owner of the plans was 72" long, and had a weedwacker enginge of approximately 30cc.
It's actually a bit larger than this boat and I think a 3 axle would look just right under it.

He walks us through the build process in the video after the break, where we find out that the original toy has a pretty bad design flaw.
After about an hour of messing with it I got annoyed and just put the stock plastic second deck back on. I am going to get some wood soon, but currently I am very busy what with school just having ended and all.
It seems the car used four AA batteries to drive the motor, but one of the four batteries was also used separately from the other three to power the control circuitry. Now all I need to do is add padding to the v shape that holds the boat so that it doesn't scratch the wooden version.

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